Pisces and taurus relationship 2016 presidential candidates

Astrology of the U.S. Presidential Election

pisces and taurus relationship 2016 presidential candidates

Thirty-three percent of presidential elections have been won by Presidents. Last. Aquarius. 5. Pisces. 8. 4. Taurus. 6. 4. Jul 27 , pm The candidates and their Vice Presidential picks, however , are It's the reason why she is so perfect for Tim Kaine, who is a Pisces," she said. their charts show a troublingly apt match: "Mike Pence is all Gemini: His Sun, As a Taurus, he doesn't get over people he gets involved with easily. But he. Joni brings up the fixed star Regulus connection and Trump's synastry to the US horoscope. With Neptune on the South Node in the sky during the election, the Using Chelsea's chart, in Mar 19 , Hillary started a new Pisces L2 . Taurus. Gemini Horoscope Gemini. Cancer Horoscope.

The Descendant rules other people, and this aspect usually shows someone who can be the force behind the force.

pisces and taurus relationship 2016 presidential candidates

Case in point, she was the force behind a president, her husband. To a lesser extent and a lesser destructive extentthrowing her support behind Obama and going to work for him was an excellent use of the energy and the two seemed to get along well after that terrible primary. The people she supports and who embrace it benefit greatly.

She's not quite the good luck charm for herself though, and can be her own worst enemy at times. North Node conjunct the Descendant or in the 7th house usually shows someone who is good for other people, and needs other people to really get what they want.

She needs to rely more on others. I have a feeling Obama will be the best manifestation of that during this election. She likely hasn't manifested much of the North Node Taurus for three reasons - she has no earth planets Taurus is an earth sign so it's not quite so easy for her to use the earthy energy, she has all of those Scorpio planets on the South Node so she keeps getting pulled to the South Node energy insteadand she has Mars, Saturn, and Pluto conjunct in Leo, forming a stellium 3 or more planets conjunct and square her Lunar Nodes.

Squares to the Nodes can be blocks to using their energy, and this stellium is a strong one. This stellium along with all of her Scorpio energy is why she seems to do best with her back against the wall, when everyone is against her. She thrives where the rest of us fall. But Taurus wants some calm, stability.

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So it's not the best thing for her. But you have to wonder if her North Node conjunct the Descendant means she'd be a benefit for the country. You know what other female leader has this? Hillary does have a powerful tie with the U. It's so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it! She was meant to have a major role in the country. But does that include first female president, or has she already fulfilled her destiny? To Indict or Not to Indict Hillary is being investigated for the server-gate having a private server for her emails as Secretary of State instead of using government onesand for issues with money from the Clinton Foundation potentially taking money for favors.

The GOP would crap their pants with joy if she were to be indicted, that's for sure. Legal woes fall under the 9th house and Jupiter, and looking at what's going on for Hillary with them, she has Jupiter sextile the 9th house cusp in August and sextile Jupiter in September sextiles are positive aspects.

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The trouble spot is her 9th house ruler, the Moon, which has transit Jupiter opposite exact August 4th. She'll have no outer planets going through the 9th house or Mars this year. Uranus is semisextile positive October 6th. Something of that magnitude would indicate major shifts in her chart because it would probably end her candidacy, even if she were already the nominee the Democrats have a backup plan of Joe Biden in case it happens, but looking at his chart, he doesn't really have anything big going on that would show him stepping in as the nominee.

The only period of time where I could see it potentially happening is actually right now. Jupiter squared her Progressed Jupiter two days ago, and Mars retrograde ends in a week conjunct her Ascendant, Mercury, and South Node. I have a hard time seeing that since the investigation doesn't seem to be ending any time soon, and transit Jupiter will conjunct her Composite Midheaven, Saturn, and Jupiter with the U.

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July 7th - 9th, so if a couple more weeks pass and nothing has come, I don't think anything will. Oddly enough, she seems to be hitting her stride right now, so perhaps the end of the Mars retrograde is actually strengthening her that Scorpio energy, it can sometimes go the reverse way with hard aspects and instead make you stronger.

Although Trump is set to have some speech slamming her today, and claims to have dirt on the Clintons - so we'll have to wait and see! Right before the Mars retrograde ended, a House committee released their findings on Benghazi, and while there wasn't really anything new, it seemed to slow the upward trend she was on.

Then Bill was seen with Loretta Lynch, and conspiracy theories began to fly that they were rigging things. That forced Lynch to come out saying she would accept whatever was recommended to her. And apparently Hillary met with the FBI, finally, this weekend. So the end of the Mars retrograde hasn't been good for her! Though Trump hasn't recovered much, so it's hard to tell who's really ahead here.

