Ponders relationship of uhura and spock

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ponders relationship of uhura and spock

Star Trek Beyond's Zoë Saldana explained how the Enterprise crew felt at the beginning of the movie and where they ultimately ended up, and. Kirk/Spock story that is not included please PM me and I will add it. Her Go by Passenger Spock ponders his relationships with Nyota Uhura and Jamie Kirk. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Angst - Spock, N. Uhura - Chapters: 20 - Words: 52, . took information or action, depending on what was required in relation to the lifeforms in the system. He had much to ponder.

But she smiles at the Lieutenant Commander. His eyes gleam with hope. Within a short time, they arrive at the mental health building.

Since I was a child, I wanted to help those with mental disabilities.

Nyota Uhura (alternate reality)

But I really need to go inside. First, the words I speak are true. I am sure Commander Spock has not spoken those words to you. Nevertheless, may I join you for lunch tomorrow? She keeps that to herself. She steps away from him. He turns around without saying goodbye. He allows her inside. Although they have been friends for six months, this is only the third time she has been at his place.

When they get together, they usually spent their time in the officer's lounge, in long walks at Golden Gate Park, or at her place. When they get to the table, Spock pulls out her chair. He then seats himself. T'Mara looks at the meal awaiting them-a Japanese Hibachi Vegetable platter. Spock notices her look of approval. But I cannot take credit for our dinner, for I had it delivered.

All I did was put it in the serving dishes. After all, you have a flare for choosing excellent restaurants. After the tasty meal, he leaves to retrieve his three dimensional chess board. He places it on the table, then sets the pieces on the chess board. As they play, Spock finds himself becoming distracted by T'Mara's closeness.

He has noticed this odd feeling the last three times they played chess. He admits to himself that the feeling is actually pleasing. Despite the distraction, Spock manages to win the game. After the game, she assists him with clearing everything off the table. As they pass his bedroom, the door is open which allows T'Mara to notice a Vulcan lyre hanging on his bedroom wall. She stops and taps his shoulder. My father taught me when I was a child. He gathers his lyre, and then they sit side by side on the sofa.

He first plays an ancient Vulcan tune. Then he plays "Passage into Midnight" by Omar Akram. T'Mara listens as she watches his fingers pluck the strings.

Her eyes sparkle as she looks at him. Someday I would like to return the favor by playing my guitar for you. Not just play, but sing for you. Perhaps, because she felt singing a love song might embarrass him. She stretches out her arms. Both stop right in front of the door.

Character's Personal Hypocrisy

Now facing each other, he takes hold of her hands. He allows her to sense the emotion he is now feeling for her. Each moment with you, I cherish dearly. He allows a small smile to come onto his face. She is barely able to keep tears of joy from escaping her eyes.

She is about to open the door of her ground vehicle when she senses a presence behind her. She cautiously turns around. She sees Soltan standing inches from her. Is there something I can do for you? Such informality from a Vulcan? It had taken Spock months before he called her by her first name. Even so, Spock only called her T'Mara in private settings. This man barely knows her and is already on first name basis? He steps even closer, for her light fragrant perfume allures him.

Perhaps you can recommend a restaurant. She considers how to turn down his request. His thoughts are on T'Mara.

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He also told him that the Lieutenant Commander was standing close to T'Mara. However, T'Mara seemed uncomfortable. Spock, after his afternoon classes, had pulled up Soltan's public fleet records.

Spock learned that Soltan's wife had passed, which meant he was unbonded. An unusual nagging feeling comes upon him as he leaves the building. Normally he would ignore anything so nebulous, but this evening he acts upon the feeling. So he heads in the direction where T'Mara parks her car. Still with Soltan, T'Mara is about to speak when in her peripheral vision, she sees Spock coming towards them. She relaxes and then waves. This causes Soltan to turn. His eyes become like flames of a Vulcan volcano.

He clenches his hands. He murmurs an ancient Vulcan curse. Spock goes right next to T'Mara. So please take your leave, Commander. Her eyes express uneasiness. I was about to inform the Lieutenant Commander that I will not be available to join him for dinner. Though it is not strictly truthful, he says, "Ah yes, Miss Victorino and I have made plans for tonight.

Spock & Uhura Moments (TOS)

With that being the case, she must take leave of you. Realizing that Spock is creating a diversion, T'Mara cocks her brow but remains silent. Soltan mutters an ancient Vulcan obscenity at Spock. He then strides away from them both. T'Mara gently fingers Spock's shoulder. He's rather touchy for a Vulcan. I will be taking you to Giovanti's for dinner.

It was a long hard week for her.

ponders relationship of uhura and spock

She says goodbye to her last client. She contacts Uhura to be certain their dinner plans are still on. Spock had introduced T'Mara to Nyota a few weeks ago.

ponders relationship of uhura and spock

They seemed to click from their first meeting. Every other Friday evening, they shared dinner together. This Friday evening they plan to have dinner at Uhura's favorite restaurant, Pacific Catch.

The restaurant is located near Golden Gate Park. T'Mara grabs her purse and commands the lights off. Just as she steps out from her office, she is startled, for Soltan is standing by her door. Planning on meeting with the Commander?

