Music and poetry relationship

The Concept And Relationship Between Poetry And Music Poem by Matt Ancient - Poem Hunter

music and poetry relationship

The relationship is song because a song is poetry set to music. However it goes deeper than this, because we relate better to music which is "lyrical" having. We can express ourselves artistically in various ways - music, dance, poetry, painting, etc. These artistic expressions can be related, connected. The Concept And Relationship Between Poetry And Music by Matt Ancient.. Literature Definition This is basically a written document message.

Poetry is about flow, rhythm, meaning and expression. Instrumental music expresses, flows and shows just as much emotion as does music with words.

The Connection between Poetry and Music | Poetry In Voice

In fact, many types of poems don't need words at all. Music, sounds, and even paintings are often described as poems.

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  • The Concept And Relationship Between Poetry And Music - Poem by Matt Ancient
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If they have rhythm and structure, it's easy to describe them as works of poetry. After all, isn't that what poetry is? To go back on point, music is poetry. The difference between the two is so small that all that poetry needs is either a vocalist or instruments.

The Connection Between Poetry and Music

Nonetheless, in the general sense of the word, music is poetry and has always been poetry. The two go together like peas in a pod.

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So we can then say this is why poetry is the mother of all music. MUSIC This is basically a piece of lyrics which is given a rhythm and beats in other to produce a unique sound on it own.

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This is made up of the chorus, hook and verse which is also the body of the music. The good music must a theme, a background, and it idea on which it was derived from. But without the rhythm there is no music. So the definition of the art of music is basically on the sound or rhythm it produces. It is the rhythm which makes it very different from poetry and all other performing art, a good poem might be a music when the rhythm is given to a lyrics and a good music might also sound like a poems, when it is well written and arranged.

music and poetry relationship

When a piece of poetry is given a chorus, hook and a rhythm to produce a special and unique sound, i. What I suppose some musicians want is not to be considered poets, but for their lyrics to be read with the same respect they imagine poems are. And it presumes that what is valuable about lyrics is how they reflect those literary values and skills.

The Music - Poetry Connection

These might not seem like big issues to a lot of poets and poetry specialists, who are familiar with poetry that has qualities of song lyrics, and vice versa.

The biases inherent in such a widespread distinction do a disservice to both poetry and song. By holding poetry to a literary standard, and either granting or denying that standard to song lyrics, we locate the worth of an artistic endeavor in the most superficial qualities of language, ones that are actually peripheral to what makes a poem worthwhile. In fact, I do think there are important and fascinating differences between lyrics and poems, just not the ones that are usually focused on.

Words in a poem take place against the context of silence or maybe an espresso maker, depending on the reading serieswhereas, as musicians like Will Oldham and David Byrne have recently pointed out, lyrics take place in the context of a lot of deliberate musical information: Without all that musical information, lyrics usually do not function as well, precisely because they were intentionally designed that way.

The ways the conditions of that environment affect the construction of the words refrain, repetition, the ways information that can be communicated musically must be communicated in other ways in a poem, etc.

music and poetry relationship

As for the question of whether poems can function as song lyrics, the answer seems to be, in the right hands, absolutely yes.