Blair and chuck relationship goals dubsmash

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blair and chuck relationship goals dubsmash

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blair and chuck relationship goals dubsmash

Where is the loyalty from either of them? Both characters usually stuck to their beliefs regardless of the negative consequences on themselves or others. We see this deeply ingrained pride when Chuck came face-to-face with losing his fortune.

She also told him she would use her soon-to-be fortunes from Waldorf Designs to support them both. However, Chuck immediately rejected her and her offer, basically choosing poverty over her support. If they had to use each other as potential collateral, they would do it. In an attempt to salvage her broken ego after being rejected by Yale, Blair tried to restore her former title as the queen of her peers.

So, she utilized her best weapon to win the spot: She even expressed no remorse for using her own boyfriend for her manipulation. They constantly try to one-up each other not just for the satisfaction but, occasionally, push the other to achieve more.

12 Times Chuck And Blair Gave Us Relationship Goals - Pretty 52

Although they can seem quite shallow at times, they do try to be there for each other the best that they can. Uncle Jack will give Chuck the hotel if he can spend the night with Blair. Understandably, anyone else would quickly decline this type of deal. Although Blair believed she agreed on her own, Chuck actually sold her off to his uncle. And yet, each time, they seem to move past them and come together once again. So when faced with being implicated in a crime, the two find a way to, yet again, survive.

Chuck watched as he struggled but did not offer to help him. What do they do? From manipulation to covering up crimes, their time together was nothing close to a fairytale.

blair and chuck relationship goals dubsmash

The actors who play Chuck and Blair were all too aware of their relationship issues. Even actress Leighton Meester feared the consequences of displaying such a problematic relationship on TV. She stated"I hope that young women aren't looking at this [Chuck and Blair] and thinking 'I should model my relationships after this' because there was some domestic violence in there.

We see Serena return home after being MIA for several months. We are introduced to newcomer Dan and his family. Moreover, we learn that Chuck is a complete creep who tried to assault not one, but two characters. Boris 4 februari Rodrigo 4 februari Payton 4 februari Malik 4 februari Randy 4 februari Thurman 4 februari Adalberto 4 februari Mackenzie 4 februari Fletcher 4 februari Chester 4 februari Ezequiel 4 februari Myron 4 februari Sebastian 4 februari Noah 16 februari But he didn't deny the movement has fizzled out.

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● Chuck & Blair - Crazy in Love

I was really concerned about myself. I went into Game 7 with a lot of pressure.

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Gossip Girl: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Blair And Chuck’s Relationship

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blair and chuck relationship goals dubsmash

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