Seras and alucard relationship test

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seras and alucard relationship test

Online tests and testing for certification, practice tests, test making tools, medical And I already know that there is no relationship between Alucard and Seras. Nov 7, Seras being Alucard's servant and Alucard being Seras's master. Although the relationship appears to be just servant and master I think it goes. When questioned about them having a father/daughter relationship, the author answered "There's no one way to distinguish how they (Alucard and Seras) feel.

Alucard responds in kind, and just as the situation is about to become violent, Seras walks a group of elderly tourists between the two would-be combatants.

Remarking that the moment has "lost its magic" due to Seras, Alucard stands down, with Anderson Alucard in Rio de Janeiro. Later that evening, Alucard is seen reminiscing with Walter about Millennium's first destruction, and after an apparent memory lapse from Walter, remarks on how awful growing old must be.

Integra then arrives and charges Alucard to find and destroy Millennium in South America, and to take Seras and Pip with him. Upon his arrival, he and Seras still in a coffin check into a ritzy hotel and plan to meet Pip later that evening to begin their investigation. Having been told that Alucard and Seras are terrorists and receiving shoot-on-sight authorization, the SWAT team enters Alucard's room and shreds him to pieces with gunfire.

Alucard, however, simply regenerates and butchers the unit. As Alucard finishes, he witnesses the last member of the unit commit suicide, and appears to be infuriated by it.

When Seras objects to the slaughter of innocent humans, Alucard loses his temper and shouts at her that the rules of war do not allow for mercy to their enemies, regardless of who those enemies are.

When she nearly starts to cry, Alucard, seemingly regretting his outburst, reiterates his point more gently. After receiving confirmation of his search and destroy mission from Integra, Alucard charges Seras to take both their coffins to the roof of the hotel. When asked what he himself will be doing, Alucard replies that he still needs to "check out", and as such he will leave through the front door.

Upon exiting his room, Alucard is attacked by the remaining SWAT members, and he proceeds to sadistically and brutally massacre them. After killing the last SWAT members by impaling them on flagpoles, he is engaged by Alhambra in person. After a brief battle which causes serious collateral damage in the observing crowd, Alhambra manages to hit Alucard with several of his razor sharp, ultra durable playing cards, which Alucard appears to have some difficulty regenerating from initially.

The two of them make their way to the roof of the hotel, where Alucard releases his restriction seals and vanishes. After fending off an assault from Seras, Alhambra re-engages Alucard, only to have his knee inverted with a kick and his arm split lengthwise after a failed attempt to do the same to Alucard with one of his cards.

Alucard then consumes Alhambra to gain information on Millennium's plans, but gains only the limited knowledge that Alhambra himself had on Millennium, and thus receives an incomplete picture of their plans. As Alhambra's remains burn, Pip arrives with a helicopter and escapes with Alucard and Seras. Alucard and company then set up shop in a small Brazilian town after the fiasco in Rio, where from Alucard calls Integra to report in. He tells her that he is now aware of what Millennium is planning to do, and Integra orders him back to London after a small verbal jab from Alucard.

When Seras and Pip return apparently from buying groceriesthey begin to brainstorm how to return to London when Anderson kicks in the door. He and Alucard exchange a few hard punches before drawing weapons. Anderson, however, simply stakes a set of release papers to a wall, explaining that the Vatican will be providing their transport home. After exchanging a tender greeting with the Queen, Alucard reports on Millennium's plan to use their newly bred vampire army to avenge their defeat during WWII.

After the Major states his intentions, Alcuard tells him it will be a pleasure to destroy Millennium again and blows Schrodinger's head off as per Integra's orders. Integra, Walter, and Alucard journey to London to devise a way to recapture the ship. After listing and shooting down several possibilities, Walter comes up with the idea to use a modified SR to get Alucard to the Eagle.

Alucard then uses the plane to fly over the Eagle, well out of weapons range, and then to nosedive straight towards the ship before it can get it's engines started.

As he moves to confront a terrified Rip, the Nazi soldiers attempt to kill him while Rip retreats. Alucard brushes off their attack and butchers the lot of them. He then moves to confront Rip again, who gathers her courage and attempts to blast him into the ocean with her magic bullets.

Right on the verge of falling off the ship, Alucard casually catches the bullet in his mouth and shatters it. He then punches Rip, stakes her to a wall with her own gun, and devours her.

