Aibileen and minny relationship quizzes

CH- The Help: Character Relationships (Blog #4)

aibileen and minny relationship quizzes

Summary Minny is annoyed by Miss Celia's constant companionship. White woman are supposed to know their place, but Miss Celia seems ignorant about how. a biography of Kathryn Stockett, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, The next day Minny calls Aibileen and says that Hilly is sending her mother, The novel also highlights the tender and loving relationships. Get an answer for 'In the "The help" how did the relationship between Celia and Minny changed. ' and find homework help for other Reference questions at.

What features does her voice have in common with Abileen? Find two quotations and analyze them in terms of sentence structure, and word choice.

aibileen and minny relationship quizzes

Look closely at the details Stockett gives the reader, and find at least two quotations. This is because of her own impoverished background, which meant that she has no experience with servants.

Chapters 1-6: Searching for an Idea

In Chapter 5, Stockett introduces the third first person narrator, Skeeter Phelan. How is her narration style different from Abileen and Minny? Find at least two quotations. What language techniques differentiate it from the other characters?

How do these elements reflect her education and social status?

Chapters Searching for an Idea

She lives on a cotton plantation outside of Jackson. A tall, plain one with a trust fund. In what ways has Constantine helped Skeeter to grow up?

aibileen and minny relationship quizzes

How has Constantine taught Skeeter kindness and self-respect? Skeeter has a tense and uncomfortable relationship with her own mother, Charlotte, who is constantly critical of her aspirations and appearance. In contrast, Constantine is supportive of Skeeter and is someone she can confide in. Writing the Stories What does it reveal about both of their characters? In Chapterswhat key events in the history of American Civil Rights occur? How do these affect the characters in the text?

Is this what Skeeter is trying to do? Is it personal ambition or something more worthy?

Hilly Personality

Toilets as a symbol in The Help. What does the incident with the prowler who harasses Minny and Celia reveal about the personalities of these two women? Yule May is a minor but significant character. What is unique about her background compared to the other maids?

aibileen and minny relationship quizzes

What does her character represent in The Help? At their dinner table, Minny's husband, Leroy, yells at their children for talking about the civil rights demonstrations.

He tells them not to discuss it outside of their home because it is too dangerous. Analysis It's ironic that Minny is troubled by Miss Celia's apparent lack of racism. Minny expects to be treated poorly and to work hard for little money.

Miss Celia is kind and grateful for her help. She pays Minny well and respects her authority in cooking and cleaning. She even likes to have lunch with Minny and ask about her day.

aibileen and minny relationship quizzes

It seems that after years of being abused by white women Minny wouldn't mind the change, but she does not know how to react to Miss Celia's friendliness. Celia does not know the rules that Minny expects her to follow. She does not even realize she is breaking any rules.

Character Study

Celia grew up in poverty perhaps even more extreme than the one Minny endures. She does not know how to properly clean a house because she didn't have much of a house, and she cannot cook because she was never taught. This lack in Celia reveals even further how much she does not fit into the community in which she married.

Miss Celia's desperation to have a child is revealed through these chapters. She has suffered a series of painful miscarriages and has been hiding them from her husband.