Balthier and fran relationship

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balthier and fran relationship

10) Balthier + Fran (Final Fantasy XII & Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Why they're the best: This is a well-balanced relationship that will last a. Fran is very much a no nonsense kind of Viera, and Balthier likes his freedom. I think Here's my take on the Bal x Fran relationship mrgreen. While Fran and Balthier keep their relationship professional, at times a romantic interest is hinted at. In Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Fran states Balthier's.

Although Cid had made him an Imperial Judge, Ffamran eventually decided to cut his ties with his father and his role as a judge, becoming a sky pirate under a new name. Unfortunately for Balthier, it took him a while to realize he'd been following his father in pursuing nethicite while he served in the resistance. Balthier claims to be the "leading man" of the story many times throughout the game, and insists that this status makes him invincible.

Are Fran and Balthier a Couple?

During the final fight on the Sky Fortress Bahamut, Fran is badly injured and Balthier refuses to abandon her. While cradling her in his arms the ship crashes with them inside. They remain out of contact until they retrieve the Strahl back from Vaan and Penelo a year later, leaving a note for the new Queen Ashe which held her wedding ring that she used to purchase his services.

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Revenant Wings when it turns out to be tied to Eternal. Balthier was at first intent to take Lemures' treasure, the Auracite, but knew the truth behind it and attempted to destroy the Auralith, eventually rejoining Vaan's group to fight the Judge of Wings, letting Vaan be the "leading man" while he himself leaves the limelight. The War of the Lions.

balthier and fran relationship

He was the first cameo character they added to War of the Lions, with co-producer Shingo Kosuge stating that it was not a conscious decision to add continuity to the Ivalice story. When he was first revealed, the fan response was very positive. Editor Dave Smith commented that he makes a "convincing case" that he is the main hero, upstaging fellow playable characters due to his "sharp looks and even sharper wit.

Like all viera, Fran is sensitive to Mist and when the party is held by Judge Ghisthe Mist seething from the Dawn Shard overwhelms Fran with a burning sensation, driving her into a frenzy and she attacks their captors with her bare hands.


This never happens again, but whenever the party enters an area thick in Mist they ensure Fran is okay. The Jungle denies Fran's entry with magickal barriers.

To get to Mt Bur-Omisace the group must pass the Golmore Jungle, but magickal barriers prevent their entry.

balthier and fran relationship

Fran knows the barriers have been set up by the viera and reveals a path to Eruyt Village despite knowing she is not welcome there, having abandoned the viera way of life as protectors of the forest. Once in the village they discover Fran's sister, Mjrn, has gone missing.

They find her from the depths of Henne Minesbeing possessed by Venat and thus being driven insane. Fran's other sister, Jote, gives the party an item to let them through the magick barriers.

Before departing Fran asks Jote to listen to the woods' voice for her as she no longer can, having spent too long a time away from the woods.

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Jote tells Fran the wood longs for her, envious of the hume that has stolen one of its own. Fran smiles and says, "A pleasant lie, that".

balthier and fran relationship

The group eventually make their way to the Pharos where Ashe attempts to destroy the Sun-Crystthe origin of nethicite. The Mist escaping from the Cryst affects Fran and she collapses. Cid is defeated and dies, his body fading into the Mist, Fran repeats his final words to Balthier, urging him to escape, although he refuses to leave her behind.

Fran carried by Balthier after she is injured in the Sky Fortress Bahamut.

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As the Battle above Rabanastre is about to break between the Resistance forces and the Imperial Fleet the group infiltrate the Empire's main battleship, Sky Fortress Bahamutto stop Vayne who is now the emperor of Archadia. After defeating Vayne, Bahamut's power goes out, and is about to fall on Rabanastre.