After consuming Rip, he lets out a maniacal laugh as the Major prepares his troops to attack London. Despite the strategy of stranding in the ocean as vampires cannot cross waterhe manages use his shadows to take control and sail the stalled ship. Alucard begins his journey back to London on board the Eagle as Millennium burns London, opposed only by an advance force of Iscariot lead by Alexander Anderson. Covering his arrival in a city-wide cloud of fog, he leaps from the Eagle situated in the Thames riverand floats down between the Vatican forces and the Last Battalion, about to engage each other.

Alucard shouts to Integra to give him an order, and she responds by ordering him to kill every one of Hellsing's enemies. To this end, she orders him to release Level Zero, Alucard's final and most devastating form. Every one of his enemies is overcome by dread as he initiates his release, sensing the horror that is to come, and attack him.

Anderson and The Captain, seeing their attacks have no effect on Alucard, retreat while the Vatican and Millennium soldiers continue desperately to attack him.

Ultimately, they are unable to harm him, and the shadow matter Alucard's body was reduced to during the joint attack on him envelopes his foes like a tidal wave. As the shadow matter spreads throughout the city, human bodies begin to rise out of it, revealing that Level Zero is in fact the release of all the souls Alucard has devoured in corporeal form.

As the one sided carnage draws to a close, Alucard greets Integra and Seras, acknowledging his pride in Seras for finally becoming a true vampire.

He is then attacked by Anderson in the middle of this reunion. Telling his arch enemy to come and kill him if he can, the two engage in a duel, with Alucard in his Vlad Tepes form wielding a broadsword. When Anderson backs off to throw his bayonets at Alucard, Alucard shifts back to his Count-form and draws his guns, introducing Anderson to the Jackal. Anderson charges Alucard again, only to have the majority of his left upper arm blown off by the Jackal.

Alucard then leaps behind a swarm of his familiars, out of reach of Anderson, who is then peppered with Alhambra's cards and shot by Rip Van Winkle's bullet. Badly hurt, with the wound in his left arm not regenerating, Anderson pauses to catch his breath while Alucard mocks him with the seemingly impossible odds of actually killing him. Anderson, disregarding these odds, prepares to charge into the familiar horde, with Alucard looking on approvingly.

As Anderson cuts his way to Alucard, Alucard revels in the thought that Anderson might be the human opponent he has been searching for; the one who might actually kill him.

These priests engage in suicide bomber tactics to provide a path to Alucard for Anderson, which he utilizes successfully. Horrified, Alucard shouts to him not to do it, telling him that he had enough strength as a man to win and begs him not to make the same mistake that he Alucard made. Anderson declines, saying that he does not wish to be a man, but a terrible storm of heartless, tearless piety, and stabs the nail through his own heart. Alucard, beside himself with fury, walks up to Anderson and points the Casull at him, screaming at him for his foolishness, but Anderson cuts off the arm with the Casull and Alucard's head in one motion.

His headless body then blows off Anderson's head in return. As the two of them fall back, their bodies catch themselves and start to regrow their lost pieces. Alucard's pieces reappear as their usual shadow matter, but Anderson's head regrows as a half human mass of thorny vines.

Alucard then unloads upon Anderson, blowing off numerous chunks of the priest's body, but to no avail. He then shoots a Jackal round at the nail itself, only for the bullet to be stopped in mid flight by Anderson's vines.

Anderson, smiling, then leaps into the air and casts a bayonet at Alucard's head, impaling him and doing the first real damage to ever be dealt to him. Vines erupt from the blade in Alucard's head and set him aflame, burning his horde of familiars which is just an extension of his form as well.

Alucard then has flashbacks concerning his past possibly his life flashing before himand relives being sodomized by a Turkish high ruler and losing his war against them. These visions culminate in his decision to become a vampire as he is about to be executed. Fortunately for him however, Seras intervenes and grabs Anderson's blade, preventing the monster of God from cutting Alucard further. She is quickly consumed by the burning vines as well, but holds out, screaming for Alucard to awaken.

As she is about to be overcome, Alucard regains his senses and takes hold of the blade as well. He sadly tells Anderson that, as a monster, he cannot win, and proceeds to somehow consume Anderson's vines and shatter his blade. As the vines dissolve, Alucard transforms into his jumpsuit form and charges Anderson. Anderson attempts to stop him with more vines but to no avail; Alucard plunges his hand into Anderson's chest, removes both the Nail and Anderson's heart, and rips him in half.

