Arcanum of steamworks and magick obscura ending a relationship

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arcanum of steamworks and magick obscura ending a relationship

In Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, same-sex Near the end of the game, if the NPC Raven is in the player's party, and the. Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura Arcanum patch .. Coincidentally, Virgil's mentor, Joachim, has a room here at the end of the hall. .. Aria and he are an item, but that both sets of royal families are against the marriage. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. I messed around with that game so much before the ending (Brotherhood of Steel ending) that by the time I got to . Curse you high school relationships for being so addicting.

The IFS Zephyr has just begun her maiden voyage, a marvelous, high-society venture through the clouds. Aboard, the cream of high society enjoys the flight, playing chess, sipping fine wine, etc.

Same-sex (female) relationship options in Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura

Sadly, nothing gold can last forever — and, out of the blue, the airship is attacked by a pair of ogres flying primitive fighter planes. Within moments, the vessel goes down in flames. There's only one survivor, the player character — and, as they crawl out of the wreckage, a dying gnome begs them to take his ring to "the boy". Immediately after the gnome succumbs to his wounds, the player character emerges from the rubble and is approached by a man named Virgilwho claims to have found the reincarnation of a long lost prophet As they journey through Arcanum, the player can join up with a number of companions.

Although their personalities are often not as well-defined as those of some non-playable characters in the game, many of them are very nicely voiced, and they all contribute to the plot and interact with each other.

Many of them are hidden, and many of them require very specific alignment, charisma stats and dialogue from the player before they even suggest joining the party. Similarly, the player often needs to meet very specific aptitude requirements before certain quests are even mentioned, meaning that no two playthroughs are the same and that each new player character will have a unique experience.

Arcanum has a level cap of 50, which encourages players to specialize in very specific types of magic or technology. However, a no-CD-patch combined with a level cap remover patch can quickly fix that.

Uniquely, knowledge of technology in Arcanum disables magical aptitude, and vice versa, so that the player will always have to choose between the two or find a very, very careful balance and eventually be shunned by the other branch.

Remarkably, the game is still being tested and patched by a squadron of devoted fans today. The game is now available on GOG Dot Comwith the notorious bugs fixed and the game adapted to modern systems. In Augustit made it onto Steam as well. A sequel — titled Journey to the Centre of Arcanum and using Half-Life 2 's Source engine — was in its initial planning stagesbut Sierra and Valve had disagreements, and Troika Games ' dissolution sealed the game's fate.

This game provides examples of the following: The PC gets better reaction from other characters including shopkeepers who give them discounts if he or she helped the inhabitants of a given settlement. Additionally, characters sometimes mention specific deeds of the PC and act accordingly. Of course, evil deeds get attention and respect of shady characters including party members who base their decision to join the PC on his or her karma meter.

Absurdly Low Level Cap: The level cap of 50 can be reached before you've even finished half the game, quite easily at that. And because followers only level-up with player's character, it can get really tricky to find and recruit them before you've surpassed their starting level, which in turn affects their competence.

Patches addressed this by allowing the experience meter to roll over endlessly at 50, granting no bonus for your character but allowing followers to keep leveling up until they hit the cap. Franklin Payne combines this with Gentleman Adventurer. Anyone banished into the Void becomes this. Time seems to pass, but no one gets any older. It is unknown whether this quality only applies to beings from Arcanum.

The old man in the opening sequence who provides you with your mission goals before dying. Averted, oddly enough—the game begins on January 1,despite this being another world. Cynthia Wit has no idea that she's a lycanthrope, or that she's responsible for butchering the rabbits that her father farms. She tells you that she's been hoping to catch the culprit herself, but all she remembers is feeling terribly exhausted, falling asleep before the attacker arrives and waking up the next morning to find another dead rabbit.

There is a militant nomadic group in the Isle of Despair which consists solely of women who couldn't stand the misoginyst order in the encampment. While you can't have a complete female party in game, you can still have a party which consists of the female PC, Jayna, Raven and Z'an Al'urin though you have to be extra charismatic to hold together the latter twoplus the temporary followers like Swyft and Lady Druella at some point in time.

Near endgame Nasrudin summarizes the moral of the story to Virgil: The other Aesop is "Even when life is suffering, it's still worth living. Torian Kel's fellow Gray Legionnaires; undead warriors whose bodies have rotted away.

They will live on At least it's given him time to consider how much of an ass he was.

