Aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship marketing

Rajeev Khandelwal, Aamna Shariff back on small screen after eight years - NDTV Movies

aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship marketing

Meanwhile, Mahek becomes pregnant as a result of her relationship with Rishi, . "Rajeev Khandelwal to Aamna Sharif: This is how the cast of Kahiin to Hoga. Rajeev Khandelwal talks about Haq Se's new season, not being on exciting for him - Rajeev Khandelwal on reuniting with Aamna Sharif My wife and I are thinking of cutting off the cable connection as no one watches TV. Most of the credit for the show's success goes to the sizzling chemistry between Aamna Shariff and her co-star Rajeev changethru.info returned to acting on TV.

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Rajeev Khandelwal, the perfect man

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'Marriage to Aamna? I don't know'

Together the couple has five daughters, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, none of the daughters are married at the beginning of the novel, much to Mrs Bennets dismay. After his abrupt exit from the show owing to creative differences with Ekta Kapoorhe went on to do a variety of roles on TV, which included the political thriller Time Bomb and an Army officer's life story Left Right Left before he did his first film Aamir ina project which won rave reviews all across the world.

The film was the story of an upright Muslim doctor who returns from the US and finds his life, his family and his religion mired into terrorism. The film, largely running on Rajeev's shoulders garnered him appreciation from all quarters of the industry.

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What matters to me is that the quality of my work should reflect my personality and I aim to go slow and steady. Koi jaldi nahi hai! The Chance Meeting It was also probably Rajeev's "non-starriness" that helped him win over the then advertising professional Manjiri Kamtikar, a Maharastrian born and brought up in Mumbai.

Manjiri, who was thoroughly enjoying listening to Rajeev's life history till now, excitedly joins in the conversation. He was in fact quite " scandalised" to see me dancing like crazy at a Mithun number at that party,' she laughs. And they met again. Manjiri who had gone off to the UK briefly after their first meeting made it in time to watch his first film Aamir with him, along with her sister and a couple of friends.

They got talking soon and went out a lot together, before both realised that this one was "for keeps. Rajeev, who enjoys a tremendous female fan following chooses to believe that it had more to do with his character Sujal in Kahiin Toh Hoga that built up the insanity.

His decision to marry someone who is not from the industry was not a conscious effort. There were rumours, of course of me seeing Aamna Shariff which was in retrospect because of our on screen chemistry.

She says the fact that Rajeev is extremely "normal" helps bridge the insecurity, if any. He does not have a PR firm working for him. Rajeev also does not feel the need to go out socialising, partying and being a part of any camp,' a trait she says helps to a great extent in restoring the "normalcy" in their relationship.

Rajeev is laidback and gives Manjiri her space. He also denies that infidelity has anything to do with the profession he is in. There are many others with a lesser success rate but they are in the news with lot of PR activities, being in the news for their party appearances or magazine spreads.

Social media is a such a huge platform but you seem to be very inactive on it when others are using it to the maximum It is different to be active and to be a salve.

I don't feel the need in the morning to reach out to people telling the world what I am doing. My priority is me. What others are doing maybe the need of the hour, but I can't sell myself for more followers. I do interact with people on the roadside and give fans a lot of time say when I flying. If I am in plane and the person sitting next to me compliments me, I make sure I chat up with that guy or girl for around an hour. That is my way of interacting. I do not feel the need to oversell myself and being inactive does not bother me.

I have other things to do than to update my status. Do you watch any of the current shows and is there any Jodi whom you like? I don't watch TV at all, I won't know who are most loved couples now. I watch more shows online. In fact, I read even the news headlines on my phone. My wife and I are thinking of cutting off the cable connection as no one watches TV.

aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship marketing

Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar's reunion for a web-series was a huge hit. Would you do a project with Aamna Sharif if offered one? These are all hypothetical questions. I can only answer if I get that project but everyone wants interesting answers laughs out loud.

aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship marketing

We haven't interacted since a while. If we meet, we will start off from where we left. From what I hear, she is busy with her son and wants to focus on her family for a while now.

And I work on projects not with certain set-ups, directors or actors. I will take up something only if it excites me. I don't think I have ever exploited what I did in the past. I have been honest in that respect. I feel when you work with same actor or director, you are somewhere playing safe. It is like encashing on past popularity.

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