Christina milian and lil wayne relationship history

Christina Milian Dating Lil Wayne: It's Official |

christina milian and lil wayne relationship history

Christina Milian confirms dating Lil Wayne and says she loves him. We finally know why Christina Milian and Lil Wayne's year-long love Their personal relationship hasn't changed the business side of things. It's Official: Christina Milian Is Dating Lil Wayne When asked if she's in love with the rapper, Milian said, “He's very special to me, yeah,” with a.

After living in Los Angeles for six months, Milian moved into the same apartment complex as songwriter and producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins.

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Jerkins heard about Milian from a boy band he was working with and once he heard her sing, they began working together. For a year and a half, Milian went into a studio every day and worked with Jerkins, which is where she started meeting people in the record business. According to Milian, every time she recorded a song, the producer would refuse to give her the demo, or would write lyrics that she did not agree with.

She felt that she had to write a song, record a demo, and send it out on her own. Christina Milian, record deal and minor acting[ edit ] Milian made her first professional musical appearance on rapper Ja Rule 's second studio album Rule 3: She travelled to Sweden and recorded her self-titled debut album. Her label opted to release it later that year, in the fourth quarter, but as Milian explained, new artists generally do not release their albums during that time.

As a result, the album was again delayed until the first quarter of ; [25] however, Milian eventually opted not to release it. Imran Ahmed of the New Musical Express predicted that based on the record, "genius can't be more than a few albums away".

She said that "AM to PM" was a "cool record," but it was not what the public expected. Milian approached the executives at her record company, Island Def Jamand "cussed them all out", telling them that they were not listening to her. She felt that she had gained their respect by explaining that she was serious about her musical career.

But now that people know me for my music, it's definitely worked out for my acting career. But, honestly, if I had to choose, it would probably be my music.

christina milian and lil wayne relationship history

I love the challenge of it. Kahn suggested she audition for a lead role in the film Torque.

christina milian and lil wayne relationship history

Her audition was successful and she played a minor role in the film. She was subsequently cast in her first lead role in Love Don't Cost a Thing.

Milian said, "I've never been rewarded that way and never been acknowledged like that.

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That was really nice of them, and I was happy I was able to show up for the kids. And I'm excited about it 'cause it's a new me. I'm 22 now and there's been some maturity, and it's nice for people to see this change. She realized that the change confused the audience, and that "nobody was buying it".

After the international release of her debut album, Milian went back into the recording studio. The singer felt that music trends had changed into rock musichardcore hip hop and tribute songsand her music did not fall into those categories. Milian decided to stop recording and toured overseas for a year and a half.

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When she returned to the US, she decided not to release her previous album domestically, and started working on a new album. She had to make her way back into the US market, and by choosing a sexier image, she made a name for herself. Taking inspiration from Janet Jackson who constantly changed her image, Milian thought to herself, "'When did I like Janet Jackson the most?

christina milian and lil wayne relationship history

Def Jam Vendettawhere she plays Angel, a mob boss ' girlfriend, [54] and as one of the female leads, Carmen Mendez, in the video game Need for Speed: The main purpose of her genre change was to go back to the streets and add to her core audience. Although Milian was originally supposed to work with several different music producers, she felt that the chemistry they had in the first week was so "instant and real" that she felt she could not get a better "vibe" with anybody else other than them.

The singer believed it was a "budget cut", and that Island Def Jam Music Group wanted to spend more money on label mate Rihanna. She said, "it was embarrassing. It was a week after my album got put out. I would be in my room a lot of the time crying by myself. Milian said that they were still really close, and decided to break up because it was "hard to grow together when you live on two different coasts".

The singer wanted to take more opportunities and learn more about herself, which she often let go when in a relationship, but felt that she was in a now-or-never situation.

christina milian and lil wayne relationship history

Milian described Lyon as an amazing guy, and said that although there was a chance for the couple in the future, she needed to focus on herself. It was written by Milian and produced by Madd Scientist. The single, described by Milian as a "cinematic power ballad", premiered via MySpace on October 6,and was made available by digital download the next day.

Fight to the Finish. When Milian returned to music, she concentrated on promoting her single "Us Against the World", and shot its music video. Although milian started playing the fox primetime schedule announced. Lily collins dating history.

It's Official: Christina Milian Is Dating Lil Wayne

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