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Jake Muller, also known as Jake Wesker, is the illegitimate son of late Umbrella she met Wesker, had a relationship with him and then got pregnant with his child. Just as he defeated the J'avo, a young woman by the name of Sherry Birkin. A new video from Capcom shows the relationship between Jae Muller, the son of Albert Wesker, and Sherry Birkin, from Resident Evil 2. In an attempt to have a "normal" relationship, Sherry convinces Jake to go Sherry Birkin called from the living room that her boyfriend, Jake Muller - a name she still wasn't used to calling Jake even after a Post Review.

You saved the world because you are a good person. Instead he leaned and gently pressed his lips into Sherry's, his arms wrapping around her. How much faith Sherry had in him and the man he was was amazing to Jake. No one had his much faith in Jake ever - not even his mother. His hands cupped the sides of her beautiful face as her hands ran down his neck and shoulders, his eyes staring into hers. I love you, Sherry Birkin. Sherry smiled and stood on her toes to press her lips into his lips, wrapping her arms around him.

Jake rarely said that he loved her and Sherry was fine with this. She didn't need to hear it a lot, even if she loved and appreciated the sentence. Sherry smiled and unlocked her car door, nodding towards the car. Though he was used to her bossiness, Jake did not like it. Sherry started up her car and started to drive to her apartment across town.

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The pair sat in silence, not feeling the need to fill every moment with noise. Though he loved listening to Sherry talk, Jake was always thankful for the moments to be alone with his thoughts. Typically, his thoughts would be plagued with thoughts of the girl next to him, but when he was with her, not so much. At the moment, his thoughts were on his mother. He wondered if his mother would have liked Sherry.

Once upon a time, his mother was his world - his reason for living. Jake loved his mother then and he still did. His missed his mother everyday, hated Wesker for leaving them - leaving her to raise a child on her own and to end up dying from an illness that could have easily been cured, and Jake hated himself for not being able to make enough money in time to help her. Jake turned to look at the blonde, his eyebrow raising at her. He licked his lips and nodded, bringing his hand to the handle.

Jake opened the car door and climbed out, walking over to her as she climbed out. Holding her keys in her hand as she walked over to the door to her apartment building. Normally, she wouldn't ask him what he was thinking, but he looked so pained while he was thinking.

Sherry nodded, leaving it at that. She understood that Jake didn't like talking about his mother - since Sherry didn't either. Neither of them pushed each other to talk about things like that, even though they both knew they would have to sooner or later, but neither of them wanted to at the moment.

Sherry walked up to the elevator and pressed the call button, waiting with Jake next to her. Jake looked at her for a few seconds before minutes before stepping in the elevator.

Sherry knew that Jake hated when she started to say something, then let it go. Sherry sighed and looked over at him, pursing her lips. She wasn't really sure how Jake would react to the question since they never talked about these things. Sherry smiled and let her hand hold the hand that rested on her shoulder. Jake was sitting on her couch, eating one of Sherry's apples - earning a scoff from the blonde.

Of course he could eat her apples but refuse to share his own. Jake turned to Sherry as he was bringing the apple to his mouth. When he caught sight of his twenty-eight year old girlfriend, Jake dropped the apple to the floor, gawking at Sherry. Not having had access to her building's laundry room, she choose to wear a black dress she'd only wore a few times out with Claire.

The dress came down to the middle of her toned, milky white thighs. Sherry considered wearing leggings or tights, but she decided against it knowing how much Jake loved her legs. A black cardigan rest on one of her arms, a white beret fitted on the back of her head.

She looked up as she put on the cardigan on her thin arms with a smile. Jake swallowed and nodded slowly. She went into the kitchen toss the apple in her trash can as she spoke. Sherry dropped the apple in the trashcan. She shut the can and washed her hands, looking back at him.

Sherry chuckled at the look of pure jealously on his face, stepping closer to him. Jake grunted, turning his head away from her as he crossed his arms. Sherry raised an eyebrow and shook her head. You keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. She put her bag on her shoulder and turned to look at the surly look on his face.

What are you going to do about it, Grumpy? Jake didn't really care about being grumpy, as his mother called it him a few times when he was younger. The only thing Jake was really focusing on was her legs and the places he could wrap them around. His waist, his neck, propped up against his shoulders.

This was going to be a long night. He glanced away from her and turned his attention to the friggin forest of apple trees. The twenty-two year old wasn't sure if he'd ever seen so many apples before, and for someone for who loved apples, Jake was in apple heaven. She wasn't oblivious to the look the woman gave Jake's scar, reaching a hand back to find his hand, gently squeezing his hand.

Jake turned back to look down at Sherry, a soft chuckle leaving his lips. He didn't mind the staring, it was something he was used to, but he found the way Sherry would react to it adorable.

Sherry nodded and took the baskets as Jake pulled out his wallet, putting the change in his wallet.

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As the woman let the two in, Jake glanced down at a playfully glaring Sherry. He pressed the apple close to his nose, inhaling the sweet scent of apple.

Jake shrugged his shoulders and looked over at her. And the man pays for the date. Sherry smiled and hooked her arm through his, her hand resting on his bicep. Jake involuntarily flexed as she touched his arm, earning a soft giggle from Sherry. Sherry stepped under an apple tree, her hands cupping apples and inspecting them before pulling them from the tree and placing them in her basket.

She thought back to one of her favorite movies, Wizard of Oz and the scene were one of the talking trees begins throwing apples at Dorothy.

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Eying the tree suspiciously to make sure it wasn't going to throw apples at her, Sherry placed another apple in her basket. If some of the guys who I worked with in Edonia could see me right now She unlocked the screen and loaded her camera up, turning to look at Jake.