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One of the Isle of Despair's inmates will offer to tell you a story, which ends with the revelation that he's the rightful heir to the throne of Cumbria, deposed during a coup.

And Man Grew Proud: Vendigroth was the height of humankind's technological development. The city was so advanced that they didn't take the threats of a powerful mage seriously enough and he ended up wiping them off the map.

On the other hand, the moment he started to cause troubles, the scientists of Vendigroth created a device perfectly capable of killing god-like mages of the Age of Legends.

And Your Reward Is Clothes: The clothes happen to be the ones the mage was wearing. The Heal Poison potion and its tech equivalent Poison Cure. Poison is not that damaging to begin with, so most of the time it's easier to just wait it out and heal the lost HP. Only one character in the game even uses a poison strong enough to actually kill you.

Non-tech characters might not even have to wait, as NPCs with White Necromancy spells, including Virgil once he reaches level five, can negate both the poison and the damage. For most of the game, Kerghan kills, tortures, and generally acts in an indisputably evil way.

But when you are told his motivations for doing so, particularly when Virgil confirms what he has to say, you can easily understand his point of view.

Which is kind of disturbing given that he's an Omnicidal Maniac. The manual is written like this. Mostly in an in-universe style. Some of the books and newspaper articles you can find in-game are written in a similar fashion. In Vendigroth, you can find newspapers reporting about an elven wizard who threatened them and how they told him to screw himself.

Vendigroth is now a giant lifeless wasteland — guess who's responsible for that. Guns are some of the weakest weapons in the game, particularly those not crafted and all of those sold in shops.

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It isn't until much later on when you get really big guns that they begin to hold their own as a weapon class, and even then most gunslingers will never hope to match the damage output of a basic melee fighter. Your total number of followers is governed by your Charisma. This maxes out at six. Simeon Tor is the head mage of Tulla. He gives you the quest to find Pelojian. There's also the Master Mages of each magic School.

If you've learned every spell in a School, you can learn under their tutelage, giving you Mastery of that School and halving the Fatigue cost of all the School's spells. You cannot master multiple Schools. Garfield Thelonius Remmington III is a human who, by some freak accident of birth, was born resembling an orc. He found that the only way he could make money in the game's prejudice-filled society was by adopting the name "Gar, World's Smartest Orc" and performing as a freak-show attraction, hiding his family name and severing all ties with them so they would not need to bear the shame of association with him.

Even though tricking him into revealing his true name and securing his freedom from his employer are both necessary steps to recruiting him as a follower, your character continues to refer to him as "Gar" for the rest of the game.

The game hand-waves it, as he himself explains he still doesn't want to embarrass his family. So outside the interactions with the player's character, he maintains his entire masquerade and demands the same from the PC. The Unifed Kingdom was actually ruled by kings a long time ago, but now, after the royal dynasty mysteriously disappeared somewhere, it is an oligarchy ruled by the Gnomish Industrial Council.

The Bangellian Scourge, at least story-wise. In game terms, every kill subtracts from your alignment. The AI's capable of some pretty complex interactions. If you kill a man in the street while no guards are watching, you might think you're off scot free — but you'd better drag the body into an alley, because if a guard on patrol spots you standing next to a corpse he'll figure out you're the killer.

Also, unlike in most RPGs, if you take off your clothes and go running through the streets NPCs will actually react to your obscene behaviour. AI characters tend to pick up anything on the ground that looks appealing — even if that object is a several ton boulder that will almost crush them under the weight. You can use the AI's proactive behavior against it by dropping a piece of equipment that's been cursed and waiting for them to equip it, which will make them easier to kill or even kill them for you.

AI characters are programmed to switch to better gear in their inventory, but don't always make such determinations logically. This is especially true of armor, as characters may ignore a higher Armor Class for other statistics. There is a guard captain in Dernholm whose patrol route occasionally takes him right through a campfire.

Left to his own devices, he'll walk through that fire until his plate mail melts right off his back. Mannox was believed to have done this.

He was actually murdered, making this a subversion. In some of the Multiple Endingsthe PC can do this. It's heavily implied as the fate of all the high elves upon the natural end of their lives. Virgil was a thief and gambling addict until his brother was killed to collect on his debts.

He claims that he himself was "an evil man" when Virgil tells the PC this. A bigger one is Arronax, who can be recruited during the final part of the game, tells you about how much he regrets the horrible crimes he committed in his youth, and how having years to stand in a single spot and think about it has that effect on you.

