Hisoka and gon relationship quizzes

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hisoka and gon relationship quizzes

I would say that Gon has the ability to capture the hearts of those around him, seen most significantly through the change in Killua's personality, but that can be . I just got result 'Transmuter' on quiz 'What is your Hunter x Hunter Nen type?'. Killua | Gon Hunter X Hunter, Hunter Anime, Hisoka, Me Gustas, Instagram Personality Killua is usually a kind-hearted and cheerful, cheeky boy, but if. What I will do now is, at first, laying down what i see as the basic imperatives of Gon and Hisoka. Since Gon's targets change after the Chimera.

Yet here we have reason to believe they were much closer, even romantically involved. Talk of engagements and prenups suggest they are both gay. How do we know this? These are the most skilled fighters, adept killers, experts in deception.

Even as skilled as Illumi is, should the Troupe decide to act as one and kill him, Illumi would have no chance of defending himself. Illumi might be able to lie to them by omission, but to tell them a bold face lie such as his relationship with Hisoka would be suicide. What does Kalluto tell us? That brings us to Kalluto. Kalluto who never got a chance to introduce himself does provide us with loads more information about Hisolumi.

If you have access to the manga, study the two pages in this scene carefully; notice anything about Kalluto while Illumi revealed his secret? And this tells us something. Given that Illumi is telling the absolute truth, this information is not news to Kalluto. Kalluto has known for some time about the relationship between Illumi and Hisoka. Kalluto has probably known the two were an item as far back as the Yorknew arc, when Kalluto assisted Illumi in infiltrating the Troupe in order for Illumi to stand-in for Hisoka.

For starters Kalluto is the youngest of the Zoldyck brothers. It stands to reason that as the youngest he would generally be the last to know about family business, relationships, politics, etc.

Since Kalluto does know about Hisolumi it's a good bet that the rest of the Zoldyck clan knows as well. But when did this happen? Towards the end of that arc Manga Ch. Then Illumi makes mention that he and Hisoka have not known each other very long.

This suggests perhaps a year or two at most. However, Killua was not at home during this time and so even now probably is unaware of this relationship. But when exactly did the engagement and prenup happen? If it took place during a previous arc, the most probable moment was this: Illumi is enlisting the help of Hisoka in the plan to kill Alluka and possibly Killua.

Given the nature of the situation and the elegant setting, and the dire conversation topic, it seems fitting that either before or after this scene the marriage proposal would have taken place and the prenup too. At least this is the most likely time it could have happened in a pre-Dark Continent arc. Yeah… Illumi gets Killua to admit what he wants is a friend and that Gon is his friend.

Killua denies this, refuses to submit to his assassin training, which prompts Illumi to threaten to go after Gon and kill him on the spot. Things happen and Illumi eventually relents. Killua in a near psychotic state ends up killing one of the other candidates, doubtless under the control of Illumiand leaves the Exam in humiliation to return home.

Okay, so now the big question. Was it just a passing threat in the heat of the moment to gain total control of Killua? Illumi confides in Hisoka that he believes Gon is a threat and is determined to eliminate Gon immediately. Hisoka warns Illumi that Gon belongs to him and that Illumi is not to harm him. It was good that Illumi relented.

But why exactly does Illumi want or need Gon dead? Why does Illumi see Gon as a threat? It all comes back to the big Hisolumi reveal in Dark Continent arc.

This engagement of Illumi and Hisoka proves the two are in a romantic relationship and therefore must be gay. Remember who is the chosen son, the future patriarch of the Zoldyck dynasty? The prince with the silver gene. The one who has received the highest training, has the biggest obligation pinned on him? That would be our boy Killua. The one who has no chance of being the favored Zoldyck in the years to come? That would be Illumi.

Illumi does have a rather large responsibility on his head. Provided Illumi does his duty, and that Killua toes the line and becomes the Zoldyck assassin and patriarch they need, Illumi is allotted a certain amount of freedom.

Freedom to indulge in personal interests including dabbling in romance. That Illumi should take an interest in Hisoka, an expert killer is perfectly fine. The fact they are a gay couple is no matter for the Zoldycks, this is partially because Illumi does not have the rare silver gene, which is why he was not selected as the favored son. In short, there is no expectation for Illumi to pass his family lineage onto the next generation of Zoldycks.

You know what happened after that? The two brothers spent a lot of time together, traveling, killing, training, killing, brain washing, killing, honing their skills. Sometime during those years, Killua must have said or done something to cause Illumi to suspect he might be gay.

Who knows what it might have been, doubtless something tiny and Killua had no notion of the concept himself, but such a thing is entirely possible. Illumi could not take the chance of Killua being gay. Worse, much worse, if Killua did not pass the silver gene onto the next generation it would effectively end the Zoldycks. This is bad for Illumi. Silva might outright kill Illumi, or at the least cut him off from the family finances.

