American beauty jane and ricky relationship

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american beauty jane and ricky relationship

American Beauty - Everything is Beautiful his masturbating (again, sexual); it also appears painfully in his relationship with Jane, his daughter. Lester's relationship with Ricky is less clear, but is done somewhat by surrogate through Jane. Interests beauty, Jane, marijuana. He even takes an interest in Lester Burnham , Jane's father, who quickly becomes one of his best clients. Relationship. This quote is taken all too literally in the film American Beauty directed by Sam Jane and Ricky's relationship is used to juxtapose with Carolyn and Lester's.

Ironically, Angela is preaching something all of these characters believe in. She stands behind this statement with a false sense of achievement, as if her physical beauty separates her from the idea of being ordinary. Angela inflates her ego by talking about her sexual experience and her physical beauty. When Jane and Ricky plan their runaway, we expect Angela to become upset with Ricky and potentially engage with Lester in spite of her relationship with Jane.

american beauty jane and ricky relationship

Instead, we learn that she created a fake narrative about herself in order for people to like her. She is a virgin who built up a wall of lies in order to impress others.

They are attractive on the outside but susceptible to rotting at their roots — out of plain sight. Jane is the typical, angsty teenager who is angry towards her parents and angry towards life. She finds independence and romantic fulfillment through Ricky, her next door neighbor. As tensions build up at home, she furthers her belief that moving away is the answer. Jane is the character which benefits the most in the story because she has the most room for growth beyond the end of the film.

These arcs have a reoccurring problem — self-esteem. Ricky gives a monologue about beauty in the world while watching footage he took of a floating paper bag in the wind.

She is not a sexually experienced, confident person, but that is the image of herself which she sells to everyone else. And like Carolyn she thinks that's how the world is; you sleep with the photographer to get the job - in other words you do what you have to do to succeed, that's all that matters. This connection is further emphasized by Lester's interest in Angela sexually Angela replaces his wifeand the use of Carolyn's roses in Lester's fantasies about Angela.

These fantasies are like ads, full of promise and surface beauty and sexual suggestiveness, but, like ads and the house Carolyn is trying to sell, not at all like the real thing. What causes Lester's epiphany is when he finally sees Angela as a person who is more than an image or a fantasy.

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Two things happen to create the shock necessary to wake Lester up. Angela confesses she is a virgin, and at about the same time, he opens up her shirt and we get No rose petals like in his fantasy. They're just little 16 year-old breasts. And this is a real person. Suddenly everything that Lester's been prepared to realize he realizes. He now sees people Angela, Jane, Carolyn as more than surface. He now can see beauty everywhere.

american beauty jane and ricky relationship

The scene between the aborted sexual encounter between Angela and Lester, and Lester's death is rather interesting. Compare this scene, where Lester serves up a snack for Angela, with the earlier scene in which he throws the plate of asparagus at the wall. The asparagus dish is really for show, not for eating; that's why no one will pass it to Lester. The food for Angela is good she eats it and likes it and is made for eating, not for show we don't even see get to see it.

We do see the asparagus all prepared food as imageand we do see Lester making Angela's snack food for consumption. The environments in which the meals are served are also contrasted: And likewise the conversation: As Carolyn and Angela are a pair, Jane and Lester are too.

She and Lester are the only characters who have a relationship with Ricky. Ricky and Lester are also the only men in the life of Jane. Like Lester, Jane is transformed by Ricky, although in her case she goes directly from someone who does not appreciate their own beauty she thinks she needs breast implants, for exampleto someone who does at the end, she's willing to use her breast implant money for their future; more graphically, she's willing to take her shirt off and stand in a window and be videotaped.

By spending so much time with Ricky, she quickly begins to see the world his way, at least a little bit. We don't get the sense that she's tapped into Ricky's "everything is beautiful" attitude quite yet, but you get the feeling she's on her way.

So, unlike Lester, she doesn't go all the way which in his case means being killed more on that laterso it's probably a good thing. I stated above that Jane is positioned as a surrogate for Lester. What I meant is that Jane is the character to whom Ricky tells the most to; this is so we can hear it, of course.

Character Analysis – Ricky in American Beauty.

With Lester and Ricky it mostly is about scoring pot, but it would be implausible to have Ricky reveal too much to Lester.

So he reveals only a little to Lester, but it is enough to change him. The rest we get through his relationship with Jane. That's why I feel the pot is a symbol of the information Ricky possesses. Lester buys it from Ricky, and he only buys the best stuff, the stuff that Ricky himself smokes, the stuff that never makes you paranoid, but gives you a mellow high.

And so we come to Ricky, who has already gone through his transformation mostlywhich is why he can see so far into other people. The first time he meets Lester at the real estate party his immediate connection with Lester is in stark contrast to Carolyn's inability to understand even the simplest thing about her own husband. His outburst at Angela near the end of the movie the first time he's really even looked at her goes right to the heart of her insecurities, setting up not only her tryst with Lester, but more importantly setting up her revelation to Lester about her insecurity about having sex with him, which of course allows Lester to break from his adolescent behavior; this provides another important link between Ricky and Lester's transformation.

And of course Ricky only has relationships with those who are ready to be transformed.

american beauty jane and ricky relationship

Ricky's transformation into this nearly pure character, who, like the Fool in King Lear, always tells the truth except to his father; see belowwho experiences everything as beauty, takes place before the movie begins. He has died and been reborn metaphorically in his time in the mental ward. Lester, after his death, explains that the last second of life goes on forever, and it is only at this point that he quotes Ricky's lines about too much beauty in the world.

Ricky is already living like every second is his last, but for most of us this is not possible. We cannot go about our lives, doing dishes or work or anything mundane if we are so painfully aware of our mortality as Ricky is.

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This is why Ricky is shown linked with death the funeral, the dead homeless lady. He has gone beyond the pale, between his life with his father and his time in the ward. Symbolically he has already died, and so each second is a gift, extra time granted to his life.

And here lies the heart of the movie. We should all strive to live like this, aware of our mortality, aware of the beauty in a plastic bag, at least a little bit. Each moment, each minute and hour, we do die a little, never able to retrieve those moments to live again. His room expresses no colour or warmth, it is just an imperfect and futile room.

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Ricky was abused by his father, but obviously not to the extent of his mother. We know this by the two scenes when he was physically assaulted by his father, yet he just accepted it.

The family is a picture of dysfunction, illustrated by the scene when they are all sitting on the couch and the mother is trying to face the other way and avoid confrontation, the father is sitting upright, trying to act as the boss and Ricky on the other end absorbing the awkward silence of the moment. Ricky is eighteen and yet his father still does not know how to act around him or hold a proper conversation with him. There is also no trust between father and son depicted by the scene when Ricky had supply a urine sample yet he deceived his father by giving him a false supply.

It is like his father saw his role, solely to teach Ricky structure and discipline. When Ricky eventually leaves, although a touching moment, there is no real emotion shown, he was not sad to leave.

Ricky found a rare and hidden beauty in Jane, the girl from the adjacent house.