I wonder if we'll get an announcement about the charges around July 7th - 9th? Two days before those exact aspects transit Jupiter conjunct Composite Midheaven, Saturn, Jupiter and as they're in orb! But she also has the good news. I'll bet the DOJ announces within a few days as these aspects are in play that they won't bring any charges.

It all started with the mess with the judge in the Trump U case, which was triggered by transit Mars retrograde square hard aspect Trump's natal Mars on June 6th. He's stumbled ever since, and he even fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, on Monday, despite having defended the guy even when he shouldn't have.

The trigger for that firing? On Monday June 20thwe had an anaretic Full Moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius, which conjuncted Trump's natal 5th house cusp, trined his Ascendant and sextiled his Descendant, and trined his Progressed Sun. Much of this is positive, and Lewandowski doesn't seem to be harboring too much ill will for now, anyway. It's also interesting that there are reports it was Trump's kids who pushed for this - the 5th house rules your children. Now we start to look ahead, and this is when things get even wonkier.

When I heard the dates for the Republican National Convention which is when Trump is officially named the nomineeit is July 18th - 21st, I realized a Full Moon will occur during the Convention on July 19th. I had to pull up the chart for the Full Moon in Cleveland, where the Convention will take place below: There are a few things that stand out here.

Jupiter is conjunct the 9th house cusp, so this is good for promotion, and there should be a ton of attention being paid to the Convention. Pholus is conjunct the Ascendant; Pholus is an asteroid, and can show a turning point or major event which this would be, but Pholus might make it even bigger. Asteroid Vesta home and hearth is conjunct the Descendant fitting for the ceremony officially nominating someone to be leader of our country, our "home".

Asteroid Nessus conjunct asteroid Pallas only 1 minute apart! Pallas is ruler of cities and of justice. There will be some serious anger, rage going on at this Convention. In the 2nd house, I wonder if damage will be done to property by protesters.

Saturn is conjunct the 12th house cusp, bringing out what's been hidden. Venus conjuncts the 8th house cusp, making people enjoy the hostility. The full moon opposes Trump's Venus and Saturn - so it won't be the picnic he thinks it will be, no matter what. And the NeverTrump movement seems to be picking up steam again wanting to "Dump Trump" - but how realistic is that so close to the convention?

Probably not, but things could get very, very messy. Thankfully, things stayed quiet outside of the convention. I was so worried given all of the energy going into the convention that it was going to explode, so kudos to protesters and organizers and police for keeping things civil. The drama did heat up inside though! And within the first few hours, with the NeverTrump-ers and anti-RNC-er's teaming up to attempt havoc on the first day.

Then Melania Trump gave a speech that first night that was way too similar to a speech Michelle Obama gave a few years ago outright copied? Though the biggest debacle turned out to be Ted Cruz's rebellious speech, refusing to endorse Trump and encouraging people to "vote their conscience" in fairness to Cruz, what was the Trump camp thinking letting him give that speech???

The next morning, Cruz said it was "personal" for him, citing Trump's attack on his wife and father. I wrote that Trump's asteroid Chiron wounds conjuncts Cruz's natal Moon ruler of women - his wife - and family - his fatherand that seemed to cause the rift.

That certainly played out during the convention! Trump, the Khan's, and Endorsement Debacles added August 3rd Trump is now in boiling hot water as he attacked a family whose son died in Iraq who spoke at the Democratic Convention.

Instead of just thanking them for their son's service and family's sacrifice, he did the Trumpian thing to do and attacked them back. And wouldn't you know it, this seems to actually be the thing that he pays for, after all of the wackadoo things he's done during this election season.

I wrote in reference to Paul Ryan that when he finally endorsed Trump, Mars was retrograde conjunct his natal Ascendant and Progressed 11th house cusp, so I wondered if he would walk it back after the retrograde ended.

There's also now talk that people in the GOP are looking into removing Trump as the nominee or trying to get him to drop out. I'm starting to wonder, honestly, if the crazy energy I'm seeing later this month into mid-September has something to do with that. Is it really possible he could drop out, or they could be successful in removing him? Also note the timing of this: This comes at the tail end of Trump's Progressed Sun anaretic in Leo, which I said was fueling his popularity.

His Progressed Sun enters Virgo on August 6th, in 3 days. Does all of the energy get sucked out with his Progressed Sun soon to be in much quieter, anti-flashy Virgo?

Added September 4th Almost as soon as Trump's Progressed Sun entered Virgo, he started to quiet down, giving more teleprompter speeches and trying to be more low-key. He's got new people in charge of his campaign now on to the third iteration, which is highly unusual.

