Dancing on ice sam and brianne relationship help

Dancing On Ice 'love affair' exposed as fake - Mirror Online

dancing on ice sam and brianne relationship help

Dancing On Ice's heavily- publicised romance between favourite if Sam and Brianne have alluded to being in a relationship and theyre not. In a spin: Sam Attwater, seen here with partner Brianne Delcourt on Dancing On Ice at the weekend, explains their relationship in this week's. How to spot if your cat is healthy - and what owners can do to help BRIANNE Delcourt has been confirmed for Dancing On Ice and is She was also romantically linked to EastEnders actors Sam Attwater in and Matt both of whom she was partnered with but the relationships later ended.

And the Dancing On Ice website shows a picture of the couple taken for a magazine last week in bed together. The ITV website gushed yesterday: Its just too exciting. Sam and Brianne have confirmed they are a couple. But our revelation will lead to claims that millions of viewers who pay at least 35p for each phone vote have been falsely won over by a bogus love-story.

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One show insider said yesterday: Everyone is shocked by the news. Sam and Brianne's romance has been one of the main focal points of this series.

dancing on ice sam and brianne relationship help

The fact that Sam is apparently interested in another dancer only makes matters worse. And shockingly, Brianne watched the action without any apparent concern. It was incredible to see Briannes reaction to Sam and Alexandras open affection.

Dancing On Ice 'love affair' exposed as fake

It's not the way you'd expect anyone who was meant to be involved in a relationship with Sam to behave. Bri watches as Sam cuddles Alex Sam and Brianne who has said in an interview: We clicked instantly, we love each other to bits had earlier spent the afternoon filming in London for tonights show.

Sam Attwater & Brianne dance to Beggin by The Overtones

But romance seemed to be lacking and Sam only gave the blonde a peck on the cheek and hugged her. And later that night we watched as Sams real interest became apparent.

He popped out of the pub with Finnish beauty Alexandra, 30, who is married to another of the shows pro skaters, Lukasz Rozycki. Sam then cuddled Alexandra and gave her a long full-on kiss in public totally unlike the way he kissed Brianne earlier. Two minutes later Brianne walked out to join them and watched unmoved as Sam and Alexandra gazed into each others eyes.

A startled onlooker said: Brianne didn't seem at all shocked. It was like she was in on the whole thing. All three returned inside but at midnight Sam and Alexandra once again walked out.

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That was what I was apologising for. We misled people but it was not a sham. This fame is all new to me. I have never been used to this, even when I was in EastEnders. I feel I have been completely thrown in the deep end.

Im feeling a lot of pressure and its hard to get used to.

Canadian Brianne, who also dated last years contestant, ex Corrie star Danny Young, admitted the scandal had been an embarrassment. I prefer my private life to stay private. Whats happened has been hard on us. We hadnt planned to talk about being a couple.

dancing on ice sam and brianne relationship help

But one thing led to another. We did that picture of us in bed together but it wasnt something we felt uncomfortable with. We did date a while ago but not anymore. Its been a difficult week but I want people to focus on the skating.