Gerald croft and eva smith relationship test

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gerald croft and eva smith relationship test

Dec 4, Little quiz here for you! Sheila Birling and Gerald Croft's engagement. 2. Advances in science, new inventions & the relationship between workers and their Inspector Goole; he brings news of the suicide of Eva Smith. 4. For Teachers · Literature Lesson Plans · Literature Quizzes How does Gerald see his relationship with Sheila at the end of the play? how does J.B. Priestley convey his political views through Eric Birling, in An Inspector Calls? On Inspector Goole's probing, Eric confesses that he had met Eva Smith at the Palace Bar. For Teachers · Literature Lesson Plans · Literature Quizzes Gerald Croft is presented as being much the same as the Birling's - self-centred, Eva Smith has been as much a victim with him as she has been with the Birlings. him and speaks about his relationship with Eva Smith, when she called herself Daisy Renton.

By the time she reaches Eric and Sybil, Eva is desperate and resourceful in trying to get herself help. Eva is always referred to in a positive light by the characters that met her but the Inspector never lets the audience or the Birlings and Gerald forget her gruesome death. The Inspector's final speech reveals Priestley's lesson that there are millions of Eva Smiths being exploited and this must not continue.

How is Eva Smith like this? Evidence Analysis Strong willed Eva Smith shows that she is strong willed when she organises a strike for higher wages.

gerald croft and eva smith relationship test

This shows that she is not afraid to stand up to 'hard-headed' business men like Mr Birling. A good worker too. In fact, the foreman there told me he was ready to promote her into what we call a leading operator - head of a small group of girls.

But after they came back from their holidays that August, they were all rather restless, and they suddenly decided to ask for more money.


He sees her asking for more money as a bad thing, as Eric later states 'I don't see why she should have been sacked just because she'd a bit more spirit than the others. You said yourself she was a good worker. The audience warm to Eva and see her as human. Sybil told her to find the young man who had got her into this condition and demand he is responsible.

I told her it was her business to make him responsible. If he refused to marry her - and in my opinion he ought to be compelled to marry her - then he must at least support her P.

gerald croft and eva smith relationship test

In the end Eva left having gained no assistance. Eva had called herself Mrs. Birling when she first approached the committee. Eva had told a pack of lies at being married. Eva not only refused to name who the man was but went on to comment that the person was too immature to be able to cope with marriage. She felt marriage was out of the question.

She was giving herself ridiculous airs. She was claiming elaborate fine feelings and scruples that simply absurd in a girl in her position. Eva also informed Mrs.

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Birling that she refused any further help from the person when she discovers that the aid she is receiving is stolen by that person. It is based on three elements: Sybil grills her to find out whether she has married Eric or has another claim to the name. She had to admit, after I started questioning her, that she had no claim to the name. She was find that she was very wrong. She is astonished that Eva should have feelings and considerations for people and situations. She should be grateful if offers of help were made to her by other people, whoever they are.

The idea that Eva should decide whether a certain man was or was not right for her she found absurd. As if a girl of that sort would ever refuse money! The third reason that Sybil was prejudiced against Eva was that she was pregnant.

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She did not feel it was the responsibility her organisation to look after Eva. In her mind that was the responsibility of the father. Go and look for the father of the child. If he refused to marry her - and in my opinion he ought to be compelled to - then he must at least support her P.

She comments on her character when she refers to her refusal of money from Eric.