As Anderson's pieces fall, Alucard closes his hand upon the heart and the Nail, destroying them both. Instead of gloating or laughing as with his other defeated foes, Alucard is overcome by grief and screams at Anderson for making the same mistake that he did and start to quietly sob.

Anderson quietly laughs however, and says to Alucard "Monsters don't cry. And that's why you became one, isn't it? So you wouldn't have to.

The scene of mourning is then interrupted by a rejuvenated Walter descending from the sky onto Anderson's crumbling remains. Walter explains to his former family how he has betrayed Hellsing of his own free will, and Alucard tells him sorrowfully that his old body was far more beautiful than his new, immortal one. As he sadly kneels in Anderson's ashes, Walter shouts at him to stand up and fight.

Alucard then asks Integra to reaffirm her kill order which she does, to the delight of not only Alucard, but The Major Walter as well. Walter initially seems to have the upper hand since most of Alucard's fighting methods are useless against him. Alucard then creates a hellhound out of his body, nicknamed "Baskerville" by Walter, who cuts it in half.

A disgusted and confused Luke Valentine crawls out of its body, much to the amusement of Alucard. The hound's corpse and Luke are both then hijacked by Walter's wires, and he begins to control them like puppets. As he uses them however, Walter's wires go slack and he coughs up blood due to his hasty transformation.

Alucard then shoots the controlled Luke and dispatches the hound after being bitten in half by it. Walter then re-engages a regenerated Alcuard himself, cutting his arms and legs off, slicing his torso in half, and suspending him in the middle of the room with wires. After collapsing and regressing in age, Walter then picks up a piece of re-bar and impales what he believes to be Alucard through the heart with it.

In actuality, it was only the body of Luke Valentine disguised as Alucard who, now in the form of a young girl, snappishly punches Walter. This blow causes Walter to revert back to his year-old body, with Alucard theorizing as to the cause of his regression. Alucard then taunts Walter, telling him that he was afraid of becoming old and useless, and that his victory over Alucard would just provide a self esteem boost.

Alucard then begins to absorb the blood from the deceased inhabitants of London and the two defeated militaries. Alucard continues to absorb the city's dead as Walter vertically bisects him with his wires, which is as futile as his other attacks.

Alucard then grabs Walter, who appears to have given up at this point, contemptuously mocks him and Anderson for their respective failures, and prepares to kill Walter. Alucard inadvertently absorbs his soul as he drinks, and when he does, The Major claims that Alucard has lost. The vampire arrogantly mocks him for saying so, but as he does, he sees the sun rise.

As he gazes at it, he recalls that whenever he thought he was about to die, he saw the sun rise in just the same manner. This time however, for some reason, it seems more beautiful to him than ever before, and he starts to disappear as the Major explains to Integra what is happening. Integra shouts an order at Alucard not to disappear, but as his numerous eyes continue to close, he tells Integra that there is nothing he can do, and bids her farewell as he closes his final two eyes.

All that is left is a bloodstained Hellsing pentagram in one of the cobblestones in the street. In the final chapter, Alucard re-appears in Integra's bedroom after a 30 year absence. He approaches a sleeping Integra and leans down, apparently with the intention of biting her.

Before he can do so however, Integra wakes up and unloads a handgun into him, knocking him to the floor. The commotion alerts Seras, who kicks open the bedroom door and turns on the lights.

The two women find themselves staring at Alucard, who is sitting up against the wall regenerating. Integra, now as an old woman, asks him to explain what he was doing this whole time, and he tells her that he was killing his own lives except for one so that he could exist with Schrodinger's powers.

seras and alucard relationship test

She asks him if he is hungry, to which he responds that, after 30 years of not eating anything, of course he is.

When Integra regretfully comments on how old she is now, Alucard simply tells her that it is fine with him. She then smiles, bites her finger, and gives him a drop of blood as Alucard, having finally earned his right to immortality, licks. Powers and abilities Alucard demonstrates, in various incarnations of the series, an astonishing and overwhelming range of supernatural attributes; these include, but are probably not limited to: This ability is rather ambiguous, as Alucard, himself has stated that immortality is a myth.

However, what it most likely refers to is the human souls inside Alucard; it has been speculated that, when damaged by blow that would have killed or incapacitated him such as exceedingly holy weapons, the damage is instead directed to his reservoir of souls.

