Accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship goals

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accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship goals

Haru shall cease to be Kuroyukihime's pawn and take the role of her guardian angel. on the romantic relationship between Kuroyukihime and Arita Haruyuki ( Haru). seemed almost out of place in a gaming anime like Accel World, as I . but it had not been on purpose, this all was something new to her. While the first couple of light novels have earned a very mixed response from American critics as Kuroyukihime was chosen to represent Accel World in the crossover Fighting Game Haruyuki tells her reaching for that goal is only normal. Accel World Stage Awakening of the Silver Wings her life purpose to the promise that she will stay by Haruyuki side forever in spite When they finished, Megumi and the other students asked what the relationship was between the two.

Initially, her gender is unknown.


After Haru accidentally trips over her bag, he as well as the customers in the dining area of their meeting place distinguish her as female. Her avatar on the non-accelerated network is a bespectacled weasel with a necktie.

Her duel avatar is Aqua Current, a mass of water with a feminine form, possessing properties of pure water such as being an excellent insulator against electrical attacks. Aqua Current is endowed with great skill and experience, proving the rumors about her helping players with dangerously low Burst Point levels.

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Aqua Current has been a Burst Linker for a long time, but refuses to level up in order to continue her work. Her whereabouts after the battle alongside Silver Crow are unknown, as is her real world identity after selectively erasing herself from Haru's memory with her Incarnate System ability.

In volume 12, she saves Silver Crow from Argon Array and begins a duel with her. She is also the vice-commander of Nega Nebulus. She became obsessed with the desire to fly and as a result was abandoned by her friends and "parent.

Having spent several level up bonus points trying to obtain the ability to fly, she eventually asks Black Lotus to cut off her avatar's legs to reduce her avatar's weight and increase her will. After meeting her in the real world, Haru realizes she has mechanical prosthetic legs. Her Brain Burst avatar appears as a silver-blue robot modeled after her real world self, lacking legs below the knee and confined to a wheelchair she powers through the Incarnate System.

She keeps the wheelchair even after she regains her legs. Sky Raker is one of the only Brain Burst avatars that wears clothes, in her case a wide-brimmed summer hat and dress. Sky Raker owns an Enhanced Armament known as Gale Thruster, a rocket pack that, while not granting true flight, temporarily allows for incredibly long jumps and midair dashes. Later on, Silver Crow shows her that the Gale Thruster is for flying in space as wings become useless without air.

Ardor Maiden is voiced by Yumi Hara. This plan fails when Haru looks through his grandfather's online photo albums and finds that Niko looks nothing like Tomoko. Niko was abandoned by her parents and attends a school for abandoned children.

Niko displays tsundere qualities, one moment being very sweet and affectionate and the next angry and confrontational. She is the current Red King and her nickname is "The Immobile Fortress" thanks to her special ability, which summons her Enhanced Armament, a massive stationary artillery unit with which Scarlet Rain connects. Though unable to move and slow to turn, the artillery unit is outfitted with scores of weapons, giving it enough firepower to effortlessly take out legions of opponents from all directions.

Scarlet Rain possesses two Incarnate System abilities: She works as a waitress at a cake shop that also serves as a secret base for Prominence. She is usually seen wearing a maid outfit that she wears for work and rides a motorcycle.

Leopard, as she prefers to be called, is cold, blunt, and distant, though she has a sarcastic sense of humor.

Her Brain Burst avatar is level 6 and has the Shape Change ability which allows her to transform her avatar back and forth into a four-legged configuration, along "Vital Bite" that drains the life gauge of the enemy to replenish hers and "Mental Bite" which does so with the special gauge.

Her non-accelerated avatar is an anthropomorphic red-furred leopard woman wearing a leather bodysuit.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship goals

She develops a rivalry with Sky Raker for unknown reasons. After being out-leveled by Yuniko and learning that he was moving out of town, he accepted the Disaster Armor Enhanced Armament from the Yellow King. Red Rider had the ability to craft powerful weapons to use in combat, and it is implied that he had a romantic relationship with the Purple King, Purple Thorn. Rider was an advocate of continuing the peace treaty between the Kings, a mindset which led to Black Lotus beheading him with the "Death by Embracing" technique, which subsequently took all of his Burst Points and forcefully uninstalled the program, leading to Black Lotus' exile and setting into motion the events of the series.

After the fourth Chrome Disaster was defeated, he took the Disaster Armor and gave it to Cherry Rook expecting that he would be able to break the nonviolence treaty between the kings by giving him the "legal" right to eliminate one member from the Red legion, ultimately going after Scarlet Rain.

His Brain Burst avatar appears as a court jester with long arms wielding a scepter as a weapon.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship goals

He uses illusions and trickery as the basis for his fighting style. He specializes in absolute defense, which allows him to deal double the damage he receives from attackers earned him the title "Invincible". It is said he gained most of his Burst Points by hunting "enemies" in the Unlimited Neutral Field by himself.

