Luffy and hancock relationship tips

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luffy and hancock relationship tips

Oda drops hints of these two like nobody's business. Luffy and Nami have not only an adorable relationship but also a true friendship. They wholeheartedly trust. Explore Aki Himeji's board "hancock luffy" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Luffy and hancock, Boas and Luhan. Luffy saved Nami from her dark past, and even said himself that for have a sibling-relationship and have been shipping Nami with Sanji in recent chapters. hints through out the One Piece cover pages for Nami and Luffy.

During the tournament for Ace's Devil Fruit, Luffy has shown that he doesn't like it when Ace's death is made fun of. Garp A typical moment of Garp punching Luffy. Though the two of them get along fine, Luffy is terrified of his grandfather Garp [29] due to the extreme training Garp put him through in his younger years to make him a strong Marineas well as Garp's tendency to punch Luffy to discipline him. Garp had high expectations for Luffy, but to Garp's dismay, Luffy did not share his grandfather's plans for his future.

Luffy was also ignorant of his grandfather's reputation until his crew informed him that his grandfather once fought the Pirate King Gol D. Garp is familiar with Luffy's personality, saying that Luffy is not the type of person to brag about defeating someone, arguing that Kuma did not need to kill Luffy to keep Moriah's defeat a secret.

Garp was not too surprised to see Luffy use Haoshoku Haki even stating he inherited it after all. When Luffy came close to the platform, Garp stood in his way in the name of his Marine duties. Luffy was hesitant to go through with attacking his grandfather and told him to move but saw no other choice.

However, in the end, Garp chose family over his duties as he allowed Luffy to hit him and reach the execution platform to save Ace.

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Curly Dadan "Dadan, I hate mountain bandits The mountain banditCurly Dadanis Luffy and Ace's foster mother.

She had been blackmailed by Garp into taking care of him, and she did not seem pleased with having Luffy as her surrogate son due to being already occupied with the troublesome Ace. Luffy, in turn, did not seem to like the Dadan Family anymore than they liked him due to his run-in with the bandit Higuma.

However, as time passed, they came to care for each other, with Dadan coming in to save Luffy from Bluejamand Luffy worrying for Dadan's safety. Before leaving her, Luffy annoyed her by saying that he hates bandits but makes her cry tears of joy when he states that he likes her.

After the death of Ace, Dadan was deeply concerned with how Luffy must be grieving but swore to keep cheering him on. After Luffy's return from his two-year absence, Dadan and her fellow bandits were overjoyed and they were proud of him after he defeated Doflamingo.

Sabo Overjoyed by the revelation that his brother was alive after 12 years of thinking he was dead, Luffy tearfully clings to Sabo. Like Ace, Sabo was initially annoyed with Luffy when they first met. At first, Sabo wanted to kill Luffy for discovering his and Ace's plans.

luffy and hancock relationship tips

However, when Luffy refused to give away the location of Ace and Sabo's treasure to Porchemy, Sabo and Ace rescued and befriended him. Like with Ace, Luffy is very close to Sabo, who had a tendency to defend or save Luffy when they were hunting together.

Sabo, Luffy, and Ace shared a drink, making them official brothers and establishing the deep bond between the three.

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According to Luffy, Sabo was a nicer brother to him than Ace. When Sabo's father came to take him back, Sabo willingly returned with him so that Luffy and Ace would be safe from the hired pirate Bluejam.

When Sabo's apparent death was reported by DograLuffy grieved by crying all night until he fell asleep. Luffy only snapped out of this sorrowful moment when Ace told him to live proudly, as Sabo wanted. Sabo's supposed death was also one of the main motivations for Luffy to become stronger. When Sabo and Luffy were reunited after twelve whole years, Luffy did not recognize him at first and even challenged him after hearing he would not let him have Ace's Mera Mera no Mi.

However, he reacted in shock upon realizing the latter's identity. Luffy quickly embraced Sabo while crying joyfully after finding out his remaining brother was alive and well. Sabo thanked Luffy for surviving the Battle of Marineford and asked for permission to eat the Mera Mera no Mi which Luffy unhesitatingly allowed.

When Jesus Burgess attempted to kill Luffy, Sabo quickly intercepted him and Luffy was happy to see his brother again even more so after seeing that Sabo inherited Ace's power. Because he is the captain and recruited all the crew mates personally, Luffy cares tremendously for his crew.

As far as captaincy is concerned, Luffy sees his other crew mates as equals in contrast to other pirate captains, who mostly sees theirs as subordinate underlings. His crew mostly calls him by name, rather than with an honorific or "Captain".

In fact, Luffy is the only one that is generally beaten up and ordered around on the ship. Nami never hesitates to give Luffy a beating for his idiocy albeit, in comedic fashion. This is something of a contrast between him and his grandfather's way of commanding a group.

While Garp responds by mercilessly beating up his subordinates for showing him disrespect and to keep them in line, Luffy lets their disrespect slide. Luffy only pulls rank when he wants to go "adventuring" despite what his crew thinks, such as the time he wanted to go to Skypiea and following the swaying needle to the New World, or making the more important decisions such as giving up on the Going Merry.

Much like Shanks, Luffy is the kind of benevolent pirate captain who does not seek to actively harm others unless they give him and his crew or anyone he cares about a very good reason to. However, during the Jaya arc he was willing to start a fight with Blackbeard over a difference in opinion on pie. As the Straw Hat Captain, Luffy has utmost faith in his crew.

In fact, after the timeskip, Luffy's trust grew even more as shown when he overheard that his crew were being apprehended by the Ryugu Kingdom's guards, he did not seem perturbed at all, and was confident that his friends could take care of themselves. I am not going to ignore that possibility because of how I view the character. After that, I will address the personal questions mentioned in the above ask. Law is a cocky guy! He argued with Kid and Luffy when the latter two tried to take control of the scene at the auction house.

Law hates taking orders from anyone. It just means he likes to be in charge and potentially, he likes to start trouble! Law is very blunt when he speaks. Law asked X Drake how many men he killed, out of the blue, and probably just out of curiosity. This is not a man who beats around the bush.

luffy and hancock relationship tips

Law is not a psychopath. But in general, he is a rather cruel character. In the anime, he also appeared to take pleasure in operating on Luffy and Jinbe without using anesthetic, which is rather terrifying. Not to mention the fact that in order to become a shichibukai, Law cut out the hearts of pirates and sent them to HQ. There are many rumours going around about how Law is a brutal man.

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When Kid runs into him at the auction house, he states this outright which is likely why Law gave him the finger. Sappy, romantic, doting boyfriend Law would be unbelievable. Law is not an ideal human being, and he has a bad reputation! It would be good to include an understanding of the darker aspects of his character in your story.

I think that covers the main points. Here are a few more things to note: