Belinda luscombe who needs marriage and relationship

Who Needs Marriage?

belinda luscombe who needs marriage and relationship

Those who have a successful marital relationship will attest to the fact However , anything worth doing or having requires effort and commitment to it. Belinda Luscombe wrote an article featured in Time magazine (June But, getting back to the Time article, journalist Belinda Luscombe gives a As I wrote recently, if you love someone, do you really need a legal couples may perceive threats to their relationship earlier than married couples. Belinda Luscombe of TIME magazine made that observation in the Without doubt, marriage has been utterly transformed in the modern world. "have the shortest cohabiting relationships of any wealthy country in the world.

Social status and professional expectations were liberated from the question of marriage, and many feminists declared that marriage itself was an impediment to the full liberation of women.

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And yet, Luscombe ends her argument about the "not as necessary as it used to be" status of marriage with these words - "yet marriage remains revered and desired. Well, that all depends on how you define reverence and desire.

TIME reports that 40 percent of Americans believe that marriage is now obsolete, up from 28 percent in Cohabitation is now the norm for American adults - not just before marriage, but increasingly instead of marriage.

And American cohabitation is an exceedingly weak arrangement. As Andrew Cherlin of Johns Hopkins University explains, Americans "have the shortest cohabiting relationships of any wealthy country in the world.

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  • Who Needs Marriage? Men, Apparently

Divorce is now an institutionalized part of American life, complete now with an industry putting out divorce announcements, greeting cards, and party plans. The American divorce rate, though now somewhat stable, is so disastrously high that even social scientists are shocked.

As Professor Cherlin remarked: For most of the twentieth century, the age of one's first marriage rose for those young adults pursuing a college education, while those without a college education married earlier.

That is no longer the case. Now, it is those marked by lower incomes and educational levels who are marrying late - if at all. In a stunning reversal of social patterns, it is the more highly educated who are now more likely to marry. Economic factors are most often cited as the reason for this reversal, but this is not fully convincing. In far more desperate economic times, couples have managed to get married, stay married, and raise a family.

Furthermore, as TIME notes, this pattern becomes a formula for disaster, since marriage uniquely provides the stability needed to escape poverty and many social pathologies. But Christians, who rightly see the practical benefits of marriage as exemplars of common grace, cannot stop there.

We believe that humanity needs marriage. God created the institution of marriage - defined on his terms - as the central institution of human society. Marriage was given to us by our Creator as the central institution for sexual relatedness, procreation, and the nurture of children. But, even beyond these goods, God gave us marriage as an institution central to human happiness and flourishing. Rightly understood, marriage is essential even to the happiness and flourishing of the unmarried.

belinda luscombe who needs marriage and relationship

It is just that central to human existence, and not by accident. With this comes an increasing expectation for women to work outside of the home.

College educated people are also more likely to marry earlier than less educated people. Init was more likely for college graduates to be married by the time they were 30 than high-school-educated couples, a reversal of the reality in This is the case, even though both groups seem to have a similar desire p.

Cohabitation Cherlin and other researchers believe that the socioeconomic marriage gap relates to cohabitation. The challenges of the job market lead to financial challenges, leading less educated couples to wait to be married—but still to choose to live together for financial reasons.

This is reflected in the Pew survey, in which they found that the less education and income people have, the more likely they are to say that to be ready for marriage, a spouse needs to be a provider p.

Divorce Although we can continue to hear much about the high divorce rates in the United States, statistics show that the overall rate of divorce has actually plateaued somewhat.

belinda luscombe who needs marriage and relationship

Again, the marriage gap is reflected in divorce. Separation is declining amongst college graduates, whereas it is rising amongst those of lower socioeconomic status p.

Children Although half or more of those polled said that marital status is irrelevant to securing respect, happiness, career goals, financial security, or a fulfilling sex life, over three-quarters say that raising kids is best done married p.

This ideal, though, is not necessarily reflected in the reality. The frequency of divorce in the U. What to Do with Marriage?

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The solution Eisenberg and others offer is to bolster marriage and teach couples better communication and relationship skills. You can build something with it.

Living together is like Velcro. Others, particularly sociologists, argue that the answers lay outside of marriage. Stephanie Coontz argues for changing typical assumptions about relationships and raising our expectations for committed un-married relationships. In conclusion, the writers at TIME end on a mixed yet positive note: As a successful marriage increasingly becomes the relationship equivalent of a luxury yacht—hard to get, laborious to maintain but a better vessel to be on when there are storms at sea—its status is unlikely to drop.

belinda luscombe who needs marriage and relationship

As it stands, the way America marries is making the American Dream unreachable for many of its people. Yet marriage is still the best avenue most people have for making their dreams come true.

Did you learn anything new? Do you see any of the current trends explained in this review reflected in your own marriage or in others around you?

belinda luscombe who needs marriage and relationship

Are you hopeful for the institution of marriage? Do you think it is becoming obsolete?

belinda luscombe who needs marriage and relationship