Hitsugaya and matsumoto relationship test

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Admin:Rangiku and Toshiro's relationship in one picture. • Anime:Bleach • Character:Rangiku Matsumoto & Toshiro Hitsugaya • ➡ #bleach_chicks. reason 1. she had a thing for gin they were quite close. they were also the same age they both loved each others quite alot she was cring after gin died. you can. Okay lets see if you know The T-man Quiz. 1, Who is Hitsugaya's Best friend? Renji Abari. Ichigo Kurosaki. Rangiku Matsumoto Relationship Test.

He couldn't be certain but if he was blindfolded it stood to reason she was too and she needed to know who he was. She parried quickly confirming that yes, she was visually impaired too.

She would've seen that coming a mile off. With their identities confirmed they kicked up the battle to a dangerous pace. He saw the flair of the captain's nostrils and the look of comprehension that altered his facial features even with his eyes hidden. The tenth Captain was a lot less aware of his facial expressions while blindfolded. The old commander watched passively as Hitsugaya threw a weak combination attack and the same understanding passed across the lieutenants features.

With their predicament confirmed they threw hesitation to the wind and dived into the fight. Hitsugaya was going to make sure they impressed too. Matsumoto seemed to be thinking along the same lines and sparred him furiously. It was unprepared and extremely dangerous but their knowledge of each other's style allowed for them to spar confidently. The adrenaline of something new kept their other four senses hyper sensitive as they put each other through their paces.

The tenth division leaders did not do anything by half. After twenty minutes of full contact sparring the whistle was blown. The pair were honestly surprised to hear it. It had barely felt like five minutes… "You may remove your blindfolds.

Hitsugaya slammed his eyes shut at the sun, scrunching his face distastefully and reopened them cautiously.

Tōshirō Hitsugaya

He looked calmly at his fukutaichou who was currently grinning from ear to ear at him, practically bouncing with the rush. They both turned to look at Yamamoto. The old captain cracked an eye open. As you have probably already guessed in light of recent events we recurrently reviewing the relationships between all Taichous and their fukutaichou. We have deemed it of utmost importance to assure that an attachment like Hinamori-momo's to ones captain does not reappear within the thirteen protection squads ever again.

That was your first exam. Testing your ability to use your other senses, your ability to identify each other in battle and your knowledge of each other's sparring styles.

Rangiku Matsumoto

If that's the case we usually make time on a different evening. Matsumoto nodded in agreement. Can you comment on that? I like to fight with my ears and Taichou likes his eyes. We all have things we dislike. What do you dislike Matsumoto-fukutaichou?

Taichou still makes me train in it though.

Disliking something doesn't make you incapable. You may return to your barracks. Sorry…" "Ah but of course. It's a Wednesday evening why isn't the lovely Rangiku-chan training with the Ice Taichou? We've sparred already today. How did it go?

hitsugaya and matsumoto relationship test

He turned around with a beaming smile. If you'll excuse us Rangiku-san. Rangiku had been sprawled across the couch for two hours seemingly staring into space though Hitsugaya could tell from her eyes that she was deep in thought.

He hadn't scolded her, he kind of enjoyed her presence… Deeming her lost to the world he glanced at the clock. Eleven thirty seven PM. He sighed, rubbing his tired eyes with the heels of his hands. Matsumoto loved times like this.

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Although she hadn't spoken a word to her captain she didn't consider the night a waste. On the contrary, she enjoyed the silence.

Hitsugaya hadn't once opened his mouth to ask her to work even though she didn't do anything. There was also that time I took you to a spa! And insisted that I go in the bath with you. Good times, good times. Matusmoto needs someone to keep her in check. And Matsumoto, in turn, needs someone to keep her from slacking off all the time.

hitsugaya and matsumoto relationship test

I suppose even then, it was probably tiny Hitsugaya making sure some sort of work got done. Also, Matsumoto seems to genuinely respect Hitsugaya, despite the fact that he appears to be twelve. Which is pretty cool of her, if you think about it.

None of us look our age. We all look way younger than we should! I-I never thought about it like that… Matsumoto: In fact, I find it particularly interesting that Matsumoto and Hitsugaya have a good relationship, given the fact that Hitsugaya was third seat and then got the captain-ship instead of Matsumoto who was lieutenant. For a more bitter person, that would be a recipe for resentment, but Matsumoto seems to have nothing but good feelings toward Hitsugaya. But even so, she seems to accept Hitsugaya as captain without bitterness.

Maybe I was a little mad at first. But then I was like - hey! And then I felt better. Um, neither do you. Matsumoto acts lazy, but she gets serious when she needs to. Plus, although Matsumoto might slack off when it comes to things like paperwork, she can definitely get serious when she needs to. I fought three times as many people as you did, Captain! Mine was an espada!!