Dimmesdale and hesters relationship help

dimmesdale and hesters relationship help

Dimmesdale to Chillingworth: Chillingworth (at this stage) is trying to figure out who Hester has commited adultery with. He strongly suspects. Dimmesdale has committed adultery with Hester. Dimmesdale is the Pearl's father. Dimmesdale publicly asks her to name the child's father but. Research paper writers help you understand difficult topics with sample research writing. Hester Prynne's relationship with Dimmesdale is key to Nathaniel.

From this affirmation of Hester Prynne's love we come to know that Hester Prynne considered as he love that which the 18th century puritan community in Boston considered as an act of adultery. When Hester Prynne was in prison with her infant Pearl, her husband Roger Chillingworth went to this prison under the guise of a physician. Hester knew about this dark motive of her deformed husband Rogerchillingworth.

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Hester was devoted to preserving her lover. Throughout her life if there is anything Hester Prynne cared most that is her lover Arthur. She was ready to sacrifice her husband, her public reputation, her public image and her dignity for the sake for her lover Arthur Dimmesdale.

dimmesdale and hesters relationship help

In chapter sixteen, we come across one crucial element to prove that The Scarlet Letter is a love story. When Hester knew that Arthur Dimmesdale was on his journey through a forest to the Apostle of Eliot, she went to meet him in the forest. Her real purpose of meeting with Arthur Dimmesdale is to know about his sufferings.

dimmesdale and hesters relationship help

She had also a sound advice for him. By meeting Dimmesdale, Hester told him to be wary for her husband Roger Chillingworth. She advised Arthur that Roger Chillingworth is going to kill him by stimulating his guilty conscience. In addition, she put forward several alternative ways of saving his life from the persistently haunting presence of Roger Chillingworth.

On the basis of this event in the story we feel courageous to claim that The Scarlet letter is a love story, other things remaining the same.

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In chapter twenty there we see Dimmesdale on the scaffold ready for public confession. He himself was unable to climb the scaffold. So he expected Hester to help him. Ultimately the minister collapsed in the hand of his beloved Hester Prynne.

Why did she feel a sense of irreparable loss? The answer is her liaison with him was not an adulterous and immoral relation. Hester thought that Pearl was too young to understand what the scarlet letter means. In the meantime, Pearl was persistent, when she kept asking her mother about scarlet letter and why the minister clutches his hand over his heart.

In Chapter 16Hester and Pearl were walking in the forest. Pearl wanted to know about the "Black Man. Pearl is relating it to the minister because he always clutches his heart, and it has left a mark inside of him.

dimmesdale and hesters relationship help

Pearl thinks and says her thoughts without realizing how she is connecting them in a way that it reveals Dimmesdale's true identity. In Chapter 19Hester wants Pearl to join Dimmesdale and her on the other side of the brook. Pearl doesn't listen to Hester because she has thrown the scarlet letter away and she let her hair down.

Pearl doesn't recognize her mother. Hester had to put the letter back on her breast and put her hair up.

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That's when Pearl went to the other side of the brook to join her and Dimmesdale. In my opinion, I believe Pearl doesn't care whether Hester has been walking around with the scarlet letter as a symbol of shame. Pearl is happy with the way she is. It doesn't matter to her what other's say about Hester. She just wants her mother to be happy and to be herself.

The Scarlet Letter as a Love Story

Pearl doesn't want her mother to change in any way. In conclusion, if Hester wants Pearl to like Dimmesdale, then she will, since her mother said so. If Dimmesdale makes Hester happy, then Pearl is also happy.

dimmesdale and hesters relationship help

Even in the beginning of the story, Pearl had this bond with Dimmesdale, even when she didn't know that it was her father.