Saitama and genos relationship test

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saitama and genos relationship test

There are parts to Genos that Saitama found likeable, some parts his relationship with King being closest to the conventional concept of .. Don't worry , there'll soon be a non-punchable challenge coming that'll test this. Not by choice but by force because Genos would not leave him along. Hilarious. Its a relationship Saitama doesn't want anything to do with at. The Japanese manga series One-Punch Man contains a number of fictional characters created by One and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. The series follows a superhero named Saitama and his disciple Genos who . New heroes must take an exam in which 50% is a physical test, and the other 50% is a written exam and an.

However, that gave Garo a chance to fight again and beat him down as well as the entire tank top gang.

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Metal Bat is beaten down by Garo, but his "fighting spirit" lets him continue despite his injuries. He is always dressed up in a prisoner's uniform, and occasionally breaks out to capture criminals that he fancies or if there are some men that he likes that are in trouble. Among the known A-Class superheroes are: He facilitates the seminar welcoming Saitama and Genos to the Hero Association, but is irritated that they don't pay attention, so he tries to fight Saitama afterwards and is easily defeated.

He often has a lollipop in his mouth. His weapon of choice is a slingshotwhich he uses to fire golden balls made by a special metal that morph into bullets of various caliber and design. He uses a rapier called Tomboy that can coil like a spring and that can extend several street blocks. He and Golden Ball work together on missions. He is ranked 20 in A-Class. He was called to City Z to look for the rumored monster in City Z after the creature had defeated Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio, but he came to the scene after it was already beaten by Saitama.

He wields a spear called Bamboo Shoot. In the battle against the Clan of the Seafolk, he takes down many Clan members until the Sea King shows up and defeats him.

Iairon Rank 2 who wears an iron helmet and wields a long sword so that he resembles that of a medieval knight. During the fight, he loses his helmet and then his left forearm to Melzargard. During the attack at the Monster Association, he was one of the selected heroes sent to attack the enemy headquarters. During the attack at the Monster Association he was one of the selected heroes sent to attack the enemy headquarters; he fought together with Okama Itachi and Iaian against Devil Long Hair, killing him after a harsh battle.

He serves as a bodyguard to Sitch during the meeting with the criminals, but loses his hand to Garo. He serves as a bodyguard to Sitch during the meeting with the criminals. He wields a large kendama as his main weapon. He was sent alone to D-City to investigate the monsters there. He watches over W City. He and Heavy Kong fought Grizz-Meow, but were defeated.

The mask has made him more popular with kids. He uses a kusarigama to fight. He is seen in the battles against the Monster Association, Ch.

The B-Class superheroes who have recurred in the series are: He persuades the crowd to go against Saitama for being a poor hero who had damaged the town by shattering the meteor. He and Tank-Top Tiger then try to fight Saitama but are defeated. She is in charge of a large faction over 30 people Vol.

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As an espershe uses an "inborn psychic ability to defeat monsters". Her older sister is Tornado. That is before Genos.

Genos is the first person in the series that Saitama speaks to and opens up. Not by choice but by force because Genos would not leave him along. Its a relationship Saitama doesn't want anything to do with at first because he isn't looking for a student and he doesn't need more then 20 words in his life.

Genos wants unmatched power. His reasons for needing this for power is to defeat a crazed cyborg that ruined his life. So its unsurprising that after witnessing Saitama 'One Slapping' a monster with ease that he would beg Saitama to become his sensei. The goal being to become stronger.

What actually happens is why I they are my OTP. Genos doesn't give up and Saitama just learns to deal with it. And they become friends in a way. Genos is stubborn, persistent, highly enthusiasm, direct, and doesn't quit. He is the first person we see break through "The short interaction barrier" Saitama had around himself.

Genos is very interested in what Saitama has to say and do. Genos begins to look up to Saitama. I've said this before in previous discussion but Genos was a much colder, ruthless, and uptight person before Saitama. Before he quite realises what he's doing, he's placed a metallic hand over Saitama's. It won't take more than a few minutes. I'm very curious as to your nature. The moment Genos' golden irises meet his, however, his gaze quickly returns to the screen. He mutters something under his breath, and quickly clicks his answer.

Genos' eyes widen; he had picked the latter option without even thinking about it, and didn't think Saitama would do any different. He can almost feel the imperceptible frown on Saitama's face.

As if sensing his surprise, however, Saitama quickly clicks on the 'abhorrent' option. He scrolls down swiftly, past that question, as if it had never been considered at all.

The next question isn't much better, but there's no hesitation this time. Do you respect the leaders of your family? Genos' lips form a thin line. If your family had arranged your marriage to someone loathsome, would you: The next few questions pass pretty predictably, until question eight. Saitama again clicks on his answer without hesitation, and it is Genos who feels his heart twinge in phantom pain.

Do you become close to friends, or hold most people at a safe distance?


Have you ever betrayed a friend? He opens his mouth to ask, but Saitama shakes his head minutely. He holds his breath at the next question.

How do you view lifelong commitment to a single romantic partner? Same pick as Genos, then. A couple more questions pass, and then If you were injured and required immediate assistance, would members of your home town agree to help?

saitama and genos relationship test

Probably not, because I'm distrusted in my home town. There are many ignorant people in this world, yes, but there are just as many who cannot be so utterly blind that they do not see your contributions, your heart, your strength, your goodness.

saitama and genos relationship test

Do members of your home town shun, avoid, or mock you? Yes, their small minds can't handle anyone outside the norm. Some do, because I don't always fit in. Saitama settles for the second. He scrolls through the next few questions. They ask about political credibility. I just punch things. At least I know I can handle that. He can see why Saitama picks them — can see Saitama believing in these as the reasons for his actions. But from his own extensive observation and understanding of his sensei, he thinks his sensei thinks too lowly of himself.

He picks the options that seem to be the easy way out — No, because I might get caught. Of course, to pick such an option, Saitama would have to first believe that the nation trusted him at all.

And that, Genos knows, is a leap Saitama refuses to take.