Bal thackeray and raj relationship

Raj thrilled by comparisons with uncle

bal thackeray and raj relationship

Q: What was the reason of Raj Thackrey leaving Balasaheb's party and starting one A: Bal Thackeray's interview by Nikhil Wagle Marathi news channel IBN. Why Thackerays have a love-hate relationship with Bollywood of course, is that of Shah Rukh Khan meeting Raj Thackeray at the latter's. Aware of and delighted at being compared with Bal Thackeray, Raj now wants >>Besides, being his uncle, Bal Thackeray has another relationship with Raj.

Despite split, uncle Thackeray loved Raj

An annoyed Kondke approached Bal Thackeray. The Shiv Sena, which was just a five-year-old party at the time, was high on its Marathi Manoos sons-of-the-soil agenda.

bal thackeray and raj relationship

The refusal to screen a Marathi movie came in handy for Thackeray to play his regional chauvinist card. The theatre owner was locked inside his own office and was forced to give the theatre to Kondke.

bal thackeray and raj relationship

Similarly Bachchan too became a close family friend of the Thackerays after the former got embroiled in the Bofors scam in the s. Bachchan is not the only star to seek favours from Matoshri. Thackeray too utilised Bollywood to highlight his agenda. The former Sena supremo - who himself ran a newspaper - very well knew the potential of Bollywood as a headline-hogger.

Who is Raj Thackeray?

Till the fag end of his life, Bal Thackeray continued to terrorise the Hindi film industry. Known as the shadow of his uncle, nephew Raj, too, replicated the ways of his mentor.

It was only after Amitabh tendered an apology that the screening resumed. The laid-off workers included Marathi as well as North-Indians.

Why Thackerays have a love-hate relationship with Bollywood

Thackeray was asked to intervene. Following this, Raj Thackeray declared that most of these workers had paid security deposits to the company, and he would meet Jet management to plead their case. Unless Jet Airways cancelled the layoffs, his party would not allow any Jet Airways plane to take off from any airport in Maharashtra. He said that he did it on his own and that there was no political pressure on him.

Despite split, uncle Thackeray loved Raj

The city of Mumbai was referred to as "Bombay" in many scenes [14] and in some songs lyrics by Javed Akhtar. The film's producer, Karan Joharvisited Raj's residence to apologise, and agreed to all of Raj's terms, including an apology on each of the frames in the film.

bal thackeray and raj relationship

Raj demanded that all telecom companies operating in Maharashtra start providing the service in Marathi also and set a deadline of 27 Februaryafter which his party MNS would launch an agitation. Following this demand, all telecom companies complied, introducing Marathi as an additional option in their customer service.

Bal Thackeray वसीयत: Jaidev Thackeray ने Aishwarya अपनी संतान मानने से किया इंकार

In a major departure from the earlier held stand of traditional right wing groups of Maharashtra, Raj Thackeray pointed out that a practical approach rather than an emotional one is the need of the hour. However, he advocated that if the supreme court itself gives a decision in favor of Belgaum's merger, he would welcome it but the local situation in belgaum should not be vitiated for the sake of it.

bal thackeray and raj relationship

He asked the MES leaders to first identify the real issue as to whether marathis in belgaum are being targeted for espousing the cause of Marathi language or because they were supporting the merger of Belgaum with Maharashtra. Lamenting that strikes and bandhs only add to the misery of the Marathi-speaking community in Belgaum, Thackeray said: However, if Raj and Uddhav are driven further apart by their egos and personal ambitions, the Shiv Sena would be the biggest loser, feel analysts.

It is certain to start a drift of hardliners within the Sena fold to the camp of Raj Thackeray, who is seen by many as the worthy successor to Bal Thackeray's brand of politics.

bal thackeray and raj relationship

There has been a strong perception that Raj was a better bet to carry forward Bal Thackeray's fiery politics of regional identity. His leadership and organisational skills certainly boost his case.

On the other hand, Uddhav's listless reign as Sena chief and his soft image is cited to argue that he lacks the charisma to hold the party together. Now, whether the anointed successor step aside, would decide the party's fate.