But the spark seems to have fizzled thanks to the Virgo energy. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing when it's been what's propelled him all this time? When Everything Changes We've had a mutable t-square going ever since transit Jupiter entered mutable sign Virgo last year.

A t-square occurs when two or more planets oppose one another and then square 3 signs away a third planet. I wrote more about mutable t-squares in this article on the Salem Witch Trials which occurred during a mutable t-squarebut we've basically been ignoring the missing part of the t-square, Gemini.

We haven't been paying enough attention to the claims of these politicians, we haven't been asking the right questions, we haven't been curious enough or paid enough attention to the facts. A great wall paid for by another country? And about a million other things. The squared planet in the t-square is the one who gets all of the energy, who has been Saturn, ruler of politics, in Sagittarius, the boastful and loud.

Trump has felt like the personification of the squared Sagittarius Saturn. He's been sucking all of the energy of the news cycles, dominating what everyone is talking about during this election.

All eyes are on him. But where's the beef? So things start to change all around the same time. On August 30th, Mercury turns retrograde, and he'll be anaretic in Virgo. In early September, Jupiter leaves Virgo, entering cardinal sign Libra, and forming a whole new t-square, this time a cardinal one. A cardinal t-square a few years ago was essentially what led to the rise of ISIS, because cardinal energy is active.

Back then, Libra was the missing sign, so peace and harmony went out the window. This time, Cancer will be the missing sign, which rules the home, homeland, country, family. Add to this that we'll actually still have a mutable t-square going on at the same time because Mercury will be retrograde in mutable sign Virgo, the sign Jupiter leaves, so we go into September with double t-squares.

We had this happen at the end ofand this period saw the Paris attacks. Edited to add, we also have it going on right now, and we've just had the Orlando nightclub shooting So does this mean we'll see a rise in terrorist activity in the Western world?

Can't say that for certain, but I'm certainly worried. Officials here have been warning about it for some time, so it wouldn't be unexpected. If that were to happen, that would radically shift the conversation and focus of the election.

The other possibility is the economy. The growth has slowed to a crawl, and things have been flat, bringing on worry that we may be in for another dip remember when they kept warning us about a double dip recession? Mercury retrogrades at the anaretic degree are bad for the stock market too. I would not be surprised in the least if we see some major stock market turbulence. The start of the Mercury retrograde is also conjunct the U.

Progressed 2nd house cusp, the house of money, making a financial impact more likely, and conjunct the Progressed U. Neptune it just slips like water? Progressed Sun and square the Progressed Moon. A financial mess would also dramatically shift the election. It feels like a shift will come, and what we're focused on now won't be what we're focused on by the end, and the shift looks to happen August - September.

Transit Jupiter is actually going to conjunct U. How does this impact Trump and Hillary? For Trump, it looks huge: Not only that, but in the progressed composite chart, the angles - the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house cusps - are all anaretic. AND in the regular composite chart with the U. For Hillary, in her progressed composite chart with the U. But get this - in the regular composite chart, Mercury is retrograde since both Hillary and the U.

pisces and taurus relationship 2016 presidential candidates

So does that Composite Mercury retrograde in Virgo help her or hurt her with this Mercury retrograde in Virgo? So far, the retrograde has been quiet in terms of global affairs stay that way! She's being hit by the Clinton Foundation stuff and her image as a liar is being reinforced. That September 15th date will probably be important for her, either helping to bring her up or push her down. Added September 19th Things were looking worse for Hillary right up until September 15th.

Then that day, there was some wonkiness with Trump in an interview with the whole birther thing, which he then came out the next day, on the 16th, and finally said Obama was born in the U. That seemed to turn the momentum on its head and make the pendulum swing back in Hillary's favor.

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BUT we now have the developments of the weekend, with a bombing in New York, more bombs found in New York and New Jersey, a possible terror cell, not to mention the stabbing in Minnesota is it all too coincidental to not be linked?

I was worried about something popping up terror-related with the double t-squares and the retrograde, and that seems to have played out now probably thanks to the lunar eclipse on Friday.

Thankfully, no one has been killed. But what will this bring out in the country and in the election, and is this what changes everything? Astrology of Election Day Election day is November 8thand of course it has to have some astrological drama. Transit Mars will be anaretic at 29 degrees Capricorn, sign of politics and government. Venus will be conjunct the Galactic Center, which is literally the center of our Universe and is this huge black hole of endless loud noise. Neptune will be coming out of triggering the September 1st Solar Eclipse October 31st - November 1st, gearing up to end his retrograde on November 19th.

