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"One (Valjean) and Nine (Gavroche) are in a happy relationship until Nine suddenly runs off with Four (Cosette). then follows the wise advice of Five ( Marius) and finds true love with Three (Fantine). Enjolras Courfeyrac?. Gavroche, Courfeyrac, Enjolras, Combeferre, Bahorel or Grantaire (?) art Fanart les mis Enjolras cosette courfeyrac les amis de l'abc Eponine Marius " Nah fam I would spend 24 hours with Enjolras and get advice on revolution plans . Harry Potter and Les Miserables Connection Fandom Crossover, Sound Of. Joly, Combeferre and Courfeyrac had perished right before his eyes when the soldiers and build relationships with people, but for Courfeyrac's kind and warm heart. He, with the help of Gavroche, had cheered everyone up and gave them hope . He was staring at the bloodstained tips of the bayonets.

Marius pulled on his coat, "It's never stopped you before. She still felt feverish but she wasn't sweating as much, but her stomach ached terribly. She couldn't tell if it was from lack of food or the symptoms of the withdrawal process. She had to do this, she had to get clean she saw mixed among the trash littering the table a photograph of Gavroche the last time she had seen him before he was taken away, he had been five years old at the time.

Slowly she picked up the uneaten take out and tossed it in the garbage, just because she lived in a decrepit apartment didn't mean she had to help it's process. After that she heated up some water and used one of her remaining tea bags. Even though she was hungry she was sure her stomach couldn't handle solids, even glancing at the kettle a slight wave of nausea seemed to sweep over her.

Ignoring it she poured the now hot water into a chipped mug that depicted Snoopy atop his doghouse. Slowly she sipped at the tea but her stomach began to churn violently and she ran to the bathroom once again where she remained for the better part of an hour. She was so weak she could scarcely move and she had begun to shake violently. My friend, she is going through heroine withdrawal, very sick, on Avenue C, apartment number 5, top floor.

Now he was in the waiting room while they ran test upon test to decide what to do with her. A young man in a lab coat walked past and gave Marius a sideways glance, "Marius What are you doing here? That stuff is nasty, instead of doing this by herself she should go to a rehab, higher success rates," Joly replied calmly. A doctor came in at that point, "She's awake, you can go and see her now," he informed Marius. Her arms were now exposed and he could see the many track marks that littered her arm.

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Slowly she turned to face him and smiled, "I'm alive. Marius couldn't help but smile as well, "Thank god for that," he pulled up a chair beside her. That much I've learned. He had only met her the night before at the Corinth and she had taken them to the back room. He had noted then that she seemed sweaty and her complexion rather pale but he had thought it was the lighting. I never forget a face," her face twitched into a slight smile.

She then sank back into the bed in pain and she kept rubbing at the tubing that was providing her oxygen, "I want to get out of here," she murmured. And I have the names of some good rehabs in the city that are geared more towards inner city people with small incomes. Clarice Simplice," Joly continued, "the it's is completely charity based and their success rates are very high, very few relapses. Sure she was stupid enough to do drugs but not stupid enough to share needles. Yet there were certainly other things in her life that she was not proud of that could yield the same result, to put it lightly she was no blushing rose.

Does that have an accent in it? Marius had been slumped in his chair and he shrugged his shoulders slightly, "It's not necessary, but I suppose you can tell him I'm here. I was floored by the positive feedback I got on my previous one-shot. Seriously, if you reviewed or favorited or followed it, you earned my undying love. So, since people liked my last one, I decided to make a smallish series of one-shots that are just scenes like this.

So, in case you want to read all of the stories that I do, I'll tell you now that my first one-shot is called Fight to the End, and it is Courfeyrac's view on Gavroche's death. Once again, italics are flashbacks. Once again, let me know what you think, and feel free to request scenes from specific POVs, because I've really only got one more idea which I shall not tell you yet. Gavroche lost sight of Eponine as soon as the battle began, even with his best efforts to keep his sister in his sights.

The sky was rent with shouts and gunshots, screams of pain and desperate cries. He had never experienced a battle before, and was caught entirely unaware.

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Though he had expected that some of his friends would be hurt—even killed, though he didn't want to think of it—he hadn't prepared himself for that reality. And now it was here. Grasping his musket firmly, he searched the crowd, the mass of bodies, trying to find a way to help. Suddenly, he saw her. She carried a gun, but didn't use it.

She supplied the students with ammunition, staying out of the fighting herself. She was as close to Marius as she could get, as usual. Watching him with a protective gaze—of course. Without warning, Gavroche felt a flash of anger.

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Why didn't Marius see how much his sister cared? Satisfied that his sister was all right, Gavroche darted into a space between two bodies and into the fray, not sure quite what he was looking for.

He'd know when he found it. He just knew he didn't want to hide near the foot of the barricade anymore. He wanted to help. But before he could go any farther, he heard a gunshot, much closer to him than any of the others had been. Looking around wildly, he saw a soldier at the top of the barricade, whose gun had been pointed at Gavroche.

A soldier who was now…falling? A wound had opened on his chest, and the gun dropped from his hands as he fell out of sight. Eyes wide with shock, Gavroche returned the embrace. What had just happened? Had Eponine just saved his life? They stood, staring at each other, both unwilling to back down.

Finally, though, Eponine relented, understanding, perhaps, just how important this was to him. I have to help them! But he had to help. He couldn't just stand on the sidelines, waiting for the battle to be over. She had to understand. Eponine smiled slightly and nodded. Of course you want to help. They need me over there. Gavroche and Eponine both knew she wasn't needed there. But she wanted to be, so neither of them corrected her.

She squeezed his shoulder. So that was a lie. It was a lie he told as often as he could, in hopes that one day it might be true. She was off, back to her love, who relied on her more than he realized. But Marius wasn't shooting anymore. Without Gavroche noticing, the army had gotten closer and closer, until only Marius, it seemed, kept them from entering the barricade.

Did he mean it?

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Giving their lives was what they had prepared for—what they all expected. But did Marius really have the courage to do what he threatened? Glancing around, Gavroche's friends looked just as stunned and terrified as Gavroche felt. Enjolras took a few steps forward, but froze just like the rest of them.

Marius lowered the torch slightly.