Scandal 4x03 olivia and fitz relationship

I love this show and I love Olivia Pope, I love her history and her backstory She also buried the election scandal and has stood by Fitz through 4x David blackmailed a judge and the judge killed himself as a result. . How is it immoral to root for a relationship among people who don't exist in real life?. People would rather stay in a horrible relationship than face the prospect of being alone. . I can't wait for Olivia and Fitz to reunite so she breaks out of this spell . I have a podcasts that discusses Scandal and we had a great. About. The character of Olivia Pope is the protagonist of Scandal, portrayed by Kerry Washington. Olivia wants to keep her past romantic and sexual relationship with Fitz Grant from him, but Edison is persistent, .. 4x03 - Olivia-

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Scandal 4x03 - Fitz " dad in Vermont"

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