Being a Technologist is often seen as this. While it's actually more of a Magikarp Power due to the sheer number of points required, there's plenty of easier ways to break Arcanum before you even hit the midpoint.

The Vendigroth Device is capable of killing a mage with no possibility of resurrection There's a grand total of three living mages which even possess the ability, two of which are no longer strong enough to do so.

arcanum of steamworks and magick obscura ending a relationship

It was made during a time when most mages had that power, and they were currently under threat from one. The Disintegration spell deals an absurd amount of damage to a foe, but will completely obliterate their equipment. If you care about looting, you probably don't want that to happen.

Jormund has access to several powerful spells from the Force and Fire schools of magic, but the penalty he takes to spellcasting due to being a Dwarf wizard means he'll often exhaust himself before the end of a fight. The game has a ton of potential backgrounds which modify your character's base stats, but most of them are terrible. All the backgrounds that provide boosts based on time or locale have areas in which they just won't work.

Anything that gives you items in exchange for reducing your stats isn't worth it because they'll be rendered obsolete and money is easy to steal. Finally, increases in beauty are pointless because all that does it modify reaction, which is only a problem if it drops so low as to render people hostile, and accomplishing that requires practically zeroing out the stat or having extreme negative modifiers. A borderline case with the Mechanized Gun. It is hands-down the best firearm in the game stats-wise.

However, where most firearms use 1 or, in extreme cases 2, bullets per shot fired, the Mechanized Gun uses six. Ammunition in this game is not weightless, meaning that most of your carrying capacity will be used up for ammunition. The player character can be one of these. You can eschew super science and high magic in favor of good old fashioned stabbing things in the face or in the back in case of thieves. Very effective; the only problem is that around midgame, your build will be complete and you'll need to either branch out or put the remaining points into HP.

Bad Powers, Bad People: Deconstructed with the Schuylers. However, while they do good business and what they're doing isn't a crime, it's going to disturb a lot of people, many would-be heroes have little respect for the law if their personal moral code is violated, and there'll be hell to pay if dwarves hear about it.

So they're Properly Paranoid about keeping their secrets, which means that they employ deadly defenses and fatal punishments for employees who blab.

This means that, ultimately, they end up as somewhat evil people anyway. Turning opponents into sheep is one option for mages with spells from the Morph college. It's quite easy to buy something that's ridiculously expensive, then promptly kill the guy you bought it from and get your money back. This not only applies to weapons, but also to for example a ship.

The first town has a very literal Beef Gate ; that is, a gate guarded by three Beef Gate characters. All but a very few character builds can get by them without abusing the system to make them incapable of fighting at full strength. Trying to go to the various cities out of order can potentially land you in random encounters well above your ability to handle, but this is hit and miss, and risking it can get you to some worthwhile rewards ahead of schedule. There's a pack of wolves outside the first area that will slaughter you unless you follow Virgil's advice and use the World Map to bypass them.

However, as long as you can goad them into single combat, an attack mage or melee character can reliably kill all of them. It's good for early EXP. Schuyler and Sons that you must crawlwith no option B. They serve as a "level check" for the early game; if you aren't strong enough to pass them and deal with the monsters inside, then you need to grind more and maybe do a couple sidequests. Several, including the terrifyingly powerful Elephant Gun, the armor-defeating Rifled Cannon, the enormous Hand Cannona freaking Grenade Launcher and various Vendigroth artifactssuch as the Large Bore Rifle, Bronwych's Gun essentially a plasma pistol and, of course, Droch's Warbringer.

Blue and Orange Morality: Comes up in the quest where you deal with the Bedokaan. The diplomatic solution to the quest is to have the Bedokaan chieftain explain his philosophy to you, then help him to understand how different his thought process is from mammals. Donn Throgg's resistance movement resembles some of the more militant socialist movements from the mid-to-late 19th century, but Throgg isn't really a bad guy, and he saw violence as the only way to change the hideous working conditions in the factories of Tarant.

He can be persuaded to pursue his goals in a peaceful manner. This ends up with him becoming the future president of the Unified Kingdom, and judging from the art style on his posters, he's running a socialist platform. Stringy Pete and his crew are significantly harder to beat than the final boss. You can, however, give yourself an advantage by using your accumulated Fate Points to Critical Success Pickpocket all his gear before the fight.

