Beerus and whis relationship problems

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beerus and whis relationship problems

He is also rather considerate, offering Vegeta a better view of Beerus and While Whis has no problem with traveling through time himself, he considers its use. In Dragon Ball Super, as well as Battle of the Gods, Beerus did not know about Majin Buu. The manga has not given a definitive answer as to. I had no issue maxing out Vegeta, but Beerus has been stuck at 25% Whis, maybe, but Beerus? So for instance make Beerus your master.

This, however, is just one of Whis' jobs. The other main duty of an Angel is to act as their Destroyer's attendant. This might seem like a vague term, but it essentially means that Whis tends to all of Beerus' basic needs; keeping his schedule, bringing him to meet with different planets, keeping him fed, etc.

beerus and whis relationship problems

It might sound a bit boring, but they wouldn't put an all-powerful deity in charge of it if it wasn't an important job. Well, as his title implies, Beerus' job as a God of Destruction is to rid the universe of beings that are a threat to mortal life, meaning people like Frieza or other planet-conquering murders.

Beerus isn't perfect, and he has destroyed a few planets because of his short temper or because of the destructive power of his sneezes. Because of this, Whis is equipped with a special power made specifically for cleaning up Beerus' messes whenever he accidentally destroys something he wasn't supposed to.

This ability is known as a Temporal Do-Over and it allows Whis to turn back time three minutes; just long enough to fix a mistake without damaging the flow of time. It says a lot about Whis' confidence in Beerus that he developed this power, doesn't it?

beerus and whis relationship problems

Though he attends to his needs and takes care of his messes, Whis is, in a lot of ways, Beerus' superior. Though he might not command him or control his actions directly, he outclasses him in terms of power and reports directly to Zeno about the Destroyer's actions.


He has meticulously coiffed hair, long eyelashes, perfectly manicured nails, and wears a long robe with high-heeled shoes. Where Zamasu seeks to destroy the Earth due to his superiority complex, Whis forms an attachment to its inhabitants early in the series, striking up a friendship with Bulma in particular.

At points in the show, Beerus shows leniency towards some characters and their transgressions, whichis is likely because Whis has taken a shine to them. Where Zamasu and Goku Black are sadistic, unreasonable, and self-obsessed, Whis and Beerus, initially antagonists, prove to be compassionate and helpful to the heroes many times throughout the show. Whis is the campiest character in the entire show but uses his immense power to help people in spite of the fact that his job is to stand aside and watch Beerus destroy things.

Goku and Vegeta, two of the most hyper-masculine characters in media ever, beg to be trained by him after learning that he originally trained Beerus. Although he and Beerus function as destroyers on an official capacity, their efforts throughout the show focus on helping the protagonists grow and thrive.

The show could have gay coded only Zamasu and Goku Black, and cemented itself as another property that failed to understand how harmful it is to associate certain traits solely with villainy. Dragon Ball Super manages to avoid this trap by including multiple gay coded characters, allowing the audience to witness various types of representation and choose who to relate to.

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Elder Kai admits he had forgotten about the test which Chronoa calls him out for as he had been present during the original history and hopes she never grows old like him, though Elder Kai is confident they can achieve at least 50 points needed to pass.

The warrior manages to finish the test, which Vados grades and reveals they passed to the anger of Champa who is already furious due to Botamo's loss to Piccolo. Goku reveals he thought the tournament was being held on a different date and had been training at King Kai's when apologizing for being late. However, Vados again reminds everyone must pass the exam in order to participate and is frustrated with having to remind Team Universe 7 about it every time. Beerus forces Goku to take the test.

Champa still angry and asks if Beerus is cheating by bring in these fighters last minute, though Beerus points out is now a fair game, causing Champa to agree though he suggests they speed things up by doing tag team matches instead which Beerus agrees to.

Elder Kai notes that Frost shouldn't be starting the fight in his final form which he attributes to Goku not qualifying in time. Eventually Frost resorts to using his Secret Poison on the Future Warrior who Frost almost manages to eliminate by ring out, though Piccolo manages to break off from fighting Cabba long enough to stop Frost's attack, allowing them to recover from the poison and rejoin the fight. Jaco notices Frost's cheating and informs the referee, resulting in Frost being disqualified.

