Dicaprio and scorsese relationship quotes

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dicaprio and scorsese relationship quotes

Leonardo Dicaprio fun facts, quotes and tweets. "I was, like, 19 or Garrn split from DiCaprio in December after a month relationship. The Wolf of Wall. Quotes () On Martin Scorsese: Martin has brought so much to the art form of film, and he is not the type of person who would be upset by not receiving an Oscar, We'd had a beautiful relationship over the phone all summer long. Scorsese on DiCaprio: The Shutter Island director writes about Leo DiCaprio's commitment to the truth, and why that's more admirable than the.

I puked in a trash barrel on the way over here. I haven't slept for fucking weeks. I said it was fucking true. I want some fucking pills and you're gonna what?

You're gonna close my file? Is that what you're going to do? No, I didn't close your file. I mean, a guy comes in here against every, every instinct of privacy and self-reliance he has and what do you do? What do you do, huh? You send him off on the street to score smack, is that what you do?

dicaprio and scorsese relationship quotes

Why don't you just give me a bottle of scotch and a handgun to blow my fucking head off! Are we done here with this psychiatry bullshit? What the fuck did I just put myself through? I'm fucking out of here. And what if that was a legitimate threat? Think about it fucking hotshot! Come on, spread 'em. Hey, what do you think you can pop somebody and there's a special card to play?

That guy, Jimmy Bags whose jaw you broke happens to work undercover for the Boston Police Department. I'm going fucking nuts, man.

I can't be someone else every fuckin' day. It's been a year of this. I've had enough of this shit! Most people in the world do it every day. What's the big deal? Well, I'm not them, alright? I'm not fucking them, okay? You signed the papers, remember? Now we're the only two people on the face of this earth that even know you're a cop.

We've lost one of the greats, we really have. The pair picked up their trophies and took part in a question-and-answer session at the event. It's one of the reasons why I didn't get an agent when I was eight. I had a punk rock haircut and I dressed like a little street dancer and they rejected me. The campaigner was expressing her anger over the use of a chimpanzee co-star in the film.

The Great Gatsby star recently came under fire by Peta bosses for agreeing to act alongside the ape. That's so beyond your control. It's something one shouldn't even attempt to manipulate, because, if you do, that's transparent. I have no idea how I'll get onI really don't. The actor has been nominated for an Academy Award three times previously but has never won. It was too big to actually accept so we sometimes ignored each other In a morning after a bedroom scene on the first day of shooting we both wore tiny G-strings under the sheets.

Leo squirmed all over. I, stoic, tried to breathe and just get through it. To me, Gatsby is the American Hamlet. What else could we possibly do as a follow-up? It's just a dream at this point. Edgar Hoover in J. Edgar, going up against stars including George Clooney and Brad Pitt. When you read a script and everything is completely on the page and there's no job left for you to do, that's usually when I'm not interested.

I, fortunately, have gotten to work with some pretty great material in my time, so I'm very thankful. When Titanic came out, people would say, 'Do you realise what a success this is? Unless you want to prove that you can carry a film with your name, continuously trying to achieve box office success is dead end.

Kavanaugh has produced a number of Hollywood blockbuster films including The Fighter, Limitless and Salt, which featured Angelina Jolie. I had a rude awakening and realised he was never going to leave Gisele Bundchen for me.

Hollywood star Leonardo Dicaprio celebrated his 36th birthday in his supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli 's native Israel last week 11Nov Family and friends joined the actor for the birthday break. The show is due to be unveiled in April Otherwise there's no way it's going to last. I was never into drugs at all Have a drink, have a smoke, that should be enough.

But I'm a converted fan now. There's nothing like it. Yes, but I think I have a few more years. That said, I don't think I need to have children to play a father in the movies. This feeling is in me, I understand it completely. In my private life, I still have time to become a dad, and I've no desire to rush. I play his father-in-law, I'll probably wind up as his grandfather next. There was a salesman, a biologist and then someone said, 'Acting is a profession as well.

You can earn money with that? It always shocks the hell out of you when these people pop out of nowhere… but it is what it is! Not only do they look alike, they are both very lively and warm. No pretences at all. He always wanted to be an actor.

I just fell into acting. I've been driving a hybrid car for years now. Anyway, when you're my age and your hormones are kicking in, there's not much besides sex that's on your mind.

dicaprio and scorsese relationship quotes

I hate speaking in front of a large audience. I don't know where it came from One of my passions is to meet people and then imitate them. I love doing that. I have the same problem as Edward Furlong. I'm nothing like Romeo in real life. I'm shy, but when the time comes to be wild, I'm fun-loving, adventurous, and mysterious. If you're not perfect in every film, then people say "See, he was just lucky in one role.

I admit I've done a few lousy roles in the beginning of my career, like my role in Critters 3 But at that age, you'll do anything for attention! People want you to be a crazy out-of-control teen brat.

They want you to be miserable, just like them. They don't want heroes. What they want is to see you fall. Everywhere I go, somebody is staring at me. I don't know if people are staring because they recognize me or because they think I'm a weirdo. I've heard some pretty bad rumors If I want to go to a party with a few male friends, it doesn't mean that I'm gay. I don't see why I can't have friends of both sexes without rumors being spread about me.

People always like to make up stories.

Martin Scorsese on Leo DiCaprio: 'We Speak the Same Language'

I am not planning on getting married. Then again, I might wake up tomorrow and decide to get married! If you hear of any incident about me - a fight, a change of clothes, a little extra gel in the hair, don't believe it till you talk to me. I hate being selected as 'Babe of the Month' and being called 'hunk'. Fame is not the worst thing.

