“Manon Lescaut (this she told me was her name) seemed gratified by the visible effect of her own charms. She appeared to me not less excited than myself. Manon Lescaut [Abbe Prevost, Steve Larkin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The inspiration for three films and several operas, this. A devastating depiction of obsessive love and a haunting portrait of a captivating but dangerous womanWhen the young Chevalier des Grieux first sets eyes.

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On her letting me in at last, I asked why she had detained me so long? G—— M—— was not long in finding out that he had been duped.

Manon Lescaut – Wikipedia

I believe nature has cast lescaht hearts in the same mould as mine. Read it Forward Read it first. It was one of those unique situations of which others can never have experienced anything even approaching to similarity.

He seasoned his present with many pretty speeches in the true style of the old court. Even though the modern romance novel is in many ways the mirror opposite of Manon Lescaut, it is a direct descendant of this novel – in which romantic love no longer inspires noble gestures, but pratfalls and reversals of fortune, and in which passion translates not into gallantry but impetuousness and self-sabotage.


To those of you I say: He witnesses a group of a dozen of prostitutes, chained together, on the road to Le Havre, from where they will be taken by the next sailing boat to America, New Orleans, to be wives for the expatriate French community there. In a short time, I observed that our style of living was improved, and that she had treated herself to more expensive dresses.

Wow, how do I start this? All my advice,’ he added, ‘has been abe I too plainly perceive that it will shortly become troublesome to you.


My only difficulty is to get so far, and to supply that poor creature,” added he, as he cast a look of sorrow at his mistress, “with some few comforts upon the way.

I went, but it was to add to my calamities only; for, independently of my visit producing not the smallest good effect, I, by my absence, allowed Lescaut time for discussion with his sister, during which he did not fail to inspire her with the most horrible resolutions.

The narrator learns this copy of Manon Lescaut was a gift from Armand to Marguerite, Armand telling him that she read the story “over and over again”, making notes in the margins and “declar[ing] that when a woman loves, she can not do as Manon did”.

After finishing the book, Abbs been wondering how the story would have been if told from Manon’s prebost of view, instead of her lover’s.

Manon Lescaut

He began his studies at the Jesuit College at Harcourt only to abandon them for a commission in the French army in the War of Spanish Succession. Overall, this book is a story about Des Grieux himself. Des Grieux struggles with this question throughout the book, experiencing many frequent lapses in judgment by choosing the beautiful Manon over a life that would of clearly been much calmer and certainly more prosperous.

His presence annoyed me, and he soon perceived the restraint which it imposed.

Manon Lescaut by abbé Prévost

I took the whole lecture only in the sense that accorded with my own notions. To be fair, there is a li This is almost exclusively plot.

Is Manon a thief and a whore, the image of love itself, or a thoroughly modern woman? This ever-faithful friend had not so entirely lost sight of me as to be ignorant of my present abode, and it is probable that, in his heart, he did not regret the circumstance, from an idea that it might furnish the means of my moral regeneration. This noblesse obliges the young Chevalier to tell his story frankly and freely to his benefactor. Manon found a much simpler way.


This was my proposition. Want to Read saving…. Pagnol’s — novels were derived from his movie.

Manon Lescaut by abbé Prévost – Free Ebook

I must reconcile myself to my destiny in all its rigour. Tiberge first occurred to me.

We neither spoke nor ate. When that time arrives, you will find me disposed to love and to serve you; this day ends our intercourse, and I once for all avow my horror of the life you are leading. True, Manon often shares her profits with the Chevalier and always returns to him after a prolonged separation, both of which seem to validate her professions of eternal love to him, but the fact remains that her justification that one cannot live on love alone since one must also eat seems nothing but a rationalization for her disinterest in sacrificing her comfort, just as Des Grieux’s justifications for his deeds in the name of love are merely a way to avoid his responsibility for every action he undertakes during the novel.

I assured her that if she would place reliance on my honour, and on the tender interest with which she had already inspired me, I would sacrifice my life to deliver her from the tyranny of her parents, and to render her happy.

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