Is there a problem with voting? Do we not know the winner quickly because it's a razor thin margin, or is it a huge blowout? I am inclined to think that there will be quite a few, or at least one or two prominent, incumbents losing their seats with the anaretic Mars in Capricorn. That does not bode well for the people who are already there, so I think we'll see a new wave of fresh faces. I think we'll see more women elected thanks to Jupiter more on that in a bitalong with Venus conjunct the Galactic Center.

Ya know, Venus can represent women, and the GC can be linked to the future so is it literally showing elected women bringing us into a new future? Interestingly, I read that apparently more women are running for office this year than any year prior. The Moon will be in Aquarius to start the day, which is the same Moon sign as the U. The chart puts the Sun conjunct the Midheaven hitting a high point? The Moon turns void-of-course at 8: Or maybe quieting things?

The start of building a new foundation for the country with whoever is elected? Anaretic Mars in Capricorn will actually be conjunct Hillary's 3rd house cusp - good news or bad news? The Moon going into Pisces is the same sign as her natal Moon, Pisces. Hillary's natal Pallas is also in Aquarius, the sign Pallas will be in on election day, and she'll be gearing up for a Pallas return.

And the Solar Eclipse that's triggered by Neptune just before the election conjuncts her natal Midheaven and Progressed Mars and Progressed 8th house cusp, which could be showing a beating either way. The Solar Eclipse isn't doing anything really big like that for Trump, only a sextile to his natal Mercury but that could show good news. Transit Jupiter will enter Hillary's 11th house October 10th, which could help her increase her popularity 11th house rules the masses.

And in her progressed composite chart with the U. Anaretic Mars will quincunx Trump's 1st and 11th house cusps erratic energyand semisextile his 5th and 7th house cusps good for reaching out, being personable. The Moon will cross over his Descendant on election day just before entering Pisces more focus on someone else? Truth be told, I thought a woman would be on the winning ticket long before we even had any candidates when I first looked at this election is at the midterms.

Jupiter's entrance into Libra, a very pro-woman sign, and then conjunct the U. Midheaven in Libra and in the 10th house, with the Midheaven being the highest point of the chart - figuratively breaking the glass ceiling.

So I've believed all along that a woman was going to be president or vice president with this election. If Trump chooses a female VP, that can balance the odds, but if he doesn't, it looks like Hillary to me. The only VP pick floated for Trump that's a woman that I've heard has been Senator Kelly Ayotte, and actually, her chart compared to his is fantastic, and she has some good astrology coming up Neptune trine Venus, Uranus stimulating a natal yodso she could be an excellent pick though she does have a troubled natal Mercury retrograde that will be squared by transit Jupiter, by Mercury retrograde and the Lunar Eclipse in September, and it conjuncts Trump's Progressed 9th house cusp.

But will he actually choose her or any woman? I'll try to add in more when VP picks are made! So there is some commonality between them. But there were reports that Trump almost changed his mind at the last minute - why the discomfort? It also looks like their Composite Mercury is critical, either at 29 degrees Gemini anaretic, a crisis point or 0 degrees Cancer the Aries Point, a critical degree of critical energyso this can bring in some communication difficulties, and certainly reflects their differences in ideas.

They are helped by the fact that both of their Progressed Mercury's are in Leo, so where they are at the moment communication-wise and idea-wise can feel similar to them. I'm immediately struck by the fact that Pence's Gemini Sun is getting hit by the mutable t-square we've got cooking this year. It'll actually be opposed by Saturn within orb on election day - ick! Saturn will also be square Pence's Composite Jupiter with the U.

He's also getting badly hit by the Mercury retrograde in September - the Mercury retrograde ends square his Sun, squares his Moon if it's in Gemini, squares his Mercury, conjuncts the Composite Moon with Trump, starts square the Composite Mercury with Trump, and ends conjunct the Composite Jupiter with the U. Also, Pence's Composite Sun with the U. So whatever comes up in that hotspot time impacts Pence too.

What the heck will it be. And of course, Pence is NOT a woman at least, that we know of. Tim Kaine added July 24th We now finally have the last piece of the puzzle as Hillary selected Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia to be her running mate. So I pulled up his chart woo for having a birth time for him so we have a complete chartand holy crap - he's the perfect choice!

He and Hillary have a lot of good connections, not the least of which is his natal Jupiter, Neptune, and Node Node in Scorpio conjunct her natal Scorpio Sun Jupiter connections show you genuinely like each other, and North Node connections can show a fated link in this life. He's also a Pisces Sun and she's a Pisces Moon a triad connection is usually good to see in synastry. Tim Kaine also has his natal Liliths conjunct his natal Ascendant, and recall that Lilith can be tied to the feminist and is strong for Hillary - this shows he's very comfortable with women like that, so he wouldn't be threatened by the fact that's she's the one in charge.