The very first side quest that can be found involves a spirit stuck on the mortal plane, where every moment brings pain. While said spirit very much deserves this fate, the fact that the mortal world is "painful" is the Big Bad 's motivation. The plot of the game starts when someone escapes the Void although you are not involved in it. It ends when you do the same thing. The first spell of the Black Necromancy college, Harm, does decent damage with little Fatigue consumption.

The Conveyance college has minimal use in combat, but it contains the unlocking and teleportation spells, allowing you to unlock anything and teleport to any location on the map so long as it's been marked. The latter requires maxed out magic rating to work to its full potential, but you'll probably have that if you're a spellcaster anyway.

There's also the humble Balanced Sword and Featherweight Axe, a pair of simple and easily-obtainable melee weapons that are easy to use, extremely powerful, light, and fast, and so will usually be a technological melee fighter's primary armament for most of the game.

The resources to make them are pretty plentiful, they require only a little investment in one of the tech skills or a certain follower who can be recruited fairly early on to make, and they restore 20hp per use, making them a solid choice of healing item for a technologist who can't benefit from Vergil's magic.

You can also steal them from shops for nothing at all, assuming you have maxed out lockpick or unlocking magic. Healing salves are also one of few technology items that can be freely used by magic users without any ill effects.

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They can be easily found in trash bins in quantity. Until you can find, buy or steal better, it's worth the effort to dumpster dive. You can also sell them to General Merchants for a decent amount of coins. Very handy at low levels. Further reinforced with normal boots, which are a common and cheap item sold by pretty much all merchants selling clothes and also by lesser blacksmiths. For inventory management, the humble keyring. You are going to collect a lot of keys over the course of the game, which weigh nothing but each takes up an inventory square.

A keyring takes two squares, also weighs nothing, and holds infinite keys. All you have to do is buy it for a few coins from a thrift merchant.

arcanum of steamworks and magick obscura ending a relationship

Once you make it to Tarant, there's a quest in the warehouse district which tasks you with clearing a warehouse of rats.

The gold you get for completing it isn't anything special, but the warehouse has nine chests or chest-like storage containers which you can use as permanent free storage. It's placed closed to most of the stores, just over the bridge when you arrive by map, and near the dock if you arrive by ship. It's the perfect hub for any adventurer. As an added bonus, one of the chests has Dwarven Ores for crafting Featherweight Axes. Fate Points have a wide range of applications. The most useful of these is the ability to infallibly steal whatever you want from whoever you want, regardless of your actual skill.

Not very flashy, but you can pickpocket some very good gear if you know where to look. By the middle of the game, your build will be complete, and you'll be strong enough to beat your way through almost any quest or area in the game. The only problem is what you do with the rest of your level-ups. Characters can be built who switch between guns or bows and melee weapons, but carrying multiple weapons of your chosen type is also common because Breakable Weapons is in effect and swords are no good for breaking open stubborn chests.

Played absolutely straight with Raven and Waramon, two followers you can recruit in the Glimmering Forest. A sword is not a proper tool for opening stubborn doors and chests. Neither are your fists, and it will hurt like hell to boot. Or an elephant gun. Certain monsters and objects are hard metal doors, machines, golems or hot fire elementals, normal fires enough to destroy most melee weapons on contact, even axes.

The exception to this is similarly damaging or extremely powerful weapons the pyrotechnic axe and arcane weapon variants, for example, can smash anything. Gauntlets and boomerangs are also unbreakable and save you from damage. Any weapon can break over time, usually after critically failing with it multiple times. You can get items repaired to prevent them actually breaking, but this usually comes at the cost of lowering their max hp, making them even more brittle the next time. The blessing of the All Father kills and then resurrects you with a massive stat and skill boost.

If you're a technologist, however, make sure one of your party members has a tech-based revive item, because the All Father's magic resurrection will be blocked. Can't Argue with Elves: Raven can be frustratingly unwilling to help you clean up a mess that the Dark Elves made by forging a letter from their ruler.

Yet you really have no choice but to play her games and help with her problems before she'll let you talk to the Silver Lady. And the sacred forest she wants you to clean up is protected from your usual violent solutions.

Qintarra's guards can range from snooty to outright nasty when you ask permission to enter if you're not of a favored race. The level cap is 50, which isn't that difficult to reach. In the patched game, the experience meter rolls over constantly past 50, allowing followers to catch up if they were recruited at a lower level.

