Setsuna and marina relationship advice

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setsuna and marina relationship advice

Not to mention Setsuna and Marina's clear dismissal of any romantic notions in 00S2, without any hesitation, second thoughts, or conflicting. Feldt eventually developed feelings for Setsuna F. Seiei. her parents along with Chall Acustica's consultation, her real name is not known. Relationships. (مارینا اسماعیل Marina Ismail) is a fictional character of Mobile Suit Gundam Marina asked Setsuna if her action was out of line, but he answered no. .. Besides their political relationship, Shirin and Marina seem to be very close friends.

It isn't meant to keep humanity united for long period and probably can't anyways. Those probably fall on Innovation to facilitate strong QB bonds among humans as a communication medium and actual society trying to foster a unified culture. And of course, the other purpose of Trans-Am Burst is to help facilitate mass Innovation.

That one time Setsuna used Trans-Am Burst in S2 started the Innovation of a lot of people that we see in the movie who are developing as Innovators. Even the sidestory doesn't cover them. I don't think 00I covers much TBH. From a society perspective, 00N covers a bit of that in the last chapters but all the side stories deliberately avoid mentioning the main characters in any capacity.

To support her would throw the nation in to further turmoil and felt he was better served as the voice of the conservative party to temper their emotions for a more stable country. This caused some civil unrest amongst the conservative population, as many citizens are xenophobic and weary of foreign interference. With the help of her top political aid, Shirin Bakhtiarshe hopes to salvage Azadistan to make it a better country.

Meeting Setsuna While in Scotland for negotiations, Marina noticed a young boy in a cycle, pursuing a terrorist. She saved him from arrest, believing he was a citizen of her nation. Marina and Setsuna found a quiet area of a park to chat. Marina asked Setsuna if her action was out of line, but he answered no. Marina asked if Setsuna was from her own nation, but he angrily replied that he was from the fallen Republic of Krugis. Realizing Setsuna's nationality made conversation awkward since Azadistan subjugated KrugisMarina replied, "Krugis I don't know what to say I didn't introduce myself, did I?

I'm Marina Ismail" Setsuna gave away an alias, "Kamal Majirif" Marina wondered if he was in Scotland as a tourist, but Setsuna didn't want to answer further more and decided to walk off.

setsuna and marina relationship advice

Marina didn't want the conversation to end, "W-Wait! I want to talk to you some more, please Marina talked to Setsuna about Azadistan's foreign policy. I'm sure you know, Kamal, but Azadistan is being split between the Conservative and Reformist parties. In order to rebuild the economy of Azadistan, with the oil output regulated, we need the Solar Energy System. However, the Solar Energy System is what made our lives difficult in the first place.

The conservatives don't approve of it at all. If the fighting doesn't stop, they'll be sure to come. Stopping war with force is just It's true fighting is despicable, but the typical way they intervene, I don't think they'll ever make it a reality.

There are countries that have had their economies completely devastated.

setsuna and marina relationship advice

I wonder if they think they're some sort of Gods" Setsuna commented, "Then there are battles, people will die. They're using force to reach their goals without even attempting to solve things peacefully.

Feldt Grace

Doesn't that strike you as odd? You must have been so young then I still fight" His words frightened Marina, but she still asked, "Are you with the conservatives!?

Did you come to kill me? The world would not change. My codename is Setsuna F. One of Celestial Being's Gundam Meisters. If the fighting continues, expect us to come to Azadistan.

Celestial Being was able to save Rasa and Exia returned him to the palace, unarmed. Together, they pledge to restore order to Azadistan. Letter from Setsuna In the aftermath of Operation Fallen Angels, Marina receives an e-mail from Setsuna, asking her about some of the lesser aspects of humanity: By the time you read this Armed interventions to put an end to war, I'm unable to do anything but fight for Celestial Being.

You taught me what it means to fight back then, just like Gundam.

setsuna and marina relationship advice

I wanted to know why our world is so terminally distorted. Where did that distortion come from? Why there are people who are unconsciously evil?