Cabba is surprised by Frost's cheating, causing Vados to inform everyone of Frost's true nature as the secret leader of the space pirates to which Frost himself proudly admits to. Vegeta orders the Future Warrior not to let Frost get off with a simple disqualification and Frost is allowed to continue fighting. Meanwhile Goku manages to finish his exam which he reveals he barely passed.

The Future Warrior manages to defeat Frost, who is replaced by Hit though Cabba remains causing Vegeta to ask Piccolo to relinquish his spot by forfeiting. While the warrior fights Hit, Vegeta faces Cabba. Like in the original history, Vegeta learns that Cabba is unable to go Super Saiyan causing him to attack Cabba mercilessly when he asks Vegeta to teach him to the disgust of Xeno Trunks who is unaware that his father is doing so in order to help Cabba transform into his Super Saiyan form.

Xeno Trunks is impressed by Cabba's power despite his recent transformation.

beerus and whis relationship problems

Beerus asks Whis about Magetta whom he explains withdrew from the tournament after Champa insulted him by calling him "Rust Bucket" which caused Magetta to lose his will to fight and go home.

The Warrior manages to KO Cabba only to discover Vegeta has been defeated by Hit who has been somehow empowered with Supervillain power-up. Beerus and Whis discovers Monaka has fainted from all the excitement and orders Goku to take his place. Suddenly Cabba and Frost enter the ring under the influence of Supervillain Mode.

beerus and whis relationship problems

Goku tries to convince Monaka to jump in as well to make it three on three. Champa says if the fighters agree to it its not against the rules declaring it a battle royal, but Beerus pulls Monaka from the tournament saying that he'd kill everyone in a brawl like that and tells Goku to just get out into the ring and win. After defeating Cabba and Frost, the three Universe 6 fighting fall out of Supervillain mode. There work finished, the Future Warrior steps out of the ring leaving Goku to face off against Hit alone.

Beerus is outraged and asks if they want to be destroyed, though Chronoa speaks up for them and explains it was a Time Patrol mission. Champa, however is in a good mood and taunts his brother. Presumably these alterations where erased when Chronoa put the scrolls back together after the timeline had been fixed by Team Universe 7's victory. Her level of power is even much greater than that of Champa's own, making her the strongest being in Universe 6. Vados claims to be slightly stronger than Whis, but Whis objects and tells her that it has been already a millennium since they trained together, indicating that when they trained together, Vados held superior power over her younger brother.

It appears, nevertheless, that Vados is at least Whis's equal in Combat at the present time.

beerus and whis relationship problems

Despite Whis's objection, Vados confidently asked him to see which one of them is stronger now. As shown in the past battle between Beerus and Champa, Vados is strong enough to easily knock Champa out with a single blow to the neck. Vados displays the ability to destroy an entire planet from a distance simply by tapping her staff. She was later shown strong enough to be able to instantly drag six Super Dragon Balls at once, which are the size of planets, while she was flying to the Nameless Planet.

She was also able to observe Dyspo's movements whereas Champa could not. It should be noted that despite Vados' astronomical power that she is still well below the likes of the Grand Minister, and far below Zeno and Future Zeno and thus must always be respectful and courteous when in their presence.

Video Games In Xenoverse 2, when fighting her, Hit notes the immense pressure given off by her power appears to be overwhelming. Whis also mentions that she was stronger than him years ago, but that it is anyone's guess which one of them is stronger now.

Statements by authors and guidebooks Vados' profile for Preparing for the Tournament states that her true strength may be above Whis'. Ki Blast - The most basic form of Energy Attack. In Xenoverse 2, Vados can fire Ki blasts from the tip of her Staff.

Warp — A transportation technique used to travel anywhere she wishes. Appears as her Evasive Skill in Xenoverse 2. Divination — Vados is capable of using her staff to look anywhere in the universe. Like her brother, she will close one eye while using the other to focus on looking through her staff as shown when she was looking for Universe 6's Earth. Strike of Revelation — A chop to the neck used by Vados to knock down Champa during his battle with Beerus.

As it is weaker it only painfully stunned Champa.

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Energy Shield — Vados is able to create an extremely large and powerful energy shield that can last for over five days. It was strong enough to resist ki blasts from Champa without a scratch.