Law of attraction and relationship problems

A Question Of Love: Can The Law Of Attraction Save My Relationship?

law of attraction and relationship problems

Sep 18, The law of attraction (LOA) is the belief that the universe creates and . The LOA incorrectly predicts that you will make your problems worse. Oct 4, ways you can save your relationship using the law of attraction. relationship problems and create a strong, long-lasting partnership. Jul 24, 10 Ways to Transform a Relationship Using Law of Attraction . what we're doing with this one is imagining our past problem never happened.

Picture the marriage as happy and close, imagining that your current difficulties have been overcome. You can also tailor the visualization to suit your particular problems; those related to sex, mutual understanding or a sense of having grown apart. Work On Rejecting Your Inner Critic Most people who are in the beginning stages of using the Law of Attraction report encountering problems when trying to stay relentlessly positive. This inner critic may prompt you to be negative in conversation as well.

To get the most from your affirmations and creative visualizations, you will need to work on reducing negative thoughts about your spouse and your marriage. Instead, focus on believing that you really can improve the relationship.

Try making a daily list of five pleasant interactions that you've had with your spouse or five positive thoughts you've entertained about the marriage. In time, this habit helps to reshape the way you think about your relationship and helps you harness the real power of the Law of Attraction. Recite Affirmations Before Spending Time Together Affirmations help to transform your mindset, cultivating positive beliefs and emotions.

You can design unique affirmations to reflect what you want to achieve. Once again, this exercise can be done alone or you can encourage your spouse to create their own affirmations. These affirmations can change your habits and help you focus on nurturing the good in your relationship.

law of attraction and relationship problems

Click here for 15 positive daily affirmations for love and romance Exercise 4: You don't need to be an expert on healing crystals to benefit from this exercise; there are many stones that are strongly connected to love. For example, Shiva lingams are Indian stones that represent romantic union and togetherness. Meanwhile, eye agate and fire opal are linked to physical intimacy and sex drive. You might want to place one of these stones near the bed you share with your spouse or carry one in your pocket to remind you of the things you need to do to meet your goals.

Some people also benefit from placing a relevant stone in the palm of their hand during a creative visualization session. Start Keeping A Journal First, find a notepad or journal that connects you with your happier thoughts about your relationship. It might be a book with a peaceful nature scene on the front. Or, its colors could remind you of the color themes you chose for your wedding. What does it feel like?

law of attraction and relationship problems

Where are you living? Are you living in the same house? Create a vision board for your new relationship, adding photos of happy times together. Of course, the relationship you had may be dead and gone, so you must build a new one together. Even though the photos are from the past, they can still be used to visualize future times together.

5 Powerful Ways To Save Your Relationship - Magnetic Law Of Atttraction

Show gratitude Showing gratitude is a very powerful tool in making the law of attraction work for you. It serves to raise your level of vibration which in turn attracts positive things in your life.

If you want to save your relationship focus on all the positives instead. Think of all the times he was there for you when you needed him. Remember how attentive he was, and never missed an anniversary, or your birthday.

Send thoughts of love and light his way, and wish him peace and happiness.

law of attraction and relationship problems

This will match his vibrational level to yours. Clear out the clutter!

6 Law of Attraction Exercises That Can Help Your Marriage

A cluttered home can create bad energy. Be ruthless and have a major spring clean. Bad energy can create discord and could be affecting your relationship. Arguments are more likely especially if your partner likes a tidy living space! You may find that your energy feels lighter as you free up space in your home. You can focus better and you may also find the peaceful harmony you once had has also returned.

Have faith Letting go and having faith the universe will deliver is an important part of the law of attraction. Sometimes letting go is the best way to save your relationship.


Holding on and hoping things will work out may not be the answer. Staying in a stale relationship will only make things worse.

A Question Of Love: Can The Law Of Attraction Save My Relationship?

You have to address the issues and find a way to fix them. Sometimes, a break in which you both grow and develop is the best solution.

law of attraction and relationship problems

Just like gardening you have to nurture and feed the relationship. By this I mean do things together.

law of attraction and relationship problems