As he heard the shutter go off several times, he advanced towards her. Sherry rolled her eyes at the all too familiar look and continued to walk along the path, picking apples but still keeping count of how many apples she had to make sure she had enough money for them all. Jake blew hot air from his nose, falling back a few steps behind Sherry so he could watch her walk, especially those beautiful legs.

His eyes raked down her body again, licking his lips as he imagined pushing her up against one of the apple trees, wrapping those legs around her waist and fucking her into oblivion. Sherry glanced back at her boyfriend, raising an eyebrow at the look on his face. Jake's large, calloused hands cupped the back of her thighs suddenly, running his hands up her bare, smooth skin.

Any guy could look at these beautiful legs. She gasped at his forcefulness, her hands pressing against his shoulder. Jake's angry growling sent shivers down her spine and to her most intimate places.

The blonde had been in an incredibly horny state since her speech from last night and his forcefulness and growling were just not helping. Jake smirked and pressed his lips back into hers, one hand slipping in-between her legs. His fingers ran over the cotton fabric of her underwear, smirking at how turned on she already was. Jake pushed her underwear to the side, letting his middle finger swipe through her folds, his finger almost immediately becoming soaked.

Sherry gasped, her fingers gripping his broad shoulders. His skilled, rough finger felt so good buried inside of her warm, wet heat. Sherry's breath hitched in her throat, her wide eyes looking around to make sure no one could see them. Though there was no one in her sights, she was still terrified that someone was going to see them. His own breath was heavy from his own actions, surprised at how frickin wet she was. Jake turned his head and pressed kisses along her jawline and neck, a second finger joining his finger inside of her.

Sherry whimpered loudly as his fingers slowly began pumping inside of her. As his fingers quickened inside of her, her juices ran down his wrist and hand. He knew every trick with her body, every way to get her over the edge quickly - but the bastard wasn't using any of them. He was torturing her. Her breath quickened as another finger entered her, earning a yelp from Sherry as her hips jerked into his hand in desperation. She gasped and pressed her lips into Jake's in an attempt to stifle her moans.

Getting arrested for having sex at an apple orchard was not on her bucket list. Jake groaned softly into her lips, the suffocating feeling from his jeans becoming too painful.

He sighed as the pressure was taken off his erection, Sherry's eyes glancing down at his impressive size.

Though she was mentally used to his length, her 'super power' made it impossible for her to be physically used to it right off the bat. Sherry pressed her lips into Jake's, pressing her body against his. Jake licked his lips and slightly cursed himself for not having a condom on hand, wondering if he should risk it. It wasn't like this was a one night stand, if Sherry got pregnant he wouldn't abandon her like his father had done to his mother.

She needed him, needed some kind of relief from what he was doing to her. Jake nodded and removed his fingers, weakly chuckling at her whimper of protest from his actions. Simmons then orders his guards to shoot Leon and Helena. Having a personal score to settle with Simmons, Leon and Helena urge Sherry and Jake to escape, offering them cover. However, Sherry and Jake run right into a nest of J'avo and are quickly overpowered.

Despite their best efforts, the pair are caught once more. Jake and Sherry find themselves trapped in Neo-Umbrella's undersea facility at the bottom of the ocean. The situation seems hopeless until Chris and Piers, following a tip from Leon, show up to rescue them. However, when Chris admits that he killed Jake's father, Wesker, Jake loses himself to emotion and reflexively pulls his gun on Chris.

The situation is tense. Just then, Neo-Umbrella's massive B. Understanding how valuable Jake's blood is to the world, Chris tells Sherry and Jake to make their escape while he and Piers fight Haos.

Jake and Sherry do not get far before they again run into Ustanak, and are forced into a brutal fight. The seemingly unstoppable hunter refuses to be defeated even after having its body burned away by fiery magma—its pursuit unforgiving to the end.

Finally, Jake and Sherry manage to defeat the creature and make their escape from the facility. Following their adventure together, Jake hands over a sample of his blood to Sherry and disappears—though not before lowering his original asking price of fifty million dollars to just fifty.

From Jake's blood, a vaccine for the C-Virus is distilled, and the outbreak is gradually contained. Sherry and Jake initially seem to be completely incompatible, with her optimistic and cheerful disposition totally contrasted with his cynical, harsh personality.

However, they make a good team, Sherry bringing out the best in Jake, and eventually her unwavering faith makes an impact on him, changing him for the better. Throughout their time together, their bond becomes stronger and stronger, Jake saving her life several times and Sherry never faltering in her mission to protect him.

Despite her natural sweetness, she is also not afraid to retort to Jake's many snarky comments in the same way. Despite this, Sherry and Jake become close, shown by their conversation in the cabin, and Jake's protectiveness of her. Also, when Leon gets slightly aggressive with Sherry regarding Simmons, Jake gets between them and violently shoves Leon away from her, Sherry having to grab his arm to hold him back.

In fact, everything Jake wears throughout the main campaign could have been pulled directly from some magical closet of clothes-that-will-make-me-want-to-make-out. And the WAY he wears them, good god.

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Sass me again, Muller! To that end, he is tracked down by one Agent Sherry Birkin, who has her own virus-conferred special healing powers thanks to the events of Resident Evil 2. Please to observe this cutscene, which takes place shortly after they meet and subsequently fight through a couple of armies of killer mutants and giant monstrosities: The suggestive convo happens on the second round of hiding from the monster in the dumpster.

If you push your luck and do it again in hopes of hearing more dialogue, be prepared to witness a traumatizing death scene.