Look at me, T'Mara. I am younger, more agile, more attractive, and more capable of pleasing you. I need to leave now, so I will not be late.

Am I not more appealing? She is hoping to make it inside to contact security, but Soltan grabs both her arms.

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She thinks maybe she can reason with him. Calmly she says, "Do you really want to draw attention? He gives in to logic. With a low voice only she can hear, he says, "Alright T'Mara, you can go and meet your friend. He walks away from her. T'Mara scurries to her ground vehicle and drives to the restaurant. There, she tells the hostess who she is dining with. The hostess guides her to Uhura's table.

Nyota notices T'Mara's unsettled expression, and asks, "Are you alright? She tries to get herself in a more relaxed state. The encounter with Soltan was quite disturbing. He does not behave like any full-blooded Vulcan she had ever met. When she sees Spock later that night, she will ask him about Soltan's odd behavior, and mention her recent encounter. She fronts a smile. He seems to be pursuing me, but does not understand I have no interest in him.

Nyota gives T'Mara an understanding chuckle. I am surprised; since he is a Vulcan, it is quite unusual. Don't worry yourself over him. He'll get tired and move on to another female. Uhura decides to get T'Mara's mind off that Vulcan male.

Not just his attention, but I believe he is very fond of you. I only hope this relationship will last. T'Mara ordered the crab imperial, while Uhura chose the lobster ravioli. T'Mara indulged in meat, but out of respect for Spock, she would eat vegetarian in his presence.

Uhura says grace for them. Then T'Mara figures it is her turn to ask about someone's love life. We've been dating for a year now. Any talk of marriage? Their relationship has been moving along quite fine. Nyota wonders if he is ready for a lifelong commitment. She had learned that his parents did not court long before Sarek asked Amanda to marry him.

Will Spock even ask her, or will his commitment to Star Fleet stop him from asking? She has a few work acquaintances that were able to mix marriage along with their careers with Star Fleet. Those who place God first seemed to survive those long separations. After they finish eating, they just chat about their everyday lives.

Both are finally ready to pay their tabs. Then they leave the restaurant. Being early spring, the darkness of night now drapes their surroundings. The lot lights only illuminate the spaces nearest to the building, and it makes T'Mara uneasy.

She is about to enter her car when all of a sudden she feels a jab at her side. I have this phaser set on kill," a dark voice announces. Fearing for her life, she obeys him. He grabs her arm, and with force guides her to his skimmer. He pushes her inside. He pilots the skimmer to Golden Gate Park. Being that it is now after 9: She sees him touch a computer screen.

Apparently, he has disabled the park's security system. This way he could land undetected. The skimmer lands at a lot near the Japanese Gardens. He drags her out of the vehicle. The phaser is now poking her in the back. He sneers at her. Let me think, perhaps with the Commander himself? Yes, my future bondmate, I have been stalking you.

Oh, not every day, but when the opportunity arose. Lovely spot, is it not? She starts to feel nauseous, for she could hardly believe that a Vulcan is capable of such violence. She takes in a deep breath and begins to struggle hard.

She feels his grip tighten around her arm. He forces her to the ground right behind two satsuki azalea bushes. He goes to his knees. Swiftly he pins her down. Since he is a full-blooded Vulcan, she knows she cannot succeed in fighting him.

Unfortunately, she never has mastered the Vulcan nerve pinch. Soltan places a hand on her face. His fingers press hard on the side of her upper face. She cannot focus her thoughts. Then a strange feeling arises in her. He is forcing a meld. Anger surges through her. She manages to free a hand and attempts to strike him. He tightly grasps her hand. But soon you will be mine. There is no mistaking his intent now. Is he in pon farr? Her father had explained very little about that Vulcan sexual state.

She fights Soltan as he rips off her clothes. Then he removes his pants. He forces himself on her. Revolted, she tries to push Soltan off of her with all her strength. I do not belong to you! In fact, I despise you!

She manages to spit into his face. He then punches her on the side of her face. She becomes woozy but does not lose consciousness. Her strength fails, and he is able to have his way with her. Spock's time sense informs him it is now He had expected T'Mara to drop by at hours. She informs him that they left the restaurant at Nyota also told him that she thought she saw T'Mara speaking with a man, but could not make out who.

Spock acknowledges Nyota's information with a thank you. He immediately remembers his encounter with Soltan. At the time, it had not occurred to him that Soltan's behavior was more than odd. Now the possibility of pon farr enters Spock's mind. If Soltan is unbonded and desiring T'Mara to be his mate, he could even pressure her to have intercourse with him.

Worse yet, rape her, for it was not unheard of. Spock jumps to his feet. He puts on his lightweight coat, then heads out the door.

ponders relationship of uhura and spock

Spock enters his skimmer. He wonders where Soltan would take her. No doubt, somewhere secluded. If Soltan followed her to the Pacific Catch, he would most likely take her somewhere nearby. The thought of Soltan lying in wait for T'Mara, sends shivers down Spock's spine.

