Kaworu and shinji relationship quizzes

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kaworu and shinji relationship quizzes

Featured · Latest · Wiki · Polls · Quizzes · Shared Folder · About The two most popular one is Shinji x Asuka and Shinji x Rei, runner up is Shinji x Kaworu:joy. However, compare to those relationships, what is Shinji to Misato? When you look at the relationship between Shinji Ikari and Misato. Kaworu Nagisa is the only character in the series that offers Shinji Ikari . the entire Shinji-Kaworu relationship "ludicrous and pathetically humorous". Gainax is. Though fans have speculated on what kind of relationship Shinji had with Kaworu it is at least clear that Kaworu represented a sort of idealized.

Kaworu abruptly tells Shinji music is beautiful after he stops humming the famous Ode to Joy melody from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and begins conversing with him in a kind manner. Following their initial meeting, Kaworu and Shinji begin to strike up a friendship, enjoying each other's company.

Kaworu's unconditional care is also perhaps romantic in manner since Kaworu confesses to Shinji, "I mean, I love you. Shinji pilots Unit to pursue Kaworu and unsuccessfully tries to stab him with the progressive knife, only to be blocked by Kaworu's AT Field.

Kaworu manipulates Unit to fight against Unit and proceeds to Terminal Dogma, but after entering the area, appears to reach an understanding that the giant crucified there is not in fact Adam, but rather Lilith.

Following a period of silence, Shinji kills Kaworu by crushing him in Unit's hand. At the end of the episode, Shinji converses with Misato and expresses his grief for Kaworu's death, stating "I loved him. Kaworu-kun was the one who should have survived. Kaworu makes his first appearance in the film during the initiation of the Human Instrumentality Project, sharing a body with the giant form of Rei. Later, Kaworu, along with Rei, appears in Shinji's mind and argues with Shinji in regards to the case of humanity and in favor of individualism and free choice.

Rebuild of Evangelion Promotional materials for Rebuild of Evangelion showed prominent images of Kaworu in his plugsuit with the other Children. In the second film, Gendo and Fuyutsuki travel to the Moon to observe the construction of the Mark.

Shinji x Kaworu- Kiss me through the phone

He turns towards them and calls someone a father. In the end, Kaworu comes down from the Moon with the Mark. Afterwards he says that the promised time has come and that this time he will bring Shinji happiness.

The preview of the third film shows Kaworu confronting four other pilots in an unknown location. In the third film, fourteen years after the second film, he appears to now be working for NERV.

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During Shinji's stay at NERV, he forms a friendship with Kaworu, who teaches him how to play the piano, and stargazes with him.

Later when Shinji asked what had happened to the people he knew, Kaworu takes him to the ruins of Geofront and Tokyo-3, explaining that Shinji's awakening of Unit caused the Third Impact and further decimated the world.

He also reveals the aim of the ongoing Human Instrumentality Project: On the day of the operation, Shinji is unsure whether to follow Gendo's orders or Misato's plea to not pilot an Evangelion again, so Kaworu takes the choker off Shinji and wears it as a sign of trust. When Unit reaches Lilith's corpse, Kaworu realizes that both spears are similar and pleads with Shinji to not remove them. The awakened Unit flies out of the Geofront and rises into the sky, starting Fourth Impact.

My life was meaningful, because of you.

Kaworu reveals he is the First Angel, now "cast down" to the Thirteenth. The choker detects Unit's awakening and activates. To halt Fourth Impact, Kaworu allows the choker to kill him before Shinji's eyes.

Before dying, he states that he and Shinji will meet again. However, it is currently unknown if he will be returning for the fourth film. In episode 12, when Misato gets promoted and a party is thrown, notice how uncomfortable and tense Shinji is. Misato even notices and calls him out on it.

Keep in mind that the only people present are Misato, Asuka, Toji, Kensuke and Hikari - The people he knows the most, his closest friends. Why is he so uncomfortable? He tells him all sorts of personal things, like his past and how he feels about his father, with little prompt from Kaworu.

kaworu and shinji relationship quizzes

He then wonders why he is telling all of this to Kaworu. The answer is pretty obvious - he trusts Kaworu. If you think about it, although Shinji obviously had some issues all along, he was relatively level headed until he was forced to kill Kaworu.

Everything finally catches up on him and he just loses it in a downwards spiral of despair. And we get a nice little collage of Kaworu clips.

kaworu and shinji relationship quizzes

Notice that the angel statue is headless too? And Shinji is an emotional wreck at this stage. In the climax of The End of Evangelion, after Rei fuses with Lilith and becomes a living God, she takes on the image of the person each individual cares about most before they are deconstructed into LCL.

kaworu and shinji relationship quizzes

Misato who was dead at this point, Asuka who was believed to be dead, Rei herself, his mother… anyone! But the fact is, it appeared as Kaworu because he cares about him. And it sure as hell works, since he finally calmed down and stopped screaming.

My life was meaningful, because of you.

Giant, naked Kaworu obviously did some good! You might disagree, but I think that they both represent a different type of love. When Kaworu and Shinji are piloting Eva 13 at the end of Evangelion 3.

Did you know that Kaworu is amazing?

kaworu and shinji relationship quizzes

Shinji sure as hell does! This obviously shows his respect and admiration for him! He can see him advancing!