Relationship ups and downs letter

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relationship ups and downs letter

15 Love Notes From Couples Who Have The Relationship Thing Down Pat. So simple, so sweet. By Kelsey Borresen. 09/22/ pm. Between all the ups and downs, I learned a lot along the way. No relationships are always butterflies and rainbows, but it's the hard times that that's the beauty of it all the unfolding of life throughout the ups and downs.

My heart desire has always been to make you happy. If i am to sacrifice all to see you happy, i will be more than glad to. I remember each time i have gotten opportunities the first think of, is you.

How this opportunities sat with you are vital to me as i do not only live for me but for you too. Nothing sincerely seems to be more important to me than your happiness.

Your positive attributes are numerous, the reason that i have fallen in love with you every day. Let me start there.

You are one of the greatest men i have met. In the previous paragraph i spoke of i having opportunities. You have also done this for me so many times in your life. I know you have turned down good jobs and opportunities in your thought of me. Thank you for thinking me worthy to do that. I have never taken it for granted. You have fought for us always even when probably i had reached your last nerve.

You have never given up on us no matter what the situation was. You have never raised your voice at me or been rude to me. Each time you have always spoken to me in love and reason and if too angry chose to remain quiet. You have been persistent and resilient with us and each time pursued our relationship. You have been kind to me and always lead me to be better.

You have been stronger for us than most people would have been. You have been an amazing partner to me in this walk with i being challenged to be a better person.

It has been one of those relationships that have not been in vain but those that one carries in their hearts for the positive impact they have been.

relationship ups and downs letter

You have not reduced anything in my life since i met you only added. In our journey together we have had to grow and learn together along the way. A journey that is indeed mutual to each of us.

I loved you without restrictions, and without caution. I loved you wildly. In my head, I knew you could be better. I wanted to see that happen for you. I wanted to help you get to where you should be. I believed in you.

I loved you so deeply, I would have, and did do, anything on Earth for you. My expectations and whatever other struggles you faced were too much for you, and the pressure you put on yourself suffocated you.

A Letter to the Love of My Life -Inspiration Indulgence

Your eyes began to wander. You found what you were looking for, long before you actually ended it with me, which still hurts me more than you could ever know. Fast forward a few months from the day you told me someone else had more to offer, or at least, an easier pill for you to swallow: I gave you time to come back to me, I gave you space and I offered you my loving arms to return to. As I watched it happen, I felt pieces of myself, my soul, disintegrate and disappear.

I grew colder, I put a wall up around myself.

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  • An Open Letter To The Love Of My Life Who Ended Up Breaking My Heart
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Letting myself feel soft for you only hurt me worse. Now, you are upset that I refuse to be there for you like I used to be. I don't like people taking you for granted, and sometimes I don't like the misconceptions they have about you.

15 Love Notes From Couples Who Have The Relationship Thing Down Pat

What I don't like even more, is discussing these misconceptions in public. Though you may already know this, I thought I should start this letter from the problem itself. My rude remarks towards your friends in yesterday's party, were uncalled for. I am sorry I behaved in this particular manner and that somewhere, I embarrassed both of us.

Maybe I read more than I should have into what was being said.

relationship ups and downs letter

Whatever maybe the circumstance, I agree those words were completely unnecessary and uncivil. I am really, genuinely sorry about what happened and I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Please give me a chance to make it up to you in person. Let's put this incident behind us and look at better things in the future. Trust me, it was never my intention. Sometimes, things are complicated. The only way they can be made simple, is by ignorance. It was never by intention to lie to you, I never have had to.

And you know this. In all these years, we've shared our deepest feelings, our most complex emotions. Why then would I not tell you something so naive?

Yes, I did like John. However, this was before you came into my life.

relationship ups and downs letter

It wasn't something worth discussing because I never told John about it, and in just a few days, you had me fall head over heels for you. I still could have told you about it, but you and John being friends just complicated the whole thing.

relationship ups and downs letter

I'm sorry you had to know about this in these circumstances. I can completely understand how it must have been for you to get to know about this in front of so many people. It isn't their fault either, I'm sure they thought you knew.

relationship ups and downs letter

All I want to say is I'm sorry, and trust me, this apology means a lot to me.