Because this ability does not really grant him true immortality, it can be considered as pseudo-immortality. However, after "Monster of God" Anderson destroyed the rest of Level 0, Alucard was still able to regenerate on par with him.

This was on par with Alucard before releasing Level 0. However, the "soul count" theory is just a fan theory, and has never been definitively proven. It was also specualted by Anderson that this was the reason for him not being able to kill Alucard. Alucard may have kept at least a few souls in his body to use for regeneration after releasing level 0.

seras and alucard relationship test

Alucard's ability to regenerate is considerably greater than any other vampire's. He has regenerated from a pool of blood and from being decapitated, blown to shreds by gunfire, incinerated completely, etc. When damaged to an extreme extent, his body simply turns into a shadow-like substance and reconstitutes.

Exceedingly holy weapons have been shown to incapacitate him for a time, but even Anderson augmented with Helena's Nail could do no long term harm to him. While regenerating against Anderson, he became a shadow entity at one point. Alucard has been known to hit targets at great range using handguns while looking the other way.

He does this by using his so-called 'third eye'. The extent is unknown, but Alucard can physically rip humans and vampires apart with ease. He can slice through Tubalcain's card which are sharp and strong enough to easily cut through a uranium shell propelled at it without the slightest damage to the card. He was able to stab through Alexander Anderson, infused with the Nail of Helena, in the heart and kill him while the Casull did not have noticable imapct on a human Anderson.

He can move faster than the eye can see, such as when he seemingly appeared to be a glint of light like artificial vampires have shown in his fight with Tubalcain. He's fast enough to keep up with a vampirized Walter Dornez, who was shown to be able to outpace bullets from machine guns when he was human.

He has demonstrated the ability to catch bullets both Rip Van Winkle's and ordinary ones. The ability to pass through solid objects. The ability to defy gravity to an uncertain limit. He is also seen leaping impossible distances and can walk up vertical surfaces. Manipulation of shadows into physical form, which he can then use however he wishes.

Alucard can transform himself or parts of himself into bats, insects, snakes, hell hounds, other human forms including a little girl, an amorphous mass of darkness, and many other forms.

seras and alucard relationship test

Alucard has four known human forms, each with different characteristics and weapons. He also states that his form means nothing and that he can take any form that he chooses. The ability to control the weather to an unknown limit, as demonstrated by the fog created when he returned to London aboard the H.

The ability to cast illusions, such as when he tricked Walter into seeing Luke Valentine as himself. The ability to disappear and reappear somewhere else. He also has the ability to levitate. He also launched six SWAT officers into the air and guided them to flag poles where they were impaled.

Alucard is later seen moving a broken down air-craft carrier from the Gulf of Italy to the Dover of London all in a little less than 40 minutes. Alucard can speak telepathically to his fledgling.

Mind Reading Mind Control and Hypnosis: As a standard for a vampire, he has precognition, the ability to see into the immediate future, which allows him to predict the movements of the humans he's fighting. According to Pip, a vampire can easily dodge a bullet with their ability to predict human movements. The ability to summon familiars, the souls of those whose blood he has sucked in a variety of forms that either sprout from his body or swarm around him as an army numbering in the millions.

These familiars can also include animals such as horses and the weapons and abilities that the familiars possessed in life, but Alucard can only use this ability when Control Art Restriction System Level Zero is released. The familiars can come in two ways, one is similar to a ghoul, mindless and constantly moaning in pain, while the other is the soul manifesting exactly how it was when it was alive, personality, powers, and all.

A Complicated Relationship – Simplified, a hellsing fanfic | FanFiction

It's unknown if vampires have control of how they want their familiars to manifest, or if the soul loses its personality traits although the former seems more likely. The ability to suck a person's blood and absorb their soul and, consequently, their knowledge and memories. He learns more about Millennium after absorbing Tubalcain.

He can also absorb blood through his clothes and skin, as he does with Luke Valentine's blood after his hell hound had eaten Luke's body. Alucard can draw in blood over vast distances at least throughout the city of London. Alucard is able to survive long periods of time without consuming blood, but is able to fight at a usual level of strength after drinking even the smallest bit of blood.

Immunity to Vampiric Weaknesses: His abilities and health are not in any way compromised by such things as sunlight or silver.

In fact, it appears that the only weapons capable of harming him to any real extent are the most holy of Christian artifacts, such as Father Anderson after augmenting his abilities with Helena's Nail a nail, which was from the True Cross, which crucified Jesus Christ, and was blessed in his blood but even that did no permanent, or even lasting, damage.

