Henry viii and jane seymour relationship

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henry viii and jane seymour relationship

His relationship with his sixth and final wife seems to have been very Jane Seymour is the only one of Henry's wives that provided him with. Jane Seymour (c. – 24 October ) was Queen of England from to as the The first report of Henry VIII's interest in Jane was in February , about Jane would form a close relationship with her stepdaughter, Mary. Take a trip back in time to Tudor England in our Henry VIII wives feature. Meet the ladies that On 30 May , King Henry married Jane Seymour. Unlike his.

Try untangling that line! The Tudors Wiki She knew from her years of serving his past wives exactly how to behave, and several historical accounts suggest that her high moral code was actually a calculated act to make her queen.

He had already divorced one wife and beheaded another for failing to provide him with a male heir, and his one illegitimate son died the same year they were married. Her life pretty much depended on the sex of the baby, so she had some pretty solid reasons to be praying for a boy.

henry viii and jane seymour relationship

Nothing to Say In her entire 18 months as queen, Jane Seymour failed to say one single thing that anybody thought was worth preserving for the future. It is generally believed that she deliberately styled herself to be the complete opposite of her predecessor Anne Boleyn—an act that ended up making her completely and utterly unquotable.

Elizabeth rejected him, due to fact that her father had died less than a month before, and mourning lasted two years. She also cited the huge age gap between them, which was probably an even better reason to say no.

42 Tragic Facts about Jane Seymour, Queen of England

Inhe was named protector of England, and was the King in all but name for over two years. He actually had some decent ideas and tried to do some good, but he failed and ended up being executed on a false charge of treason by his enemy the Duke of Northumberland in She was taught needlework, music, and feminine arts as well as hunting. There were rumors that the King was simply waiting for her to prove herself worthy of the crown by producing heirs, but the truth was he was short on funds and had to postpone it.

They set the date for 10 months after the wedding, but then in a stroke of bad luck, a plague and a series of uprisings prevented it from taking place. Henry agreed to the rebel demands that she be crowned in the north, but that never happened either. Upon her marriage, she promised the Spanish ambassador that she would encourage her husband to repair the relationship, and after much pleading, she worked out a deal.

Behaving Badly Just about two years after being rejected by Princess Elizabeth, Thomas Seymour was arrested for crimes that included trying to kidnap the King, for trying to marry Elizabeth without the permission of council and probably Elizabeth and for trying to make himself King.

henry viii and jane seymour relationship

On March 20, he was beheaded on Tower Hill. Remove all traces of his ex, of course. This is exactly what Jane did at court. Popular Uprising Between andthere were a number of revolts against the King in northern England. Henry used diplomatic means to end the rebellion and promised free pardons to the rebels for dispersing, but once they did, he broke his word, and it all ended in trials and executions for the rebel leaders.

Alternate Reality Wikia At the time, this was what any family with modest lineage and ambition aimed for. This was a similar path to the one that the Boleyn family took as well, but the Seymours were far better at playing the game.

Jane Seymour and Henry VIII

Jane was everything that Anne had not been. She was not flashy or boisterous in any way, but demure and rather plain in appearance. She was soft spoken and compliant to her husbands wishes. And Henry loved her. Henry had probably taken notice of Jane while staying at Wolf Hall, the home of her father on a progress or hunting trip, though he would have met her prior to that.

She had been a lady in waiting to both Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, and within the month of Anne's execution he had married her. Jane's family most likely pushed her to the forefront as soon as Henry's interest was piqued, as relatives of the Queen would surely enjoy perks and prosperity. It is not known how Jane felt about Henry, but it was widely reported at the time that Henry spoke of her with genuine affection as well as respect.

Henry VIII: Lover or Tyrant? Did He Love His Six Wives?

He often asked her opinion on matters of state, and enjoyed dining and dancing with her. Jane rewarded Henry for his attentions by giving him the long yearned-for son in October of The King was overjoyed and the child was christened with great fanfare and ceremony.

Henry's happiness was cut tragically short, however, when Jane died just two weeks after little Edward was born. According to contemporaries, Henry was truly devastated by her loss and grieved for her profusely.

Anne of Cleves Anne of Cleves before her marriage to the King Source Anne of Cleves With only one tiny son between Henry and an empty throne, Henry's advisers thought it important that he remarry as soon as possible.

Henry, however, was disinclined to do so, probably because he was in deep mourning for his Jane, and no bride was found for the first two years after her death. Ultimately though, a bride was arranged for him by Thomas Cromwell who would suffer for his trouble from Germany. Her name was Anne of Cleves. Unlike his relationship with his other wives, his feelings for Anne of Cleves are indelibly documented and indisputable. When Henry first laid eyes on her, he was shocked to find that she looked nothing like the flattering portrait that had been done for his examination by Hans Holbein.

Henry did treat her with courtesy however, and found that he enjoyed her company at dinner and card playing. But, his ministers managed to find a loop hole in the marriage contract that they could use to dissolve the marriage, which they did scarcely six months after the ceremony.

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The union was undone and Anne was granted a handsome stipend and several comfortable homes, much to her great relief. Catherine was another example of the King's tendency toward infatuation. At this point, Henry was an obese and aging man of 49 and Catherine was about 17 years of age.

henry viii and jane seymour relationship

It was another case of the family of the girl conniving to win favor through young Catherine, and she was purposely paraded before him and no doubt instructed as to how to tempt him. Whatever the plotting consisted of, Henry fell in love with the young member of Anne of Cleves' household and he married her only weeks after his marriage to Anne was dissolved. She played her part well, and flattered Henry which he sorely needed in his condition at the time, which included a badly ulcerated leg making it difficult for him to walk and impossible to ride or dance as he had loved to do in his youth.

Catherine rejuvenated Henry, and while there was likely little that the two shared in common Catherine was practically illiterate and poorly educatedhe became very much besotted by his young bride. He extolled her virtues to anyone who would listen.

henry viii and jane seymour relationship

One can only imagine what was whispered behind the back of the King at this time, as he must have seemed a pathetic figure indeed. In the meantime, Catherine fell very deeply in love with a young courtier by the name of Thomas Culpepper, and the two rashly began to meet in secret.

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But secrets cannot be kept for long in the context of a royal court, and they were soon found out. When news of her infidelity reached the King, it is said that he was crushed and astonished that his rose without a thorn could have done such a thing to her doting husband.

A trial was held, and Catherine and her lover were found guilty of treason against the King and beheaded on 13 February One wonders how much real love he could possibly have felt for this girl of 17 if he could have sent her to such a death. Within a few weeks of her death, there were conflicting testimonies concerning the cause of her demise. In retrospect from the current day, there are various speculations that have been offered. According to King Edward's biographer, Jennifer Loach, her death may have been due to an infection from a retained placenta.

According to Alison Weirshe may have succumbed to puerperal fever following a bacterial infection contracted during the birth. Jane was buried on 12 November in St.

henry viii and jane seymour relationship

George's Chapel at Windsor Castle after the funeral in which her stepdaughter, Maryacted as chief mourner. A procession of 29 mourners followed Mary, one for every year of Queen Jane's life.

He married Anne of Cleves two years later, although marriage negotiations were tentatively begun soon after Jane's death. He put on weight during his widowerhood, becoming obese and swollen and developing diabetes and gout.