Rikuo and yuki onna relationship tips

rikuo and yuki onna relationship tips

Rikuo Nura and yuki-onna from Nurarihyon no Mago / Nura: Rise of the. More information . Jennifer Valdez · Inner Nerd · Rikuo Nura & Tsurara Oikawa Manga Art, Manga Anime, Anime Art, Old Anime .. Rikuo Nura's Relationships .. Tsurara X Rikuo – Nurarihyon No Mago (Hints by the author). Male Figure, Anime. Tsurara said mean things about Kana, making Rikuo break Tsurara's heart and She lightly touched it with the tip of her fingers and realized what happened.. +. A Rikuo x Yuki Onna (Tsurara) community. Be it friendship, fraternal love, romantic love: this community aims to unite all the fanfiction focused on the relationship.

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Although it seems ridiculous, there is nothing insane anymore to her if it involves Rikuo. When Rikuo and Tsurara start dating, more than a few people are heartbroken, look inside to see their reactions A whole lot of fun, that's what.

Rikuo x Tsurara x human! She'll never win with Kana as her opponent. Kana is her master's most important person. Well, that's what she believed, is that the truth? Rikuo x Tsurara Oneshot. What would he do?

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Rikuo x Tsurara Yuki-Onna fic. Rated T for mild swearing and slightly suggestive theme. Yet, she still charged blindly at something that was never there.

Rikuo Nura's Relationships

He love her, yet they could never be together. Why oh why did the lord have to be so cruel? Will a heart-to-heart talk with Tsurara be able to clear him of his insecurities? Suddenly, the equipment in the gym collapsed, causing Rikuo to fall on top of her, and later even initiating a kiss. However, this was interrupted by Aotabou.

It is hinted that Rikuo has a crush on Tsurara in the tankobon when he was asked when will he marry Tsurara and blushed.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship tips

He is not above arguing with him if he thinks Karasu-Tengu's decisions are unnecessary. Because of his small size, Rikuo can easily swat Karasu-Tengu away if he's annoying him.

Kubinashi Kubinashi is loyal too, and cares a lot for, Rikuo. She is one of the two most loyal follower the other one is Tsurara of Rikuo. After Gyuki's attempt to kill him for the sake of the Nura clan, Rikuo learned of how devoted Gyuki is to the clan and his grandfather. Rikuo comes to respect Gyuki for this, no longer being frigthened of him.

He trusts Gyuki with guarding the western boundary of the Nura clan's territory. Following in the footsteps of his father, Hihi. But, if the logic is that the one who knows Rikuo better and for longer time will most likely win his heart, then the one who should be being shipped by the ones that hold this opinion is Tsurara and not Kana.

It usually equals cancelation. In other words, they say these similarities may be a foreshadowing that Rikuo and Kana will be together in the end.

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Other than appearance, she has nothing to classify her as similar to the past Nura wives, except a few events that were obviously parallels between the first generation of the Nura clan and the other two. I believe it was a paradoxal plot device with the story repeating itself yet with the love interests in reversed positions. She, in that aspect, is the opposite of Setsura, who was feared instead of loved. As concrete example of this, the chapter when Rikuo was fighting Hiruko while almost everyone at the main house was in panic, and Tsurara was the only one able to put them in order, was a lot like the mess that was the wedding between Nurarihyon and Youhime, when the latter exploded in the middle of the interrupted ceremony.

And the best part is that Nurarihyon and Rikuo never not obeyed. As for Tsurara, at the beginning of the story, no one would have ever expected her to become this useful. She was never even trained — all of her specialties were in the housework and keeping an eye on Rikuo.

That, to me, was a very pure and noble act of love, even with the disastrous results. Tsurara seems to have that same sort of love towards Rikuo. That is the best way of displaying she thinks his happiness is her happiness, and that she never asked to be loved in return. Is anyone there doubting Tsurara would do the same for Rikuo? Because she already does. At home, Tsurara shows the same dedication Wakana has of being useful. Everyone knows she has her aversions for high temperatures, yet one of the places she spends more time working at is one of the hottest of the whole house I think it only loses to the baths.

There were panels that showed how full of steam and smoke the place is, with Tsurara running around carrying heavy stuff, sweating. If working there can already be agonizing to a normal person, where would that leave a Yuki Onna? I believe you all recall the badass scene when Wakana reveals she carries a gun with her, so that she can defend herself and look more like a Yakuza woman.

Tsurara, too, upon seeing how weak she was, tried her best to become stronger and succeeded. The shot was enough to kill an elephant, but it was at most able to leave her unconscious for less than a minute.

And, finally, what all of them counting now with Setsura have in common: Sure, they are strong enough for her to care a lot about him, but not for her to stand up to him.

The thing is, Kana never has and never will risk anything for him. This post of mine explains why. Please, forgive my bluntness, but I think whoever says Kana had more character development than Tsurara needs to reread the whole manga.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship tips

I would tip my hat to anyone who could come up with another scene that could prove any other modification in her behavior or opinion about Youkai. Tsurara, however, had one of the greatest character developments in the whole list of NuraMago characters.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship tips

She grew together with Rikuo and became much stronger — mental, emotional and physically. She went from average martial arts section member to head-aide, commander of two clans one of which she herself foundedand a Kashimoto.

Or the huge-ass hammer that she used to kick the shit out of the sorry ass of the Tsukumogami that was making a mess out of Nishikigoi-gai? Or the ice skate for two? Tsurara seems to be the only female Rikuo feels completely comfortable with.

But I think the most suggestive thing Shiibashi-sensei ever showed about them was the cover of chapter 83, in which Rikuo and Tsurara were alone together. Rikuo was holding a traditional umbrella and seemed to be looking down at Tsurara while heart-shaped Sakura petals were falling over them.

As shown in some scenes from both the manga and the omakes, he dreams with her often and even mutters her name in his sleep. Rikuo and Tsurara were, more than once, mistaken for a couple and their words and actions towards each other were also more than once interpreted by the third party whoever it was as if they were meant to be romantic. There was once when he was sleeping at the science room and Mana went to wake him up, and, in his half-asleep state, he thought it was Tsurara.

As if on cue, Tsurara arrives to pick him up, and Mana is like: We can compare the difference between how he treats Kana from how he treats Tsurara in Youkai form as well. But the difference is only apparent enough when the scenes in question are not ones from battlefields, like the times when he accompanied them home at night.

After the hang-out at Bakenekoya, Kana is unconscious, and that is how he gets her to her place. It was a perfect opportunity for a romantic moment, like when Nurarihyon took Youhime home from Shimabara, yet there was nothing of that, exactly because Kana is drunk and asleep. It was purposefully wasted.

He was also being quite silly, I think. Still, he wanted her under his umbrella, so he used that as an argument. Shiibashi-sensei did not set borders for the romantic implications whatsoever in their case, unlike with Kana. We all know that Rikuo is a very prideful man that never downs his head to anyone — except Tsurara.