The ability to sense supernatural activity In The Dawn, a prequel to Hellsing, Alucard knew the Captain was a werewolf the moment he saw him, and in the OVA, he could see the blessings on Father Anderson's bayonets as well as the holy barrier preventing their escape. In addition to his superhuman abilities, Alucard also possesses centuries of combat experience. While he usually relies on crushing his opponents with sheer power, he does at times use strategy.

When he fought Alhambra, Alucard used shadow duplicates to distract him, allowing Alucard to close the distance between them and deliver the death blow.

This grants him the ability to exist wherever and however he wishes to. He can also exist in multiple places at once using this power, and he can appear in astral realms being physically present in a person's mind for example. However, the ghoul army formed by the devoured souls in Alucard may be one of these alterations. Dracula didn't use this ability against Prof. In addition, Van Helsing admitted that they had destroyed all of the vampire's servants which means these servants can't re-appear in Maybe by some process the Hellsing Organization made advantage of the terrifying amount of the souls restored in Alucard, and made it possible to release them on the battlefield in Control Art Restriction System Level Zero.

Also, the Major seem to know much about Alucard's release states. It's possible that Alucard may have not had this ability during Dracula, but naturally got them later on, without Hellsing's interference, as Alucard expected Luke to summon his familiars during their battle. This contradicts the theory that this is exclusive to Alucard. It's possible that a soul is taken in by a vampire only when the victim is allegible to be a ghoul, and that the vampire is required to order the ghoul to "rise", which Alucard may simply not want to do.

The other possibility is that the ghoul-making ability of the Millennium's vampires is a weakened form of this soul restoration; they can't store the souls like their exemplar, Alucard, but they can use the zombified victims in combat.

This theory can be true for other vampires as well, if Alucard was the first vampire walking on the Earth. Weapons Alucard is an exceedingly lethal combatant even when unarmed, due to his extensive supernatural abilities and strength, but he also uses various weapons in battle. These have included swords, machine guns, and traditional vampire-slaying tools such as stakes and crosses. Perhaps Alucard's feelings were more logical than this.

She could walk, talk and fight. She'd even helped him out on occasion, such as during that final confrontation with the Paladin. And as time dragged on she would continue to improve. Perhaps one day her powers would even rival his own — the potential was there. However, that day was a long ways off yet. At present she could provide assistance, but was nowhere near up to the task of shouldering an equal burden in a true 'do-or-die' battle — much less protecting him from any kind of physical harm.

And yet, the feelings he had while staring at the small form in his arms were unquestionably those of safety She trusted him, loved him. And for a self confessed monster with a past of abuse and betrayal, such a thing was as comforting as it was novel.

It wouldn't last of course, not indefinitely. Her heart had already been turned from him once, by the French mercenary who's soul she now possessed. Eventually it would happen again, and she'd leave him, as they always did. The only other possibility was a million to one shot at best and offered no more pleasant alternative.

Nothing was forever, no, not even among their kind. Either she would choose to leave him And on that day, he would weep or perhaps she would, were he the one slain.

However, she would never know this.

seras and alucard relationship test

Whether she died or left him for another she would never know just how deeply that loss would sting him, the scars it would leave on the charred, withed remnants of his heart. No, Alucard had learned long ago that it was foolish to display one's vulnerabilities to anyone. Once known, they could be exploited. Better to play things close to the vest, and never let anyone — even the object of your affection — know just how much your happiness was tied to theirs.

No, "I love you," and even "I need you," were words that she would never hear not from him at least. But he would always hold her close to him once she'd fallen asleep.

He would always be there for her when she woke up. She could call upon him for companionship anytime she desired, and he would answer that call. He was not a 'nice guy', nor what many would call a 'good man'. But whatever goodness, whatever empathy and compassion remained within him, whatever spark of human decency he still possessed She was everything to him, though she would never know it.

He'd spent thirty years slaughtering the souls that dwelt within him — thirty years of self mutilation so that he could return to a world that hated him and an un life he despised. He'd done it all for her, just to see her smiling face once more, the only one who never questioned his return, who knew all along that he'd be back for her. Perhaps it didn't matter whether or not he told her how he felt.

Perhaps she knew already. Was that why her faith had never wavered during his long by human standards anyway absence? Was that why her face seemed so calm, so serene, as she laid in his arms and embraced him in her sleep?