He exchanges Burst Points into item cards and distribute them to "enemies" for other players to hunt and pick up. He has only lost duels due to time out. He has witnessed the destruction of four generations of Chrome Disaster. His large shield is one of the Seven Arcs, 'gamma' The Strife. He is also one of the Originators and one of the few players who knows the existence of other accelerated worlds.

His motorcycle, an Enhanced Armament, is his primary weapon, means of transportation, and source of strength. Without the bike, Ash Roller is effectively powerless. His true name is still a mystery.

He is a swordsman with the Enhanced Armament Twin Swords and his skills in close combat are equal or even superior to Black Lotus, to whom he taught her Incarnate attacks, despite his defenses are weak, true to his namesake. After Kuroyukihime's disappearance, he accepted to work under Green Grandee's in exchange for shelter to the remaining survivors of Nega Nebulus under him. His large sword is one of the Seven Arcs, 'alpha' The Impulse.

He is Red Rider's best friend and also one of the Originators. Their duel avatars have a warrior appearance. They are loyal to the Blue King and they both have a crush on him. In the past, Sky Raker once hanged them from the top of the Tokyo Government Office which humiliated them. She was Red Rider's lover. Her staff is one of the Seven Arcs, 'beta' The Tempest. She is Kuroyukihime's older sister by one year in the real world and her "parent" in the Accelerated World.

Her Brain Burst avatar possesses a recovery ability, one of only three in the history of Brain Burst with such a power. She also has the power to become fully invisible. She also possesses one of the Seven Arcs and is also one of the Originators.

As the series progress, she is revealed to be the leader of the Acceleration Research Society. She is also the one who manipulated Black Lotus to behead Red Rider, which put a strain in their relationship. Acceleration Research Society[ edit ] The Acceleration Research Society is a secret organization involved in using hacking and other underhanded tactics to obtain any advantage they can in the Brain Burst game.

Seiji believes he is above other people and is disgusted by those he deems "lower" than himself to the point that he will clean his hands with a handkerchief if he touches someone. Seiji blackmails Haruyuki and Chiyuri and takes Silver Crow's wings in an attempt to force the two into becoming his "pets. He lost the resulting sudden death fight and has Brain Burst forcefully uninstalled, taking his memories of having the program with it, thus proving Kuroyukihime's theory that Burst Linkers who have the program uninstalled also lose any memories of ever having the program Much to Haruyuki and the others' surprise, Seiji becomes a kind person after he loses his memories from the game, forgetting not only all the harm he caused, but all the suffering inflicted on him by his brother, who used to abuse him and force him to play Brain Burst in order to steal his Burst points to himself, before Seiji defeated him for good by his own.

Though lacking in significant combat ability on its own, Dusk Taker has an ability known as "Demonic Commandeer," the power to steal any finishing move, reinforced exterior, or ability from other Burst Linkers. This ability has no time limit, meaning Dusk Taker can possess up to three stolen abilities for as long as he desires.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship goals

So long as Dusk Taker possesses an ability, the Burst Linker he took it from will be unable to use it. Using this ability, he has managed to incorporate body parts and weapons from other Burst Linkers into his own avatar, including a large scissor weapon on the right arm and a set of red tentacles replacing his left arm.

Dusk Taker is also able to utilize the Incarnate System to create claws made of bright purple energy. Like Dusk Taker, his name does not appear on the challenge list by using the now banned Brain Implant Chip. Sulfur Pot has the ability to tame enemies with his Enhanced Armament Mystical Reins, which he loses when he is defeated. Like Dusk Taker, his name does not appear on the challenge list. He defeats Silver Crow in their first battle. He cooperated with the group to help with his personalities.

During the second battle, he lost due to Silver Crow finding out his weakness. During the third battle, he overcame his mistakes, but Silver Crow 's new move let him have the upper hand. When Argon Array interfered and trashed Ash Roller in the process, he defended Silver Crow; only to be knocked away by her.

In vol 13, he was asked by Haru to meet with him in the real world. However, when he showed up, he ran off the last second. His head is three times the size of anyone else. I guess that this could be considered a metaphor for how he sees himself in comparison with others, but if the author wanted it so much, he could have find a way to use such symbolism without breaking our suspension of disbelief.

Okay, if you're worried about nobody asides the bullies teasing him for his figure, Taku and Chiyu have known him since childhood self-confidence issues and allso they don't really feel like teasing him about it. If you have tried playing MMORPGs at a highly competitive level, the best players aren't always the most attractive people around, and yet you don't see them for how they look, but rather for how they play.

While Haru's design does remind me of the fat sidekicks of old, well, see, that's the thing. Ninety-nine percent of fiction is all about thin and lanky people, so why not give Haru's design a chance? Just because he looks like that doesn't mean you have to show notice all the time.

If you want to be realistic, one of my old high school classmates looked exactly like Haru ten years ago, but I'm not sure how he looks today. One of your old high school classmates had a head twice the size of a everybody else? Seriously, Haru's skeletal structure downright is absurd.

