2pac and kadafi relationship test

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2pac and kadafi relationship test

Tupac Shakur Remembered by Closest Collaborators, 20 Years Later . I grew up with them in Jersey, and Kadafi was 'Pac's half-brother, basically. He would test you like that: "Roll your blunts while I'm driving 80 miles per hour with the top back and the wind .. We had a great working relationship. Yafeu Akiyele Fula (October 9, – November 10, ), better known by his stage name At one of these visits, Tupac and Kadafi decided to form the rap group Outlawz which would bring many members back from Tupac's earlier groups;. The only witness Yafeu "YAK" Fula also known as Kadafi one if Pacs outlawz said Kadafi was Tupac's half brother this is why you see many pictures of the 2 of.

Kadafi was wearing a vest but it didnt save him he had been shot in the face between the eyes at point blank range "Execution style". Here was the witness the police say they were looking for over the past 2 months. The day after his murder Kevin Manning stated "I dont even know how to pronounce his name, let alone spell it, we had a hard time finding him and we didnt know where he was till he showed up dead. We don't die nigga, but we multiply, we like legends nigga I'll make you famous motherfucker" Kadafi was Tupac's half brother this is why you see many pictures of the 2 of them together when they were smaller.

2pac and kadafi relationship test

Was the true reason behind his death because he knew who killed 'Pac and was going to tell the police? It turned out that the killer of Kadafi was Napoleon's own cousin. Critics of both Los Angeles and Las Vegas police have stated that if Tupac and Biggie would have been white both cases would have gotten more attention from the investigators.

All the Tupac Shakur conspiracy theories as fans claim rapper is alive and living in Cuba

All the detectives can say is that the witnesses were uncooperative. Cathy Scott who also is on the DVD wrote a book called "The Killing of Tupac Shakur" and in her book she reported that Kadafi was the only eye witness of the shooter and he told the police he could maybe identify the shooter. Why now are they changing this story.

2pac and kadafi relationship test

We can't ask Kadafi because he is dead a victim of a "random" shooting which was done execution style by the way. Any way you want to look at this someone wanted Kadafi silenced and in less than 2 months after Pac was shot Kadafi was shot to death.

Two bloods were shot and killed by an assailant who fled on foot.

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Aged just 25, he was shot four times - twice in the chest, once in the arm and once in the thigh - as he pulled up outside Las Vegas' Club in a black BMW owned by Death Row Records boss Suge Knight. Despite being placed in a drug-induced coma, he died from internal bleeding in hospital six days later.

Yaki Kadafi Wasn't The Same After 2pac Death, He Didn't Wanna Live No More - Napoleon (Outlawz)

After suspect Keefe D claimed he took part in the murder as retaliation for his nephew Orlando 'Baby Lane' Anderson's beating at the hands of Tupac earlier in the night. And I have nothing else to lose.

2pac and kadafi relationship test

All I care about now is the truth. Rap star 'spotted' 20 years after his death according to new conspiracy theory The last Photograph of Tupac before his death Image: Unknown But in the 22 years since Tupac's death there have been no shortage of conspiracy theories, with some believing he faked his own killing, and others claiming to have spotted him in Cuba The 7 Day Theory was released under that name for example.

2pac and kadafi relationship test

Did he plan to fake his own death? Were there hints in his lyrics? After this death everyone analysed every lyric he ever rapped and jumped to conclusions.

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But that was fiction, some coward got the story twisted. His cremation Apparently Tupac was cremated the day after he died — so on September Rex Features The cremator though has never been heard from again — he literally disappeared off the face of this earth.