Why people don't know that their evil hurts others. Why is humanity an existence which only conflicts with itself? Why are there people who rule and those who are ruled? Why do we wound each other? In spite of all this, why do people go on living like they do? I wanted to ask you That being the case, I will seek out the same thing on a different path than yours. Down the path towards mutual human understanding for the answer.

I'll keep looking for it, together with my Gundam. For two years, she continued to visit diplomats and world leaders for political aid, but with little success. I finally fell asleep after comforting myself the idea of being strong for my people, for my children. Well, adopted children, of course. I never fell in love, even after all my adopted children grew up and married on their own.

They tried encouraging me to find someone to live the rest of my life with, but I assured them that I was completely happy living alone for as long as my kingdom was happy. I was in a ripe age of sixty-five when I decided to retire from princess-hood. I didn't have any children of my own, so I entrusted my role to someone much more capable than me.

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A young man from the Azadistan's council, the only son of Klaus and Shirin. With the ideals and wisdom passed down from his parents, I was sure that Azadistan would be in good hands.

More than when I ruled the kingdom. I moved into the countryside, in a tiny house surrounded by colorful and sweet-smelling flowers. After all these exhausting years of trying to do what's right, I needed to get away and spoil myself during my retirement. I lived a good life, and I would gladly wait for my time to pass while playing a soothing tune on the piano. My princess role was over, and now I could be a self-entertaining musician.

I wondered if Setsuna would be happy for me. I saddened at the thought of him. It's been years since I stopped crying for him. His comrades from Celestial Beings were living happily, I heard. Feldt, the woman who loved Setsuna, had found a good man three years after Setsuna's disappearance. They married and had three beautiful children and several grandchildren. I was glad for her, that she ended up happy and living her life with her love permanently by her side.

The little girl who asked me if I were lovers with Setsuna, Milleina I think, was happily married and had several playful kids as well. Good for her, I thought. Allelujah Haptism and Marie Parfacy were happy together as well. They've been travelling a lot for years, sometimes stopping by Azadistan at times. And sometimes, the cheerful man who called himself Lockon would come along with them, mostly travelling alone.

The last time they've visited the kingdom during my reigning years, the couple brought a child with them. She must've been adopted though. Marie informed me that she was incapable of giving birth because of the past experiments that were done to her.

Marina Ismail

The others of whom I never really communicated with, I imagine that they would be happy as well. Everyone was happy, despite a few setbacks. Even I was happy for them, and even after three decades of no longer keeping contact with each other, I was grateful that we all lived to see the peaceful era. The world was full of Innovators since then, and people began to reach an understanding of one another. Good enough to refrain from having another pointless war.

And that was what everyone preferred for the time being. I thought I was completely in peace with myself after knowing that everything was alright. But one day, it all changed completely. Because one day, during my secluded life as an eighty-one year old spinster, Setsuna came back. I was playing the piano that day, reminiscing the times when my adopted children and their children would come visit and sing along with my song.

I was blind for the last decade, but still, I endured and continued living. But my other senses became more acute, and I heard someone entering my home, his feet softly stepping onto the wooden floor. The voice that I so longed to hear after so many decades. It was as if a part of heaven suddenly shone upon my withered self.

I was about to turn my head when I felt my eyes being concealed by his warm tough hands. It didn't make a difference, I thought, because I was already blind. But suddenly, I felt something different, something "refreshing". I felt my skin tighten, and the greying hair that was originally in a thick bun fell down to my waist. And as Setsuna uncovered my eyes, I caught my breath as I dared to open my eyes.

I could see the contents of my tiny cabin again. I spotted the garden of bright flowers outside the door, seeing the bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds right above them. Tears threatened to spill as I took in the vibrant colors and visible shapes in front of my eyes. And then, I felt for the hands that gave back my sight, and I realized that he had restored my youth as well, seeing the absence of the wrinkles on my hands and feeling the smoother surface of my face.

Not letting go of his hands, I turned around.