So, what does Illumi do? The needle is yet another means of control, of reinforcing all the assassin training. It allows Illumi to monitor Killua from afar, always on the watch should he try to develop a friendship with anyone.

He absolutely forbids Killua from learning about friendship, of any kind. Silva has a healthier view of friendship, expects it, encourages it. As any sane person would. But Illumi cannot take the risk of Killua developing friendships. Because if Killua should make friends, should become comfortable with social groups, it would lead to Killua figuring out he was gay.

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And once Killua knew that he would always be chasing after the boys. An independent streak of that nature had the potential to doom the Zoldycks. And Illumi would be blamed for it. Primarily to keep an eye on him. But Illumi had no intentions of letting Killua get away with this independence. He would see to it that Killua failed the Exam, failed in a way that would humiliate him and force him to return home, never to attempt such a thing again.

And that boy turned out to be Gon freakin Freecss! By the time the end of the arc winds down, Illumi was very much aware just how big of a threat Gon could potentially be to the Zoldycks.

That Hisoka had taken a special interest in Gon and seen potential in him was all the more reason for Illumi to want Gon dead. There was the very real possibility that Killua might not just become friends with Gon, but they could one day fall in love.

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That was the threat Gon represented to Illumi. Was it a general comment meant to describe the two of them playing a cat and mouse game? That would make sense given they have a standing contract to kill each other. Illumi has good reason to want Gon dead. Best to let someone else handle it.

hisoka and gon relationship quizzes

There are several places in the story where we saw Illumi take the initiative to kill Gon, but was stopped for one reason or another. One of those reasons being Hisoka. They get into wrestling roughhousing. Given what we see of the room it further supports the notion they share the bed since the space between the TV and bed appears to be too narrow for a sleeping spot.

After Gon is severely injured in the first match with Gido, Killua tells Master Wing he will not continue training until he can do so with Gon. This is the first example of Killua staying with Gon to nurse him back to health. All of this works to create a bond between the two like few ordeals could.

Those things are all well and good, but only as long as Gon wants to do them. He is devoted to Gon. As the arc winds down, the boys are not sure what to do next.

Killua wants to see where Gon lives and meet Mito-San. Gon, of course, is equally excited for the plan. No doubt in the animes this is why its Gon who is thinking about keeping Killua with him, he worries about Killua returning home since Killua does not have a good home life.

He starts to ask Killua about this but holds off. Later he does ask Killua who is thrilled with the idea.

hisoka and gon relationship quizzes

On the ship that takes them to Whale Island, Gon and Killua have been sharing a bed. We see that they have been sleeping on a pallet of blankets up in the wheelhouse.

Killua is envious of Gon having a purpose to find his dad. Gon tells Killua he admires him, says they like being together. Gon tells him they should stay together and explore the world. Of course the irony here is that the thing Killua is looking for is right in front of him; i. It will be very interesting to see when or if Killua figures this out for himself. Gon is eventually going to come to bed after all.

In the Manga and Anime we even see how a separate bed is brought in for Killua. Killua and Gon talk about how fate brings people together and cite how they first met, their paths were intertwined; they even hold hands during this explanation. The Hunerpedias are little shorts at the tail end of the credits of the Anime series. You can see these Hunterpedias all in one place on YouTube, it only takes about 7 minutes to view the whole collection. The winner gets one request of the loser.

Gon wins, but what does he ask of Killua? Gon, Killua, and Leorio have been trying repeatedly to contact Kurapika who is not answering his phone. One night, Leorio decides to take a break from the boys and go out on the town on his own. He leaves the two in their hotel room with the instructions they should go to bed. Killua takes the opportunity to check out the adult channel for a porn movie and suggests to Gon they watch together. Gon, worried for Kurapika, stays in his own bed and is not interested in the porn.

Around this time Leorio returns and scolds Gon for still being awake, he should be more like Killua. Gon accuses Killua of playing dirty. First it should be noted this little scene only takes place in the Anime. Some people may get a little uncomfortable with this subject, even thinking Killua a bit of a perv, and the whole situation questionable.

In fact, this is perfectly normal behavior for a roughly year-old boy to show interest in watching an adult film. This is a trait that Gon will continue to exhibit and nearly get himself killed over. Keeping in mind this Anime is taking place in the late nineties, the quantity and variety of porn available in a hotel such as this, and by tv channel, is very limited. And would Killua be watching this if he was gay? The answer is yes. To put it simply, you take what you can get at that age!

Really this whole subject is just not relevant to the overall thesis.

hisoka and gon relationship quizzes

The only thing this scene contributes to the analysis is that it shows Killua has a normal and healthy interest in sex, a fact that gives a point to all three of the camps. Killua and Gon demonstrate the romantic attraction power of Baise, a female hunter; Killua kisses Gon, and both are quite happy about it. Baise is only in two episodes with Kurapika and is killed off when the Phantom Troupe robs the auction.

