Kajol mukherjee and rani relationship help

Kajol and Ajay Devgn avoid Rani Mukerji. Another fight? - Movies News

kajol mukherjee and rani relationship help

Rani Mukerji speaks about cousin Kajol. Written By Sukarna Mondal reads Mumbai Updated: April 3, am. News,kajol,rani mukerji. Kajol and Rani are second cousins of each other. Kajol is daughter of Tanuja and Shomu Mukerji whereas Rani is daughter of Ram Mukerji. Kajol and Rani Mukerji are no usual cousins. They have been stars, arch rivals and, now, it's safe to say they belong to two different camps of.

It's very well known in tinsel town that cousins Rani Mukherji and cousin Kajol don't see eye to eye. But now that both are young mothers one was expecting them to act a little mature and at least greet each other at social functions, if not meet at a personal level. However, some people refuse to grow up and forget about their past differences and looks like Kajol and Rani are one of them.

This was quite evident when Kajol refused to even acknowledge Rani when she arrived with hubby Ajay Devgn and sister Tanisha at the HT Style awards in Delhiwhere Rani was also present and was making her first public appearance after three years.

In fact, Kajol and Rani were sitting close to one another and were only a feet apart as seen in this picture, but no one even turned to say hello, despite being close cousins. And, if that was not enough, when Rani's name was announced as "the most stylish women of substance", Kajol, who was standing behind, did not even clap for her! Even her husband Ajay seemed to be disinterested in even looking at her.

kajol mukherjee and rani relationship help

Don't believe what we're talking about, watch this video that's going viral this week: In fact, Rani even visited his twins recently. Karan also discussed how he was hurt by the whole episode in his book The Unsuitable Boy. A post shared by Kajolsunshine kajolsunshine on May 22, at 8: I want to keep it at that. I felt that if she's not going to acknowledge 25 years of friendship, if she wants to support her husband, that's her prerogative.

It sold 1 lakh copies. Toy was to debut as a lead actor in Due to his dad' s poor health the film was shelved.

kajol mukherjee and rani relationship help

The film was to be produced by dad Joy Mukherjee. Starred in Dev Benegal's shelved film "California- Mumbai". Co starring Ben Afleck. This was in Starred in the shelved film " Dharti" in opposite Manoj Bajpayee.

The film was shelved after being announced. Starred in Vikram Bhatt 's Mulaqaat.

Members of the Mukherjee-Samarth Family | List of Mukherjee-Samarth Family Names

Co starring Akshay Kumar, Chandrachur Singh. Aishwarya was previously doing the film.

Kajol Finally Meets Rani Mukherjee After Her Father's Sad Demise - LehrenTV

August 9, Expecting her 1st child with her husband Aditya Chopra in January. Gave birth to her 1st child at age 37, a daughter named Adira Chopra on December 9, Child's father is her husband, Aditya Chopra. Niece of director Shurjee Mukherjee. Rani Mukherjee's mother Krishna Roy is a singer.

Krishna's sister Debashree Roy is actress. She was once married to actor Prosenjit Chatterjee Biswajeet's son. Niece of actress Purnima Roy. He was constantly checking the right angle. Where was the passion? I don't party, I don't get drunk and I don't have affairs. So all my passion goes into my work. Kamal Haasan re-invented the actress in me after the Hey Ram experience. When Karan wanted my voice to be dubbed for Kuch Kuch Hota HaiI really thought that it was bad and very husky and rough, but slowly I worked to improve my diction, and am now quite comfortable with it.

You sign two films with a hero and it's said you're having a scene with him. Please, the only scenes I'm into are in front of the camera. Why should I try to imitate Kajol?

kajol mukherjee and rani relationship help

I am not a mimicry artist. It's frustrating for the media to see me going about my work like Florence Nightingale - They'd like me to be Rangeeli Rani. I'd never trade my dad's house, even for Buckingham Palace. I'm very sentimental about living with my parents. I'd rather have a room full of cuddly teddy bears than a diamond necklace in a safe deposit locker.

On her character in The Rising I was supposed to play the widow Jwala's character - yes, the one Aishwarya Rai was supposed to have done. Now Amisha Patel is doing that. When I read the script, I fell in love with the small role of the prostitute.

There were two or three very good scenes. The script underwent a change, and I got more space than before. I wake up early; go for my work-out. Play with the baby for a while, get ready and then I am off for my shoots. After work, I come home directly, play with her as long as she is awake. Then I have my dinner and hit the bed.

My life revolves around my shooting schedules and Myeisha's daily routines. I am here to act, entertain and make good films. I don't want to work hard for a film which does not even get released. I will cooperate with my director and help him make a good film. I get disappointed if my co-actors don't put in as much as I do. Today I am looking for banners and costars who have the same goal as me to work towards making a good film with dedication. I have made mistakes in my career, but that is just the learning process.

As a matter of fact, and I have said this before, I was the original choice for this role. Shah Rukh spoke to me about the film during Asoka. I didn't have dates, so Ash replaced me. When she couldn't do the film for whatever reason, Shah Rukh asked me to do it.

I love Aamir and Shah Rukh in a different way. When Shah Rukh asks, I can't say no. I am in the profession of acting and so to suit the character I sometimes have to indulge in kissing and provocative scenes. I have never felt comfortable shooting for kissing sequences. Although, kissing scenes like the ones in Yuva with Abhishek Bachchan and in Hum Tum with Saif were shot in an aesthetic manner.

I am still pretty much uncomfortable performing such scenes. It was like a dream come true! To just be part of such an event made me feel that I've done something to achieve this.

Cousins Rani Mukherjee and Kajol to be neighbours?

All the biggest dignitaries from both sides of the border were so cultured and down-to-earth. When I was invited, I was disbelieving and overjoyed. I'm really looking forward to going to Pakistan. Let's see where the invitation comes from. Maybe it will come directly from the Begum President Musharraf's wife.

Kajol ignores Rani Mukerji and Karan Johar at awards night

They actually want me and Latabai Lata Mangeshkar to come to Pakistan!. Fifty thousand people on the beach watching 'Chalte Chalte' with me, then asking me questions about the songs and dances, the idiom and language of expression was incredible.

I don't think I'll ever forget my experience in Casablanca. To be honest, when the media gets very curious about my personal life, I get a little worried because too much curiosity is not good for anybody's health. I have been linked with all my heroes from Vivek Oberoi to Govinda. I deal with the controversies because it's a part of my profession, and I am not having an affair with anyone.

They try to link me up so that I come across as a little more interesting for the viewers. Linking me with other stars is OK, but not Vivek! I think what is essential to be an actress is that you should be confident enough, you should have patience, and you should be ready to do a lot of hard work. I think what is really required as a trick to survive in the film industry is your dedication, patience, lot of hard work and no manipulation.

Preity Zinta and I have always shared a good working relationship. We were never great pals, but we vibe so well on-screen that to the media and outsiders it appears that we are great friends in real life, too. Salman Khan is probably one of the most good looking people we have in our industry.

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I feel beautiful in love. There is a lot of love for you in the beholder's eye. That makes you feel very happy. You may be deluded and think you are friends but maybe that friendship was only extended as co-stars on the sets. It became very clear to me that we were only co-stars not friends. He is one of my favorites and I enjoy watching him on screen.