Raymond reddington and elizabeth keen relationship

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raymond reddington and elizabeth keen relationship

Raymond I'm not sure Elizabeth will ever be ready to learn about what you did to Katarina. In is the bones are the real Reddington. While it seems that he IS in fact her father, due to DNA testing, etc I still think it's possible that he isn't. The thing that made me think Red might not be her father. On Wednesday's finale of The Blacklist, Liz Keen (Megan Boone) discovered they're of the real Raymond Reddington, Liz's biological father. So, who is the man with whom Liz has had a roller-coaster relationship these past.

Albert refuses to tell Reddington who has the suitcase, and Reddington shoots him. Edit After being kidnapped, Tom is stabbed in the abdomen in an attempt to murder him and then Liz. Despite his injuries, Tom fights back in an attempt to save himself and Liz. As Tom is being strangled to death, Red arrives with Dembe and shoots all of the men in the room.

Dembe discovers that Tom has lost a lot of blood and does not believe that he and Liz will make it. Despite this, Red rushes Tom to the hospital with the help of a police escort arranged by Samar. At the hospital, Tom flatlines while a neurosurgeon is called for Liz. Tom ultimately dies of his injuries while Liz enters a coma. Ten months later, Liz awakens from her coma and asks about Tom after learning of how long its been. Red is forced to tell Liz that Tom is dead.

Liz explains to the hallucination how she uncovered the truth behind what is in the duffle bag: Liz recognizes that like so many other people, Tom died trying to show her the truth that he learned from the DNA test he'd found in the bag. Red is letting the whole thing play out and let Liz see Tom for who he really is.

What would Raymond Reddington have done if Tom had died from the injuries inflicted on him by Ranko Zamani in " Pilot "? The link to Milos Kirchoff would have been lost. Zamani was far too skillful to have killed Tom, without Reddington's permission. Tom was in the intensive care unit. Injuries that severe can quickly turn fatal. That depends on the injury. It was implied that Zamani knew what he was doing. The largest determinant of whether a severe wound becomes fatal is the amount of time it takes to get treatment.

Kirchoff placed Tom in Liz's life so that if Tom died the link would not have been lost. As Zamani told Red: Zamani knew what he was doing.

Why was Tom captured by Zamani? He could have easily killed Zamani and hidden the body. Zamani probably surprised Tom and he was armed with a gun. Zamani easily captured Liz by waiting. To maintain his cover, he could not be sure how much Red knew and the disappearance of Zamani would have confirmed Red's suspicions.

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Who is Tom working for? It is not Alan Fitch. It is Milos Kirchoff. Both the Cabal monitoring the house and Raymond Reddington are certain he is leading a double life.

raymond reddington and elizabeth keen relationship

The Cabal and Red would not maintain such certainty without evidence. Furthermore, Red would not have ordered the attack by Ranko Zamani in " Pilot " without evidence. In " Mako Tanida " Tom states that his employers are stationed in Berlin.

Why is the homicide mentioned by Harold Cooper classified? Because the victim was a defecting FSB agent. Why did he not call the FBI and alert them when Liz asked him to?

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Tom could be working for the Cabal. He started to suspect that Liz has gotten closer to the truth and his behavior in the last few episodes showed it. During her nightmares in " The Courier ", the people Tom works for in Berlin are very powerful and extremely dangerous. Remember, Julian Gale is still out there with his investigation of the task force. Is this still a possibility considering the twist that you have in store for us? That makes me smile.

There is a big camp that [believes the] Raymond Reddington imposter theory, that Red is not who he says he is.

This season, we have really motored ahead. Some episodes were heavy in that mythology than others. Kaplan episode was certainly an episode that had a lot of big moves in it.

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This last episode has some big moves. Will Dom play a bigger role next season? He definitely is part of the landscape and occupies an important space. You see that play out on screen.

He is somebody who obviously does not like Reddington. They have a fraught relationship. And can you talk about the reason why she went over the bridge? Even with her dead, her plan is marching forward.

That was the most compelling thing, that she was willing to die to carry out the promise that she had made all these years ago to keep Liz safe. And so is she really dead?

raymond reddington and elizabeth keen relationship

It would be hard to bring her back, but with that said, I love Susan Blommaert so much. We blew up Alan Alda, who is a TV legend. Sometimes you have to listen to the show and where it wants to go. That was a really hard death in the show, and this one as well.

If we were smart enough to find a way to bring her back that felt real, fantastic, but I think her tombstone has been written. Circling back to the task force, Laurel Hitchin dies right after closing the investigation. Will that raise some red flags? That depends on how her death is handled. Prescott gets rid of her body. Even Julian Gale would probably be very curious to know what happened to the woman who just shut him down.

Even with the investigation closed, with the news out there, will the task force be disbanded? The news is out there in a closed grand jury investigation, which is containable. The bigger problem is that Reddington has really no resources. Baz was killed, Mr. Will we see Red rebuilding next year? Does Liz join him in that rebuilding? What does that look like? We almost want to step back in terms of who the character was and how much joy he takes in his life and how he moves and operates.

I would imagine that he might go after people that could help him reboot his empire.