Baise was a minor character not just because of a handful of episodes, but also her function. There are many other characters the Hunterpedia could have focused on. Or at the least have one or both express disgust with the kiss, as generally happens when this comic setup takes place with male characters.

Full page artwork shows Killua with his arm around Gon. Gon is embarrassed by this as he now fully realizes how dangerous that was. Ever have that moment when someone you love and care for lets it be known long after the fact they once did something incredibly stupid that could have gotten them killed?

That icy piercing that runs through your heart when you realize you nearly lost them, no matter how long ago it might have been. When Gon and Killua are captured by the Troupe, and later detained by Hanto in a little room. This shows Killua is willing to die for Gon, something he would not do for anyone else. In the opening of the movie, Killua is having a dream about his assassin days when being trained by Illumi.

Gon is sleeping in the seat across from him and Killua calms himself while watching Gon sleep. This is not just some little random scene. Not only does Gon know Killua was indeed staring at him, Gon knows the underlying reason for this.

Killua is distraught and suicidal, he blames himself for betraying Gon as he walks along a train track intending for a train to hit him. Gon tracks him down by smell and saves Killua at the last second from the train. Killua says that he feels terrible for betraying Gon, for disappointing him. The brilliance of how this scene unfolds centers on Gon being blind.

Gon convinces Killua that he does have a plan to get them into the game. This is the key moment that indicates Killua is developing feelings for Gon that go beyond friendship. Soon after arriving, Killua has a tracking charm placed on him. Gon will often demonstrate his loyalty to his friends, above all he does not want anyone getting hurt because of him. Although the danger of this particular attack is moot, it could have been much worse, and this weighs heavily on Gon prompting him to confess how grateful he is to have Killua with him.

Biscuit observes that Gon and Killua are perfectly matched and complement each other. Liking them to unpolished gems, Gon the diamond, and Killua the sapphire. Not long after their training with Biscuit, when they demonstrate their individual Nen powers, Killua displays his secret training for the lightning aura. She realizes Killua is normal only because of Gon.

Killua is almost hostile towards her when she tries to tag along and insert herself as their teacher. Netero also says that Ging is one of the five most powerful Nen users in the world. It also suggests Ging was not upfront with why he wanted her to come to the Island and train Gon, not divulging Gon being his son.

And certainly not mentioning Killua. Given what we know about Ging, it makes plenty of sense for him to keep that tidbit and other things from Biscuit. At one point, just after meeting the pair, Biscuit ponders the possibility that Ging designed the island especially as a training ground for his son. Its unlikely Wing was the one to make the request of Biscuit, because Biscuit seems to know nothing of Killua. But the question remains, what if anything does Ging know about Killua?

Therefore Ging should be too. Killua has also told his dad Silva all about Gon. At least at the time of the start of Greed Island when Ging sent the request to Biscuit. What we need to ponder is that by the end of the Chimera Ant arc, when Gon is in the hospital, what does Ging know about Killua by then? Does he know what Killua does to save Gon?

hisoka and gon relationship quizzes

And two, Ging seems to have reservations about Gon going with him to the Dark Continent, reservations that seem predicated on more than just Gon losing his Nen ability.

Ging designing Greed Island for hunters and especially for his own son shows he cares. More on this later. Gon tells Killua that he can look inside his binder anytime Killua wants. Note the overt cheeky romantic tone to the exchange, especially the blushing of Gon and then Killua.

Hunter X Hunter (2011)

In Chapterthere is a blend of HxH and Naruto, where Killua is dressed as Naruto and is seen hugging a Gon doll, with a Leorio doll nearby, and a Kurapika chain wrapped around one hand. After acquiring a lot of new cards, the trio heads to a casino town. Killua proceeds to get carried away with gambling until Biscuit knocks him out and Gon ends up carrying him away on his back; as Killua will often do for Gon in the future. The symbolism of this is too much: Hisoka takes them to a romance town.

Biscuit becomes smitten with a male NPC. The group quickly leaves, going outside. Biscuit recovers from her diversion with the NPC almost immediately and sides with Killua that they must get going.

This seems off as there really is not a time factor at play during this day. There is no immediate danger, other than Hisoka, so what gives? Hisoka is bored and looking for entertainment, no doubt thinking this romance town could cause all manner of trouble for Gon and Killua. This same reaction happens a second time in another Hunterpedia entry regarding the Gold Dust Girl.

This shows their bond and understanding. Despite Killua trying to keep his injury concealed, Gon knew exactly what was happening from the first. No discussion was needed, they both knew what they had to do.

Still, Killua is grateful for this recognition of his dedication by Gon.