Bleach momo and toshiro relationship

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bleach momo and toshiro relationship

She went to work hoping it will distract her from Toshiro. Momo thought. Toshiro has a friend who he wants to be a relationship with. I wonder. Tite Kubo Momo Hinamori (雛森 桃, Hinamori Momo) is the lieutenant of the 5th She has a strong friendship with Tōshirō Hitsugaya, whom she grew up with. Momo recalls Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya's warning to beware Gin. Momo . Hinamori explains the trusting relationship she shares with Tobiume. Noting.

Hitsugaya opened his eyes slowly and blinked. He looked at the person kneeling next to him. Another dream huh, he thought sadly, trying to push the disappointment down. Outwardly he remained indifferent. Hitsugaya's eyes slowly opened and he turned to sit up again. Hinamori nodded and looked away. Hitsugaya sighed and moved over, lifting the blanket up for her.

Hinamori climbed in and turned her back to him, Hitsugaya autonomously turned towards her and placed an arm around her. He felt her hesitate for a minute before speaking, her voice a quiver. Has been for forty years. He's not coming back. Hitsugaya was now quite awake but Hinamori began drifting to sleep, comfortable and secure in her surroundings.

You were smiling so happily in your sleep.

bleach momo and toshiro relationship

Hinamori smiled and closed her eyes. He let a deflated sigh out his mouth as he looked at her. He would do this often — whenever she got scared and came into his room to sleep — he would just stay up all night, mesmerised by her sleeping form. She snuggled further into the pillow causing a strand of hair to fall over her face. A hand spontaneously extended out and swept the stray hair away from her face. He felt a sudden but strong urge to kiss her but he painfully resisted.

He had waited for her for forty years and he was still waiting. Actually, he had waited for her longer then that but back then they had been too young. And there was Aizen.

But now he was older, wiser and taller and he knew what he definitely wanted. As he continued watching her sleep, a new resolve formed in him — he was finally done waiting in the shadows.

bleach momo and toshiro relationship

The problem now lied in how to tell her. He didn't want to tell her straight out — that was too embarrassing for him. I know, I'll leave hints he decided, turning over to lie on his back to stare at the ceiling. When Hinamori woke up the next morning, Hitsugaya had already left. Probably already left for his captain meeting she figured. She made the bed and adjusted her clothes.

There was a gentle knock on the door.

bleach momo and toshiro relationship

How did they find out that I'm in Hitsugaya's room? A muffled conversation began outside causing Hinamori to stare curiously towards the closed door. Hinamori allowed herself to breath again. The door slid open a moment later to reveal the tall, ample-chest shinigami carrying a tray. Taichou was worried you'd miss breakfast again.


After breakfast, Hinamori departed for her office in the fifth division headquarters. She was surprised to find a single rose on her desk and walked over to it to pick it up. A large smile appeared on her face. Could it be that Hitsugaya is finally starting to make some moves? She giggled happily to herself and held the rose close to her chest. But I want him to say it — I bet that's what he's trying to avoid. She thought for a moment then smiled deviously, I'll just play dense until he has no choice but to voice it out.

With that she patted herself on the back on an idea well done and then settled down to do her work. After a few hours, Hinamori sighed and leaned back on her seat, tired from all the paperwork. Ichigo, who was now the fifth division captain, hated doing paperwork so he had taken up her offer to do half the division's work. Oh well, she thought after a moment, at least I'm done for now.

She picked up the rose again and got an idea. A few minutes later she walked into Hitsugaya's office and found him doing some work. His eyes brightened when he saw her but other than from that he retained his stoic indifference. Hinamori, however, was not fooled.

bleach momo and toshiro relationship

She smiled inwardly as she continued walking up to him. His expression faltered a little when he saw that she was holding the rose. Hitsugaya played impassive even though his heart was leaping a thousand miles at a time.

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Hitsugaya raised an eyebrow. And who might that be? This helped me eliminate the potential givers until there was only two left. On the other hand it may mean "we're friends forever" which means that a very close friend gave them to me. So, I was thinking, 'who am I really good friends with that would like me in that kind of way?

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Hinamori sighed and feigned stress. I don't like Kira-kun that way but I don't want to hurt his feelings. Shiro-chan, what should I do? Did she really believe that the rose came from Kira! Hinamori sighed inwardly but she managed to clap her hands and grin widely at him. I guess I'll never know who it's from. That's too bad, I would have wanted them to know how sweet it was. After Hinamori left, Hitsugaya pondered on the first failed hint.

Why didn't he just tell her that it was from him! On the first page of the next chapter, Hitsugaya thanks Matsumoto for saving Hinamori. Caught in Hitsugaya's attack, Izuru is frozen, and Gin, blocking most of Hitsugaya's attack, has his left arm frozen and caught by the chain again. When Rangiku threatens to fight Gin if he does not back down, despite Gin's sword beginning to crack her own, Gin simply smiles.

As Aizen and Gin are leaving the living quarters, they run into a distraught and winded Hitsugaya.

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He explains that he wasn't lying, but that no one else was capable of understanding, as his true identity was beyond them. He says Momo's admiration for him made her easier to control, since admiration is the furthest quality from understanding.

Hitsugaya chases after Kira; Kira tells Hitsugaya that Hinamori has been following the whole time. Hitsugaya backtracks, leaving Kira to Matsumoto. Meanwhile, Aizen appears to Hinamori and thanks her before stabbing her.

bleach momo and toshiro relationship

Hitsugaya appears, shocked of course, and devastated over Hinamori. Hitsugaya attempts to kill Aizen but he ends up seriously wounded instead. Group of the Strongest Shinigami! Iemura makes sure the Ryoka are also treated, saying they now enjoy the status of "Saviors of the Soul Society". Arrancar Arc Edit Hitsugaya speaks through a video monitor with Hinamori.

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Hitsugaya is somewhat suprised to see her up and asks her if she is feeling well. Hitsugaya tells her not to worry as it didn't bother him. He also tells her to get back to bed so she can get rid of those bags under her eyes. Hinamori thanks Hitsugaya for accepting her apology until he tells her even if she isn't one she looks like a little kid, and if she doesn't sleep more she will not ever 'grow'.

Hinamori yells at him, telling him he isn't one who should talk about growing. Hitsugaya smiles and reminds her that she is to call him 'Hitsugaya-taicho' instead of 'Hitsugaya-kun'. It is then revealed that Hinamori is not fine at all after she asks Hitsugaya not to kill Aizen. Hitsugaya is left angered at the state Aizen has left Hinamori, but he thanks Yamamoto for allowing her to speak with him.

Hitsugaya is fighting Halibel when he senses her and Halibel remarks that his spiritual pressure spiked. He denies it and worries about Hinamori, then resumes his fight.

Hitsugaya cradles her body to his chest as he…drifts to the ground before screaming and charging at Aizen. After it is revealed Hinamori is in organ recovery it shows that Hitsugaya is training in a cave, training to become strong enough to protect Hinamori.