Russia and syria historical relationship

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russia and syria historical relationship

Syrian protesters waving Iranian, Russian and Syrian flags during a demonstration United States-Russia military relations, General Dunford's spokesman said. . The historic moments, head-spinning developments and. Amb. Anatoly Viktorov urges Jerusalem to coordinate better with Moscow on Syria, backs Abbas refusal to consider Trump peace plan, says calling Hamas. appeal directly to Russia's rational self-interest and support for Syria is mainly rooted in the historical relationship of the two countries and in respective.

He stated on Russian state media that: And the government of Syria should have felt that in due time and should have undertaken some reform.

Russia–Syria relations

Had they done that, what we're seeing in Syria today would have never happened. Mikhail Bogdanov stated that: The base does not have any strategic military importance".

There is a threat of their return to us.

russia and syria historical relationship

So, instead of waiting for their return, we are helping President al-Assad fight them". We all know that after the end of the Cold Wara single center of domination emerged in the world. We are all different.

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And we should respect that. No one has to conform to a single development model that someone has once and for all recognized as the only right one. Attempts to push for changes within other countries based on ideological preferences often led to tragic consequences and to degradation rather than progress.

It seems however, that far from learning from others' mistakes, everyone just keeps repeating them. And so the export of revolutions, this time of so-called "democratic" ones, continues.

Suffice it to look at the situation in the Middle East and North Africa. Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress we got violence, poverty and a social disaster. It is now obvious that the power vacuum created in some countries of the Middle East and North Africa led to emergence of anarchy areas. Those immediately started to be filled with extremists and terrorists. Tens of thousands of militants are fighting under the banners of the so-called " Islamic State ".

Russian involvement in the Syrian Civil War

And now the ranks of radicals are being joined by the members of the so-called "moderate" Syrian opposition supported by the Western countries. First, they are armed and trained, and then they defect to the Islamic State. Russia has always been firm and consistent in opposing terrorism in all its forms. Today, we provide military and technical assistance both to Iraq and Syria that are fighting terrorist groups.

We think it is an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian government and its Armed Forces We should finally acknowledge that no one but President Assad's Armed Forces and Kurd militia are truly fighting the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations in Syria.

russia and syria historical relationship

At least we would have used it more effectively from the point of view of fighting international terrorism. He also criticized the American decision not to share with Russia information regarding potential ISIL targets, adding that American side does not seem to have a clear understanding of what really happens in the country and what goals they are seeking to achieve.

Syrian Civil War peace process and U.

russia and syria historical relationship

Abdel Baset Seda, a member of the Syrian National Council 's executive committee, told Reuters that the SNC had not received any formal invitation for such talks, but would decline if one arrived: The plan also required the Syrian government and the opposition to come to the negotiating table.

The authorities affirmed that the fleet will be led by the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and also have a patrol vessel, an anti-submarine ship, and other vessels.

This was already planned fromwhen there were no such events existing there. It has not been an active preparation, and there is no need to cancel or postpone it," insisted the spokesman, who explained that the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov also will visit Beirut, Genoa and Cyprus.

Russia has been a major arms supplier to Syria since the Soviet era and political cooperation with Damascus has often been far more valuable to Moscow than money. Although financial interests now play a more important role in defining Moscow's approach to Syria than during the Cold War, political concerns still remained the cornerstone.

Russia and Syria have enjoyed friendly relationship. Syria supported Russia in its fight against terrorism. Russia and Syria used to cooperate much in construction industry, and many Syrian specialists had graduated from the Soviet universities. Over 40, graduates of Soviet and Russian universities live and work in Syria. Many of them hold leading positions in various spheres related to culture.

According to some, Syria remains Russia's only ally in the Middle East. But Yevgeny Satanovsky, who heads Russia's Middle East Institute, disagrees that Syria - or any other country in the region - can be considered Russia's "ally.

But what has Russia, or previously the Soviet Union, ever received in return? Instead, the Council only issued a presidential statement - a relatively mild, non-binding document - more than four months into the uprising, calling on Assad to put an end to violence and begin talks with the opposition.

Syria, which was the Soviet Union's main strategic ally in the Middle East throughout the s and the s, was simply dropped out of the list of Moscow's foreign policy priorities in the early s. Damascus perceived the break-up of the U. Damascus believed this 19 years ago, and many Syrians still think the same way.

russia and syria historical relationship