He pilots his skimmer to Golden Gate Park. He lowers the skimmer, so he could scan the park. In his peripheral vision he spots a gray skimmer parked all alone in the lot. Spock lands near the gray vehicle. Spock picks up his tricorder and slowly exits his vehicle. He approaches the skimmer with caution. His tricorder gives indications that one Vulcan and one Vulcan hybrid had recently been present inside the vehicle. Moving on, Spock walks into the gardens, scanning the area with his tricorder.

It begins to detect two Vulcans readings ahead of him. Spock stops as rage envelops him, for he fears that Soltan is raping T'Mara. He must control himself and not react foolishly. Any wrong move could cause Soltan to kill T'Mara. Spock pulls out his phone. He sends an emergency message to the San Francisco police. The message would inform the police who is in the gardens, and their global position.

Spock only hopes the police will beam in instead of arriving by squad vehicles. The noise of several vehicles might alert Soltan. One under the influence of the Fever could react irrationally, putting all in jeopardy. Spock continues to walk softly in their direction. He certainly does not wish to alert Soltan. T'Mara lies weeping as Soltan strokes her upper body. Losing one's homeworld and the lives on it required additional measures to maintain emotional control.

When he was not meditating, Spock spent most of his time in meetings with the remaining members of the Vulcan council. The matters discussed were not restricted to the courses at the new academy as Spock had hoped; instead, the meetings discussed a number of topics that Spock was wholly disinterested in. Specifically, Spock had no interest in the council's nearing a mandate that would require all Vulcans to return to the new home world, to bond with an acceptable assigned Vulcan mate and reproduce.

It was not simply that Spock found the idea to be illogical from a personal perspective but communally, he thought that the greater good would be served if Vulcans were able to select their own mates. Indeed, Spock and his father both cited the significant data that existed on a number of planets that indicated that increased bio-diversity enhanced most species making them more adaptable in a changing universe and had the added benefit of contributing certain evolutionary defenses.

Sarek had to look no further than his own son, he argued, to show that Vulcan genes and those of another species would not only produce viable offspring, but offspring that would ultimately shape the future of Vulcan. After all, it was Spock who had the foresight to save the council when the Romulan ship Narada attacked and he was instrumental in the destruction of the ship.

The counter arguments were predictable. Although the remaining elders on the council had to concede that Spock was indeed responsible for their continued life they also pointed out that Spock had failed to act in a manner that would have saved the planet. They pointedly stated that if there had been a full blooded Vulcan aboard the Enterprise, the likelihood that Vulcan would have been destroyed would have been reduced by Sarek argued against this number, indicating that it was baseless and the council elders responded that Sarek's assertions were similarly baseless since Spock was his son and Sarek was obviously biased.

The Council went on to state that it was they that were charged with preserving Vulcan culture and that continued interspecies mating would simply diminish Vulcan traditions. One elder frankly argued that Spock's refusal of admittance to the Vulcan Science Academy and his seeming fascination with a common human subordinate was evidence enough that Vulcan-alien hybrids were not the path that New Vulcan should take.

Sarek was spending much of his time meditating as well.

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The openly insulting nature of the conversations with the council and their insinuations of Sarek's illogic tested his control. In this environment, however, Sarek found certain comfort in Spock's presence and Spock in Sarek. Sarek knew that the council was operating based on fear of change and the unknown, and that Spock was an exceptional man.

Sarek reasoned to Spock over an evening meal that it was illogical to cling to fallacies about change when one's planet had been destroyed. Such a tragedy required change. Most of the time, however, the two men ate together in silence. Sarek wished to inquire about Spock's friend Lieutenant Uhura, but after the insulting manner in which the council described her, Sarek thought it illogical to bring her up.

There was no need to unduly stir any emotions in Spock. He had recently lost his mother and home world only to return to an ungrateful council. Mentioning Nyota Uhura would unnecessarily remind Spock of something that he wished to have, but could not. Spock did, however, find the work of rebuilding the science academy's academics quite agreeable.

The work was challenging and rigorous and Spock found the idea that he could influence the studies of the next generation of Vulcans rewarding. He never said so explicitly, but he intended to pare down the Vulcan dogma of superiority to all other species.

He found that it was not helpful and that any Vulcan who believed this would be at a disadvantage should he or she ever leave New Vulcan. Spock had found that other species had their own strengths and could not be compared directly to Vulcan abilities.

ponders relationship of uhura and spock

He also found that other species had their own ideas about being deemed inferior. Spock's new curriculum incorporated more information from off world and was more considerate of difference as an asset instead of a frailty. Spock thought that Nyota, is she knew what he had been doing, would have been proud of him.

It would have been more than acceptable if he could contact her and tell her about the meetings with the council and his work with the new professors of the Academy. It wasn't until four months had elapsed without a word to or from Nyota that the Federation diplomatic vessel landed.

Sarek informed Spock that the federation had been regularly assisting New Vulcan in acquiring building materials and funding for construction. Spock met with the vessel's communications officer, a man named Ernesto Gutierrez, and bluntly inquired about the Enterprise. Ernesto told Spock that as far as he understood, the Enterprise was fine. The ship sent a regular shuttle craft to the edge of the system to communicate with Starfleet on crucial matters, the status of their mission and to order supplies.