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I went to dinner the other night, and the girls in the restaurant ignored me. It was so annoying. I insist on keeping a level head. I've maintained the same exact home life that I've had for 20 years. All I see is more people looking at me than before.

Martin Scorsese felicitated by Leonardo DiCaprio, talks importance of cinema

But, you know, who cares? You just can't obsess yourself with this fame stuff. I hate this whole hunk thing! I feel when I see myself in that, and these other cute faces, that I'm just part of this meat factory, like, "Wow!

Here's the hunk of the month! This month we're shoving Leonardo DiCaprio down your throat! Let's put him on the cover and we'll sell so many more magazines If you can do what you do best and be happy, you're further along in life than most people. The main thing for me right now is just to live my life with my family and friends.

They treat me like Leo, not 'Leonardo, Master Thespian'. That's all I need to keep my sanity. The last thing I want to turn into is a fat Hollywood jerk. I was brought up without much money and I was happy.

I don't think that I will strive for money or success and end up greedy or big-headed. That only leads to unhappiness. I can still be down-to-earth and do this job as long as I enjoy it.

TCM Classic Film Festival: Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese

I've just been jolting along from one film to another Now, it's sort of a shock to realize what I've achieved. Portraying emotionally ill characters gives me the chance to really act. I'm just starting to scratch the surface of what makes me happy, and it has taken me a while to admit that acting like a child and a jerk is fun. Don't think for a moment that I'm really like any of the characters I play. That's why it's called acting. It was pretty disheartening to be objectified like that.

I wanted to stop acting for a little bit. But it changed my life in a lot of ways, but at the same time, I can't say that it didn't give me opportunities. It made me, for the first time, in control of my career. On working with Jack Nicholson on The Departed One table scene in particular, I remember coming in, we did it one way, and I remember Jack speaking to Marty Martin Scorsesesaying that he didn't feel he was intimidating enough.

And then, the next day we came in and the prop guy told me, "Be careful, he's got a fire extinguisher, a gun, some matches, and a bottle of whisky! In this business nothing is as dangerous and as feared as loneliness. You shoot films in the most remote areas of the world; you're separated from your family and your friends.

And at some point you're in your hotel room looking at yourself in the mirror and you realize how lonely you are and how far you are from leading a normal life. That is quite a punch in the gut. I watched it five times in a row. I was 18 when I got to work with Meryl Streep. I remember going over my lines with her off-camera, looking at her and thinking to myself, "What is going on here?

How is this going to look good? But then a prop guy comes over to me and says, "Just to let you know, there were some props Jack asked for. I had to get him a fire extinguisher, a bottle of whiskey, a lighter, and a gun.

Out of any actor, I can't think of anyone who's got more memorable moments in cinema than Jack Nicholson. Jack never takes a single line straight on. Never takes an emotion written in the script at face value. He brings terror into what you thought was supposed to be a light moment and makes a light moment out of a cutthroat vicious line. He flips everything on its side.

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That's why some of the greatest actors in the world have gone a little bit nuts. They're saying to themselves, "What happened? You used to love me? You just have to realize that when you're hot, you're hot, and when you're not, you're not.

Marty's not afraid to sit there for days on end just to get a scene right. Most important, I trust him, which makes my job as an actor a lot easier. It was really very traumatic, and I don't say that about a film very often. I went to places and unearthed some things that I didn't think I was capable of.

It was like an emotional layer cake that just kept getting deeper and deeper. But there was a lot of rejection early on, and so it never felt like, Hey, I've got something here. There was always an element of me that needed to prove something to myself. It's something I don't want to get rid of, because it's what drives me. I'm never settled and I'm never satisfied. We have the ultimate trust in each other and the best of intentions for what we want to do.

I knew Kate before Sam Mendes [her husband] even met her. So on the outside, it may seem strange to do a sex scene with a woman while her husband is directing. But it didn't feel that way to me. When the scene was about to start, Kate said, in front of the crew, "Wait, wait, this is totally weird". She turned to both Sam and I and said, "Are you guys okay? She said, "It's even weirder that you're both totally fine". People would always ask me, What are the differences between Spielberg and Scorsese?

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All I could find myself talking about was the similarities. It's all part of that process of doing things that are daring to be accepted by your peers - and it's absolutely insane. You can enter a never-ending vapid hole trying to catch the next exciting moment without ever stopping to appreciate it.

dicaprio and scorsese relationship quotes

It can be a never-ending process of chasing something that isn't there. I went skydiving and my chutes didn't open. I was the most insane child you can imagine, pretty intolerable to be around.

High-octane energy all the time, never wanting to focus on schoolwork. But my name wasn't me anymore. I was sort of this thing. Kate felt it, too. But a lot of the attention was on me because of the teenage girls who repeatedly went to see the movie. I had the blond hair, and I was Jack Dawson, this heroic figure. So I set up everything in my personal life to rebel against that image in order to strip it down.

I had a lot of fun stripping it down. But ultimately, that knocked me a few rungs down the ladder. Needless to say, when somebody felt a different way on the set of Titanicthere was a confrontation. Jim had it out with them right there in front of everybody. He lets you know exactly how he feels. But he's of the lineage of John Ford. He knows what he wants his film to be. I remember sitting in a theater after it was done and being in awe. He got what he wanted.

Think of all those early great performances - My Own Private Idaho Stand by Me I always wanted to meet him. One night, I was at this Halloween party, and he passed me. He was beyond pale - he looked white. Before I got a chance to say hello, he was gone, driving off to the Viper Room, where he fell over and died.