Blessings, potions, and equipment buffs of any kind are limited by this cap. This means a stat needs to start at at least 8 to reach the bonus at Using magic decreases your Fatigue meteras does running with a weapon out, fighting, or being heavily encumbered. An unwise mage can exhaust themselves into unconsciousness. This justifies the Robe and Wizard Hatsince robes are among the lightest non-technological apparel in the game. Part of the reason why magic and technology are in opposition of each other.

Almost from the moment the game begins you're told that you're the reincarnation of Nasrudin, a messianic figure. Later subverted when you actually meet Nasrudin, who's still alive and living in seclusion. Or possibly played straight, since the exact wording of the prophecy says that the spirit of Nasrudin will be reborn, rather than the guy himself.

Since Nasrudin was a force of order and righter of wrongs in his time, and you can become one too, it could be argued that you revived that spirit alright. If you happen to be, say, a dumb ogre, upon first meeting Virgil, he will make an awkward "the gods move in mysterious ways" excuse while trying and hilariously failing not to be offensive.

The Master instructor of Backstabbing will stab you in the back, figuratively and literally. Circle of Standing Stones: Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Green monsters mostly mean they're poisonous and red ones are usually fire-based.

This isn't absolute, though. For example, blue zombies are counter-intuitively able to deal fire damage. Most of the quest solutions boil down to one of these, with Magick and Technology allowing you to either cast spells or build and maintain items to complement your preferred play-style.

Some NPC companions such as Virgil and Magnus are more involved in some plotlines than others and react accordingly if in the party at the time Virgil believed the PC to be a prophecied hero and is less than thrilled to discover they've been worshipping the wrong guy all along, Magnus is a city-born dwarf and desperately tries to hide it via Have I Mentioned I Am a Dwarf Today?

Even though he isn't an actual cop. He'll take the job from the useless sheriff if you save the town and help him stop the bank robbery, though. William Thorndop, formerly the world's greatest marksman, has taken a vow of non-violence, and cut off his own trigger fingers to make sure he can never hold a firearm again.

Arcanum uses a sliding scale of encumbrance which applies progressive penalties to speed, removes sprinting, and finally outright stops your character from moving. In practice, you're still trying to hit the delicate balance between walk and run, but that balance is well shy of your total carry weight. Virtually everything the Silver Lady has to say. It takes at least a second playthrough to fully decipher her visions, which include not only advice on where to go next but also tidbits of backstory as well as hints to the true nature of the villain.

Her mention of a lone figure floating above a plane of mirrored glass is worth remembering when listening to Kerghan's motivations. Scattered throughout the game are cursed items that look like normal, unidentified enchanted items until you identify them. These items have powerful effects, but equally debilitating drawbacks. For example, a cursed ring that makes you invisible as long as you wear it also continuously damages you as long as you wear it.

In exchange for docking your alignment for putting it on, it increases your magic meter every time you don it unless your technological meter is too high. It's great for three reasons: Meanwhile, a dark cult secretly plots to reawaken an ancient evil upon the land. What you choose to do with that information is up to you. Before the game begins, you are presented with an impressive character creation screen.

You have the chance to experience the game through the eyes of a human, elf, half-elf, half-orc, half-ogre, halfling basically a hobbitor dwarf. Whichever you choose will have an effect on gameplay.

Most races are often a bit racist toward each other. All of these are stereotypes, however, and the player can choose to defy these characteristics and develop their character to their preference.

Charisma is crucial to weaker or less combat-oriented characters because it determines the amount of followers you can have simultaneously. Intelligent characters will also be able to choose more intelligent dialogue options.

You also have a wide selection of backgrounds to choose from. I made an elf who sold their soul to gain more magical aptitude. It was great but being treated like scum by every NPC got a little old, so I supplemented with persuasion and beauty.

Another awesome aspect of Arcanum is the choice between magic and technology. There are 16 colleges of magic, each containing five spells. Not only can you choose to be a mage but you can also choose which colleges to specialize in. This encourages all kinds of different character builds.

I enjoyed dark necromancy which gave me the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead even the spirits of my victims! On the other side of the spectrum, technology has 56 different degrees to learn within 8 different disciplines. The player can utilize these skills to craft guns, armor, steampunk-inspired gadgets, grenades, and even robotic allies.

I found the tech route to be more complicated, but equally if not more rewarding by endgame.