Dia mirza and sahil sangha relationship tips

Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha’s beautiful love story

dia mirza and sahil sangha relationship tips

Dia Mirza is now ready with her debut film as a producer. Love Breakups We're both quick to give advice, advice that we'd never follow ourselves (laughs). You have openly admitted your relationship with director Sahil Sangha. How did. Check out what gorgeous couple Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha are relationship with long-time beau and business partner Sahil Sangha. Whispers in B-town of "Is she? Isn't she?" can finally be laid to rest with Dia Mirza going public about her relationship with Sahil Sangha.

What are your hang-out spots? We hang out a lot in the kitchen. We both love to cook.

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I swap between Hyderabadi and Punjabi cooking. But predominantly Hyderabadi, so a lot of biryani, nihari, khatti daal, kheema… the works! And where do you socialise? We spend so much of the day around each other that we make it a point not to discuss work. Usually, we like spending time with friends over a good meal at restaurants or house parties or geting animated over games like Taboo, Pictionary or Articulate.

Are you a love at first sight person? There can only be lust at first sight. Would you go for love over lust?

dia mirza and sahil sangha relationship tips

You need to lust after your partner because love can only take you that far. Lust is important too. What have you learnt so far with relationships? Who is an A-lister?

You need to lust after your partner- Dia Mirza

Those are not my aspirations. It reflects in my choices.

dia mirza and sahil sangha relationship tips

Dia Mirza is now ready with her debut film as a producer. Since we started, much has happened and too quickly.

It has been a fantastic ride, one where simply so much happiness, emotion and hard work has been involved. In your life there are big shifts at various points where your life takes a whole new course.

It has been a journey of self-discovery and learning. How nervous are you ahead of the release?

Married Zayed Khan & Dia Mirza are a couple

We have pulled off what we set out to do. What makes me anxious is the marketing. There are so many people trying to push their product at the same time. Marketing is a blood drier. The post processes are the most difficult part of filmmaking. Any worries about how it will be received? Anythingis only as complicated as you make it in your head.

No date has been fixed yet.

I'm not coy about my relationship with Dia: Sahil - News18

Marriage is something that happens when it has to happen. If marriage is the natural progression, it will surely happen.

But, both Dia and I have not set any timeline. Both, you and Dia are extremely candid when it comes to discussing your relationship with the media.

Dia Mirza gets captured in a candid moment with her husband Sahil Sangha

Has it been a conscious effort? Honestly, I don't think there is any reason to hide our relationship. We both choose to be a certain way. The most important thing is that we both believe in relationships.

We are also very transparent to the media. Today's young generation is no longer coy just to admit to having a relationship. I am a very private person but I am not ridiculous about it. Otherwise, I will be behaving like a year-old smiles.