Relationship of kabuliwala and mini

relationship of kabuliwala and mini

What was the relationship between kabuliwala and mini what was the relationship between narrator and mini Get the answers you need, now!. The relationship between Mini and Kabuliwala is intriguing. Rabindranath Tagore has penned two father figure's: Mini's father and the. And Mini replied 'The Kabuliwala gave it to me', her mother chided, why did you of have a relationship with the child who is more came to his on child back in.

Cabuliwallah" and the two friends, so far apart in age, subsided into their old laughter and their old jokes, I felt reassured. GL 75 The bonding between the two comes to end due to an unfortunate event which disturbs the schedule of Cabuliwallah and he is forced to separate himself from this lovely child.

When a story changes

Losing temper, he has made fatal assault on the person who refuses to repay his debt. Consequently, he is imprisoned. Even at the time when the police take him to prison, he does not lose his sense of humour and tries to please Mini, saying: Rahman's face lighted up as he turned to her. He had no bag under his arm today, so that she could not talk about the elephant with him.

relationship of kabuliwala and mini

She therefore at once proceeded to the next question: GL 76 Several years in jail brings an abrupt end to his selfless, sweet relationship with Mini.

Years pass one after another.

Kabuliwala - Hindi Story

Mini is no more a playful, mischievous, small doll like child. She is now of marriageable age. The chapter of the Cabuliwallah is almost closed and nobody, including Mini, remembers him any longer.

relationship of kabuliwala and mini

Wedding preparations are going in full swing and Mini- the light of the house- will leave her house forever. Her parents feel sad to send her away but that is the destiny of each parent of a daughter.

The writer brings out the pain of separation in the following words: Years had passed away. It was once more autumn, and we had made arrangements for our Mini's marriage. It was to take place during the Puja Holidays. With Durga returning to Kailas, the light of our home also would depart to her husband's house, and leave her father's in shadow. The morning was bright., Movies: Classics Revisited: Kabuliwala

After the rains, it seemed as though the air had been washed clean and the rays of the sun looked like pure gold. So bright were they, that they made even the sordid brick-walls of our Calcutta lanes radiant. Since early dawn the wedding- pipes had been sounding, and at each burst of sound my own heart throbbed.

The wail of the tune, Bhairavi, seemed to intensify the pain I felt at the approaching separation. My Mini was to be married that night.

GL 76 On his release from the prison, the first thing Rehman does is to go to see Mini. He is under the impression that his little dear friend would still be looking the same as he found her during the last meeting. Who but the father or one showering fatherly affection would desire to keep the image of his dear one still intact? The writer is rather surprised to see Rehman comes back after such a long interval and that too, on the auspicious day of the marriage of his darling daughter.

He is in no mood to allow him to see Mini and revives old memories. At the same time, he does not have heart to disappoint him. The writer is kind hearted and can appreciate the feeling of Rehman in right perspective.

Harking back to an earlier conversation about Mini going to her sasural [inlaw's house] after marriage, the Kabuliwala gently replies, "Bachchi woh aaj hamare sasural ke ghar ko jaatee hai. The world has moved on, unrelentingly, but time seems to have frozen for the Kabuliwala. He buys red bangles that would fit a toddler and goes to meet Mini.

Kabuliwala (story ) By Rabindranath Tagore

But the realisation that Mini has grown into a girl about to be married, coupled with the fact that Mini now has no recollection of the Kabuliwala, shatters the old spiceseller.

He is apprehensive if his daughter will remember him at all. The high point of the climax is Mini's father gifting away the money set aside for Mini's wedding lights to the Kabuliwala to pay the Kabuliwala's fare to his wattan [homeland] and his eventual reunion with his daughter. As he reasons with his wife, "Ek majboor baap ko uski aankhon ka noor mil jaye, toh yehi sabse badi roshni hogi.

relationship of kabuliwala and mini

Please keep a kerchief around to muffle your sobs. As one father prepares to part with his daughter; another father prepares to meet his long-lost offspring. The film's biggest strength is the evocative story and the heartfelt performances by Balraj Sahni as Kabuliwala and Sonnu as Mini. Sahni's interactions with Mini are suffused with tenderness, his laughter robust, his walk, regal. To give his character a more rounded feel, he is belligerent and boisterous with the adults -- including a tuneless singer, and has a philosophical side too as reflected in his response to 'Ganga aaye kahan se, Ganga jaaye kahan re'.

More worryingly, Tagore's humane denouement, in which Mini's father discovers, before his daughter leaves him for her marital home, that the gulf that separated Rahamat from him had been bridged, ironically, through their shared sense of loss, appeared unconvincing.

Could the chasm between the two men, one facilitated by geography and culture, be bridged by loss? For that, Rahamat - the proverbial outsider - needed to belong to the world inhabited by Mini's father.

My scepticism of Tagore's faith in assimilation made me realize that my relationship with the text, and its purported message of hope and inclusion, had changed. I was revisiting "Kabuliwala" at a time when nine states in India have witnessed the death of several people in the hands of frenzied mobs.

When a story changes

On most occasions, the assailants had accused their victims of being child-lifters, a charge that had been faced by the fictional Rahamat as well.

Some of the inferences that have informed the public discourse on these brutal lynchings are illuminating. For instance, it appears that notwithstanding the long history of such extra-judicial murders, lynching eludes definition or classification in India's law book.

relationship of kabuliwala and mini

This grey area in the law, coupled with political patronage - Union ministers have been known to felicitate cow vigilantes convicted of killing a meat trader - is instrumental in instilling a sense of impunity among the violators of the law. This must have been on the mind of the Supreme Court, which has now stated in the course of a judgment that Parliament must enact a special legislation to tackle the "Typhon-like monster" of mob rule.

Discussions on lynchings have justifiably exposed the diabolical role of social media platforms.

relationship of kabuliwala and mini

There is credible evidence - investigating agencies concur with this assessment - that WhatsApp has emerged as an effective tool for rumour-mongering, enabling vested interests to incite and mobilize vigilantes with lightning speed. Interestingly, the claim of technology as a facilitator of violence has a pre-history.