Josie and the pussycats ending a relationship

Josie and the Pussycats REDUX

josie and the pussycats ending a relationship

During the Taste of Riverdale, Josie and the Pussycats took the stage, and ended in Valerie leaving the group, as Josie gave Val a choice between her and the Veronica's sob story was the discovery that her mother was in a relationship. Did Riverdale Really Just Break Up Betty and Jughead—and Archie and Veronica? Cheryl trying to give Josie a back massage in the girls' locker room, aborted-massage scene between Cheryl and her favorite Pussycat. Josie and the Pussycats, Rachel Leigh Cook, Tara Reid, Rosario Dawson to handle their managers, fame and relationships—all while dealing with a Of course, Dawson would end up playing Val and Cook would end up.

Josie and the Pussycats Cast Reunites for the Film's Sweet 16 | E! News

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That posed a problem for me. I knew I couldn't handle both strips and still keep up with the comic book work, because a syndicated bit was very risky. So, I decided to shelve Josie, and concentrated on Willie Lumpkin.

josie and the pussycats ending a relationship

Then is when I decided to take it to Archie to see if they could do it as a comic book. I showed it to Richard Goldwaterand he showed it to his father, and a day or two later I got the OK to do it as a comic book. None of the mainstream Archie characters appeared with Josie until the ninth issue of her own title. She's Josie was shown as Josie on the cover beginning with issue 14 August,was officially renamed Josie with issue 17 December,[8] and again renamed, to Josie and the Pussycats, with issue 45 December, Under this title, the series finished its run with issue October, InArchie Comics made several changes to the Josie comic: In Josie 43 SeptemberAlexandra discovers that her cat Sebastian is actually a reincarnation of an ancestor of the Cabot family, who was executed for consorting with witches.

Whenever Alexandra holds Sebastian in her arms, she can cast powerful magic spells. This ability would seem to give Alexandra an edge in her competition with Josie for Alan M.

Moreover, her spells would wear off whenever someone nearby snapped their fingers which happened often.

Josie and the Pussycats REDUX

Alexandra and Sebastian's witchcraft powers were not used in Hanna-Barbera's TV show, and were soon discontinued in the comic as well. In Josie and the Pussycats 45 Decemberthe first issue to bear that new title, Josie and Melody decide to start a band called the Pussycatsand ask Alexandra to be their bassist. Alexandra accepts, but only if the girls change the name of the group to "Alexandra's Cool Time Cats". Expecting Josie and Melody to yield to her demands, Alexandra is flustered when she finds that her brother Alex has appointed himself manager of the Pussycats and found a replacement bassist in Valerie Smith, a new girl in school.

The Pussycats make their leopard print band uniforms complete with cat-ear headbands and long tails and perform at their first gig, a school dance, as a seething Alexandra tries unsuccessfully to use her witchcraft to get back at the Pussycats and Alex. The reimagining of the comic resulted in three casualties: Albert, Sock, and Pepper, who were phased out altogether. From on, most of the stories in the comic book revolved around the Pussycats traveling around the country and the world to perform gigs, with Alan M.

When the girls weren't off performing, they would be at home dealing with the various trials and tribulations of teenage life, often including Alex's jealousy of Alan M.

The Josie and the Pussycats comic ran untilafter which the girls would often be featured in various Archie Giant Series issues and miniseries and one-shot comics of their own.

Josie McCoy | Riverdale Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Reprinted Josie stories including the occasional pre-Pussycats story appear frequently in the various Archie Library digests. Manga makeover[ edit ] In MarchArchie Comics announced that a manga version of the title would be published, with art by Tania del Rio[10] who was also responsible for the manga makeover of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

The manga version implies that none of the characters previously knew each other. Josie Jones was cut from the school choir, but met Valerie Smith and the two founded the band. They recruited Melody, whose idea it was to wear cat outfits.

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  • Josie McCoy

The band was not doing well at first, but Alex liked the group, though Alexandra could tell he was more interested in Josie. Josie, already attracted to Alan, jealously thought there was an attraction between Alan and Melody. Alex hired him as their stagehand. The manga focused on the group's attempt to reach fame rather than on their career after they have already achieved it. It featured characters not seen in other comics, including Alan's younger sister Alison and the rival group the Vixens.

The manga version was not popular among readers, who preferred the traditional style.

josie and the pussycats ending a relationship

A Katy Keene revival replaced it both featured alongside each other in the latter part of the manga's runthough it, too, did not last. The first issue was released on September 28, She is the lead vocalist and plays guitar.

Portrayed as a sweet, attractive, and level-headed teenage girl, Josie is usually the stable center in the middle of the chaos surrounding her band and her friends.

Looking Back at ‘Josie and the Pussycats’: A Perfect Picture of 2000’s Music Revolution

Josie's surname has been inconsistent. It was alternately "Jones" or "James" for much of the comic's run. McCoy was her surname for the movie.

josie and the pussycats ending a relationship

Archie Comics later sometimes acknowledged the surnames from the movie as canonical, though not consistently. In a few stories reprinted in the s decade, Archie Comics changed her surname to McCoy.

Riverdale 2x02 Josie and the Pussycats Perform "Milkshake" with Cheryl (2017) HD

However, the manga version used "Jones", which was her first surname to actually appear in the comics. During the early years of her comic —Josie dated a guitarist named Albert. During and after the Josie and the Pussycats revamp, she dated Alan M. Alexander Cabot is regularly attracted to her in the comics. But I think that there is one key thing that robbed Josie and the Pussycats of cult status: Josie and Val should have been love interests.

However, I think you will find, after reading these corrections, that it all adds up. Correction 1 We spend way less time with De Jour. The two share a look and then Josie awkwardly gets up.

Melody looks on, knowingly.

josie and the pussycats ending a relationship

Josie then goes to Alan M to get his take, which angers Val. Val is reluctantly placated, but she takes the moment to ask Josie why she invited Alan M along with them in the first place.

josie and the pussycats ending a relationship

Josie struggles to give her an answer. Val impulsively kisses Josie. Josie receives the kiss, but then pulls away and runs off. Correction 5 Josie tells Alan about the kiss and he loses it, revealing himself to be the entitled floppy haired white boy with an acoustic guitar douche he so obviously was.