Andrea and daryl relationship

andrea and daryl relationship

Andrea visits Daryl to apologize by giving him a book, and he quickly tells . Series in this episode, and starts a brief relationship with Andrea. While in the woods, Daryl assures Andrea that Sophia is going to be fine. Andrea protests Rick and Daryl's relationship grows stronger in Season 2. This is. Daryl Dixon has such good chemistry with his "Walking Dead" cohorts that we basically ship him with everyone, including himself.

Ultimately, Andrea died in issue Ironically enough, she had been bitten in her neck the same fate as TV Andrea during the Whisperer War and would succumb to the zombie virus. In The Walking Dead comics, Morgan died in issue It was before the arrival of Negan, prior to any mention of the Saviors, and during the walker invasion of Alexandria dubbed the "No Way Out" story arc. His fate was sealed when a walker bit his arm.

Seven 'Walking Dead' Characters Who Died Differently In Comics

Despite Michonne's efforts to keep him alive by cutting it off similar to what she did for Tyreese, on televisionMorgan died. Her comic book counterpart could not possibly have resembled her any less. In Robert Kirkman's original writing, the roles between Carol and her daughter were basically reversed by comparison to the TV series.

In issue 42 of The Walking Dead comics, Carol committed suicide by feeding herself to walkers. It's a move no fan can imagine Melissa McBride's character going for.

In fact, Carol's daughter Sophia is alive and well in the comics and calling the Hilltop community home. In the source material, Daryl Dixon does not exist. The void of being Rick's right hand man, however, was filled by Tyreese.

Daryl/Andrea - feel again AU

It wasn't, however, a death by Lucille and Negan as it was on television. In issue 97 of The Walking Dead comics, Abraham and his buddy Eugene were venturing around the outskirts of Alexandria. At the time, the Saviors had been teased but hadn't revealed how much of a threat they truly were.

In the middle of a sentence where he was talking about Rosita, an arrow was shot straight through Abraham's head and eye. We'll start with the most obvious: Although for a while back in Season 4, he and Beth were so great together that a romance seemed like a real possibility.

And of course, he and Michonne have always had a talent for flirty repartee. Is it just us, or is there something special in Rick's eyes when he looks at Daryl in this scene.

And sometimes kiss on the mouth.

andrea and daryl relationship

In a brotherly way. Speaking of family ties: After growing up with an absent, abusive father, of course Daryl developed certain feelings for the Greene family paterfamilias Hershel.

Love is built on respect, you know. Although Andrea died before we could get too invested in a romance between her and Daryl, the magic was clearly there in the few scenes they shared together.

andrea and daryl relationship

And in the moment before Daryl put Dale out of his eviscerated misery, we sensed a real connection between them. Thanks to "Twilight," we now know that it's totally okay to ship a grown man and an infant.

Seven 'Walking Dead' Characters Who Died Differently In Comics

It's not creepy, you guys; it's just sexy werewolf law. Daryl Dixon is definitely a sex wolf, right? And let's just say that if anything happens to Rick, there's every reason to jump on board the Daryl-Carl father-son ship. Although let's be honest: