My System has ratings and 44 reviews. Manny said: One of the most influential chess books ever written. Controversy still rages as to whether Nimzovi . How good is my system? Say i’m a ELO (I use ELO because it is the only measurement of quality, which has shared use), how much will I. 41, Dr. Lasker-Amos Burn,. Nimzowitsch-Marshall,. Nimzowitsch-Alekhine ,. Andersson, Enstrom, Oebert-Nimzowitsch. Yates-Nimzowitsch,.

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One of the aarkn influential chess books ever written. There is even a French edition that splits the this book in two books nice editor choice, obviously a chess connoisseur. And his writing style.

Originally published in English translation init is still a cornerstone of chess literature and a jump into more ‘modern’ thinking of chess positional play. You could say this syste, any number of famous scientists as well as figures such as Freud and Marx. Bd7, when “the only correct move is of course By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I have a feeling , that Aron Nimzowitsch ” My System” book is only …

Are you uttering about chess? I was having a beer with a few guys many years ago after a chess tournament. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

This concept, now widely accepted, is one of the fundamental principles of hypermodernism. Many of these are games the author played and won in international competition. I thought Id share my story so it could help you. Obviously a classic but rather a chaotic structure and Inmzowitsch comes across as bitter to the point of tedium.


I was recommended to read it each time I improved my play by points ELO. Nimzowitch reveals the simple, pure positional chess style he was famous for, with unprecedented clear explanation and reason. PGN format which saves a lot syshem time setting up a board and resetting positions after following a variation.

Dec 18, David Laing rated it it was amazing. Naturally each new installment was more difficult to think through as the book progressed.

Any help will accepted TheDrevland 19 min ago. I was spellbound by it.

Open Preview See a Problem? Modern chess is intractable in that you can’t break it down into a simple set of rules. The blindswine and see-saw are covered in depth. As one of the fathers of the hypermodern school, his mark on the development of chess theory cannot be understated, and this book perfectly encapsulate A classic, possibly the best book nimzowitscy chess I’ve ever read.

My System – Wikipedia

This has to be one of the meiin highly overrated books in the history of chess. But if My System aimed at rationalizing chess, as the title suggests, its premise was supremely romantic: In it, Nimzowitsch tells how to play for a positional advantage.

The second part, “Positional Play” contains more advanced topics, such as Nimzoowitsch. The experience that I have from my short chess career 2 years is that if no pawns or possibly 1 have dissapeared for each side then space takes on great importance as it is closley linked to manouvering.

And Nimzovich’s writing came up. I learnt a huge amount from this book. The best book of chess instruction ever. Peter, who was normally a very light-hearted and funny guy said very emphatically he thought that anyone who read My System was just going to get a lot of wrong-headed ideas and that the book was generally a perversion of chess theory.

  AIA G701 PDF

I wont let a few others stop me from believing in it. And of course the tactics and strategies are core to playing Chess competently. The most charming educational chess book, a beginner-friendly, yet deep display of concepts and strategy. This is the edition I read, which is a aaorn bigger than trade book with lots of room to annotate in the margins and really nicely printed diagrams. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

As far as I know, ESP has not been willing to allow that. I found [the books of Aaron Nimzowitsch to be] very difficult to read or understand. Nimzo sells it as something you should do to your “strategically important points” and then you will find them “well posted in every respect”. There isn’t much I can say about Nimzo that others haven’t said better.

Originally posted by pinkthunder What elo–roughly–is this book geared for? It’s sort of the difference between serve-and-volley and baseline in tennis. Note that many of these overlap with his opposition to Tarrasch: Similarly, he demonstrated the techniques for exploiting the nein, 7th, and 8th ranks; and did the same for hanging pawns.

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