They also both have strong 12th house energy, with Hillary's Sun conjunct the 12th house cusp and Venus in the 12th house, and Tim Kaine's soft Pisces Sun and Mercury intercepted in the 12th house so being of service to someone else makes a lot of sense for him.

The intercepted Pisces 12th house Sun and Mercury also help take away the mean factor. Fantastic for a political pairing remember 10th house also rules politics. In Kaine's composite chart with the USA, Mars is conjunct asteroid Pallas, so he definitely feels a strong pull to help the country and it makes sense that he's so connected to cities. Transit Saturn will enter his 9th house October 6th, so he may not be the best at promoting, but transit Jupiter will conjunct his 7th house cusp October 1st, helping us like him more and can show us liking HER more since the 7th house rules the other people in our lives - and recall that Jupiter will enter Hillary's 11th house October 10th, so around this same period.

Transit Pluto is conjunct his natal Mars, ruler of his 1st house of the self and in his 10th house of career and politics all year pushing him to the forefront. Kaine's Progressed Mars is conjunct his Progressed Midheaven and Progressed Pluto is conjunct his Progressed 4th house cusp - these are the houses of foundation, so there's a massive shift occurring for him in his life. Okay, so when I pulled up the progressed composite chart for Hillary and Kaine, I just about fell on the floor.

And wouldn't you know it, Tim Kaine won't be pummeled during that time frame, and in fact, has very little difficult aspects going on for him. Now seeing this Progressed Full Moon for their composite chart right at inauguration day makes me very confident they will be the winning ticket. Progressed Full Moons are part of the Progressed Lunation Phases, which play out in our progressed charts like the transit lunation phases we all experience each month.

With the Progressed New Moon, we embark on a new journey in our lives, and often see new beginnings, opportunities, and ventures. With the Progressed Full Moon, we see the culmination of everything we've done thus far, and we reap the rewards or suffer the consequences.

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So, unless it's the latter and Hillary ends up getting thrown in prison which I've already said I don't see astrologicallyit seems more like the former and they end up winning. And there's more to this Progressed Full Moon - the Progressed Composite Moon is at 9 degrees Virgo, sign of work, conjunct the progressed 6th house cusp, the house of work.

And you want to know what gets even wilder? This time with the Moon at 9 degrees Libra and the Sun at 9 degrees Aries which is conjunct the Progressed Composite Ascendant between he and Hillary at the same time, putting the Descendant conjunct the Libra Moon.

As I said, Kaine doesn't really have much in the way of difficult aspects coming up. The Mercury retrograde in September occurs intercepted in his 6th house and only makes one difficult aspect the entire retrograde a square to Saturn. So during this time Hillary either becomes president or retires from politics altogether.

What are the chances?!! This could be read two ways. Yes Hillary will be the next president and Obama is coming to the end of his time. OR the Democratic party, in its current form, is on its way out. Jupiter is in a powerful mutual reception with Mercury. Hillary has the mass media working for her. It will get her into office. But, and this could just be my own bias it still feels like the end of something.

All these conjunctions make looking at transits to them both even more important in terms of a connected fate. The bond between Chelsea and Hillary has very strong karmic ties.

Remember this Sun represents Hillary, and Neptune really is exactly conjunct! Persephone exposes corrupt abusers in the underworld.

Buried skeletons may be pulled up from the depths. On someone who is robust, this transit could mean becoming a saviour figure, psychic or mystic, but Hillary clearly has health issues. It is also an auto-immune disease. I have already made this point in my Saturn square Neptune post, but not being able to set boundaries as an individual results in attracting abusive, narcissistic and toxic relationships. Why should it be any different for a nation?

Nature is a great teacher. Countries are like people. Influenza in Italian is actually the flu. Exposure to foreign bodies is good for you within limits.

There has always been a kind of natural, organic migration of people. What Hillary is proposing is not organic or natural, it is not healthy for the world and she is a living symbol of what America will look like if she succeeds in her mission. Ego is seen as negative, but positively it is sovereignty, a Regulus trait. Carers, psychics and those who have poor psychic shields tend to suffer with auto-immune issues from giving too much.

This is the mother of a heroin addict who scores for her child rather than witness the agony of cold turkey. Thinking about all this, it even actually deeply sexist to vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. Female politician does not automatically equal, caring and compassionate. Negative Eris Hillary is Kali the destroyer while daughter Chelsea could be positive Eris, the whistleblower. Chelsea has asteroid Medusa conjunct her Ascendant so this myth is important to her whole life.