Julia child and jacques pepin relationship help

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julia child and jacques pepin relationship help

Julia Child, American food icon and master of French cooking, who died in , Julia Child and Jacques Pépin are shown during a photo session for their When asked to describe their relationship, Pépin points out that it went much . Moms come to Madonna Place for help, stay for community. Renowned French chef Jacques Pépin, who's brought his love of food to in America, was good friends with Julia Child, the late cooking legend. In a conversation with NPR's Scott Simon, Jacques Pépin reflects on his career , his dear friend Julia Child and how not to let good cheese leftovers go to waste. food and start salivating and starting thinking of marriage of that food with Support Public Radio · Sponsor NPR · NPR Careers · NPR Shop.

And while Jacques, who will be 83 in December, has written extensively over the years about his friendship with Julia — both on screen and off — I was hoping to get a little snippet of their time together that had never been shared publicly. Alas, a life on camera and documented in books and countless interviews leaves few stones unturned.

So I asked him to at least share with me one of his favorite memories of Julia. Something that truly captured her spirit. So he took me back to a taping of their program together.

julia child and jacques pepin relationship help

And because the show was on PBS, they had sponsors instead of advertisers, so frequently, representatives from the sponsor companies would come to tapings.

She says she wants to use the food processor. I want to use Crisco. And that was Jacques. The reason so many of us still love Julia, and especially Julia and Jacques together, is because they made cooking, which to many had seemed like nothing but drudgery and work, a true pleasure.

julia child and jacques pepin relationship help

She had no taboo in that sense. So if you have at least a few recipes like this, where you can use those leftovers So that's part of the proper management of a kitchen, you know. Well, punctuation cooking may be a bit different.

But I call it — a great deal of those dishes where people have a little bottle and they do little dots and little comma and question marks all around, and basically there is no sauce to dip your bread in it. You don't really know what those things have to do with the food. When I cook, I like people to be able to identify the food. I like people to feel comfortable.

I want people to look at my food and start salivating and starting thinking of marriage of that food with a certain type of wine, and so forth. But in molecular cuisine — this is fine, I mean, up to a certain extent, a meal or two this way — but after a while I just want to go out and have a taco and a beer.

As I was reading your book, you know, Julia Child your friend and co-conspirator of many years, was famous for telling us, "remember, nobody sees you in the kitchen. We had a good time.

Julia Child & Jacques Pepin - French Onion Soup

I mean, I met Julia in So I came to the U. And she introduced me to James Beard, because she spoke with James Beard every day for like a couple of hours. And then in the spring ofshe said, "I have that manuscript here, can you look at it?

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What do you think of it? And she said, "Well the woman is from California. She's coming to New York next week — let's cook for her.

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And of course, that was Julia. My point is that I was here like six months and I knew the trinity of cooking: So you can see that the food world was very, very small. Totally different than what it is now. Do you hear her voice, that distinctive voice, every now and then, even now? Oh yes, oh yes. Very often — when I don't put enough butter in the dish. There can be plenty more butter! No, I feel OK. I mean, I feel good.

I mean, I thank God that I'm still walking around and drinking a lot of wine.

Chef Jacques Pépin talks about how he met Julia Child

I ask because you say that this is probably your last cookbook. Well, yes and no. Last cookbook like this, which takes a long time to do.

julia child and jacques pepin relationship help

But I still hope to do some little thing with my granddaughter. Maybe the lessons of a grandfather, showing her how to do simple things that we've done together. I have a great deal of fun cooking with her. So maybe a little book.