Relationship like jim and pam

The Office: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Jim And Pam's Relationship

relationship like jim and pam

Through the course of The Office, I watched their relationship transform Jim and Pam handled this like pros (once the sneaking stopped). Like many fallen sisters before me, I sometimes let visions of Kate and Leo Watching Jim and Pam's relationship unfold on the small screen. Here's how you can avoid a three-year engagement with the wrong guy and skip straight to working on achieving Jim/Pam relationship goals.

With numbers like that, love might be closer than we realize. This whole survey got me thinking about a few televised office romances because, obviously, learning life lessons from fiction is just as good as experiencing it myself. One couple that comes to mind, are Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly.

relationship like jim and pam

They not only worked together but became BFFs in the process and, over time, realized their feelings were even deeper than that. Through the course of The Office, I watched their relationship transform from friends to confused friends, to secret lovers, to public lovers, to broken up, to friends, and with more ups and downs through the middle, they finally created that happy ending I was hoping for, proving office romance can survive and thrive.

So what can we learn from an office romance?

  • What Jim and Pam from 'The Office' Taught Me About Love
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In a work environment, things are professional. Being involved at work creates a multiple personality disorder. That and those stolen kisses by the fax machine were totes obvious. Michael and Dwight visit a dojo to settle a dispute by fighting.

relationship like jim and pam

The whole office goes. Pam and Jim hang out in the background play fighting. At one point, Jim blocks a light punch and spins Pam around and grabs her in a bear hug. Later, Jim tries to apologize through e-mail, but as is often the case with Jim, the apology or situation must be about him. Roy was in charge of their relationship, and many of his actions made us dislike him, but Pam still went along with what Roy wanted.

Jim and Pam, set the bar waaaayyyyy to high.

A big, abrupt change happened after she called off her wedding with Roy. She expressed and stood up for herself better when she realized she was interested in Jim. She was excited until Roy discouraged her. As her boyfriend, Jim encouraged Pam to apply and go to Pratt.

He helped her reason out why it was a great idea. Pam wanted to quit because she was overwhelmed and missed Jim. Surprisingly, Jim let it happen, though it would have only been another 3 months.

What Jim and Pam from 'The Office' Taught Me About Love - HelloGiggles

He obviously had a crush on Pam, which was evident when he playfully bumped Pam with the mic at one point. Pam got revenge, but Brian had to use the mic to knock Frank down. Then Brian fought him. Whether that involves inappropriate laughter in serious situations or Saturday morning video games together, you guys are always leaving room for silliness in your relationship.

relationship like jim and pam

You still have the ability to make each other feel nervous or have butterflies, because your relationship is always growing and changing. You guys make each other feel safe and accepted because you never judge one another.

You can make each other smile from just the littlest things.

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You two are capable of making each other smile from the smallest things, like making eye contact right when you both wake up, or when one of you makes the other a cup of coffee. You have a ton of inside jokes and you love them, no matter how stupid they are. In fact, the more stupid, the better.