It's like he's another species. I think that's what ticked most people off. It didn't bother me that much, but it could be improved. While editing the main page, it hit me: Just installing the program, you'll need to pass the program face-to-face, there is a chance of failure and you only get one shot at it. Not to mention the point sink just start a match; 1 point to enter Burst mode with the possibility of no opponents, and possibly 10 points for a level 1 vs level 1 loss, AND more points lost when leveling up.

And the only other way of gaining points only occurs from level 4 onwards, which means you must have defeated quite a lot of fellow Burst Linkers to the point of forced uninstalling to reach that point.

It must have been insanely good luck or a yet unseen initial? The Okinawa episode demonstrates how bad things are with this distribution model the "parent" has to purposely lose a lot of matches and sacrifice a lot of his points to get his "child" to level 4 just to stabilize the situation. While I don't disagree with the premise that the distribution is Actually, it turns out the that original players could have an unlimited number of "children", and the ability to check for compatibility with the program, ensuring they don't try to download it to someone incompatible.

Duels seem like a Zero Sum Game. If one participant loses burst points, the other gains the exact amount. Between using burst point for other things, it would seem like the total supply would quickly run out. The only other infusion of new burst points, is from fighting monsters in the 'Up' world, but they give pathetic amounts. So where all the fresh burst points being infused into the system from? Silver Crow gets his limbs blown off quite a few times over the course of the series, but he's always back in one piece before long.

Why was Sky Raker's amputation permanent? Unlike Silver Crow and anyone else for that matter who didn't want to lose any part of their body permanently in the game, Sky Raker felt she needed to lose her legs in order to motivate herself to reach for the sky, as she probably felt that without her legs, she'd had no reason to come back down to the ground.

Since the game reacts to the user's wishes, her avatar's permanent amputation was the result. She probably realized afterwards that in order to fly, one must first propel himself from the ground itself and jumping is one of the fastest ways to launch yourself from the ground.

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Sky Raker was also an amputee outside the Accelerated World, so that probably allowed her loss of legs in-game to be permanent due to the avatar being based on self-image. It appears that Sky Raker was in Kuroyukihime's legion. As we know, legion masters have special powers over their soldiers, able to execute them regardless of how many Burst Points they have.

It is therefore logical to assume that Kuroyukihime used a variant of this power to annihilate only a part of Sky Raker's body, on Sky Raker's specific request, as shown in the series. I was reading the Alternate Character Reading trope and I remembered this scene where everybody shows off their digital ID cards, which can't be hacked, as it's probably tied to the national database. When KYH showed hers, Nico commented angrily that it reads I don't know why exactly is it supposed to be a "headscratcher" since there are no questions, unless "can anyone take a guess" is supposed to be one or there is an implied "am I right now?

In Japan, "similar" when used to refer to names means that they either use the same syllables but a different spellingonly one ideogram is different and the spelling doesn't matterone of the names has the same ideograms as the other with one taken out and the spelling doesn't matter, though likely is differentor they are spelled in the same way but are written differently.

That leaves a lot of room to guess, and it's like taking two western names and saying that one of them "has the same number of letters or uses the same letters or has a similar meaning or is pronounced similarly or 'is in some other way similar'".

It's pretty much having 20 millions of names to choose from and decreasing that number to 1 million. Hurray, only it doesn't help when you are looking for a specific name based only on that.

And the point of the scene with the nametags was to establish that she, or someone she knows, has the ability to change the content of the nametags, something which is supposed to be impossible to do for people who didn't make them.

It is worth noting that every other character had their names on the nametags, both their first and last names; she instead only had her nickname that being "Kuroyukihime" and with there only being that with nothing that could be her last name, we can be certain that it is not what was originally on the nametag.

Although there is a possibility of her nickname being created by mixing the ideograms from both her first and last names, in a similar way to how Kirito from Sword Art Online did it but using entire ideograms instead of single syllablesbut again it doesn't give us enough info the only standard spelling gives us the name "Setsuki" then, but that's a dead end because she'd be called "Se-chan" then, and non-standard spellings can be many and varied.

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So yeah, the author is trolling us by releasing hints which are not enough for us to do anything with them. In the Okinawan arc, how could Megumi come to Kuroyukihime's rescue when the time difference should have prevented that.

Kuroyukihime and company should have been waiting in the 'Up' world for hours if not days for Megumi to come in and get hooked up. Well, and keep in mind I'm just guessing here, from what I saw, Megumi showed up shortly after the group dove in, at which point the scene cut away from her to the linkers.

When it cut back, she was essentially in the same position with little to no time passing from her point of view, but the majority of the fight with Sulphur Pot having taken place for the linkers. Okay, so here's something. Similarly, when Kuroyukihime used the "physical full burst" command to save Haruyuki from Araya's attempt to murder him, his own neurolinker canceled out the brain burst program and yanked him back to the real world when she shoved him.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship goals

But, what happens in the cast of the Unlimited Neutral Field? Supposedly the only way to log out once you've dove in there is to find an exit portal, but would the neurolinker's safety protocols be able to do it too? What would be the effect of someone finding your body and removing the neurolinker while you're in the field?

Do you get yanked back to your real body, or does your mind become trapped in the Accelerated World, leaving you a vegetable until you can again log out?