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Free Essay: Despite Shoba telling Shukumar to go on his business trip, most people in a relationship would feel like it's the right thing they should do. . of specific goals, one must be capable of successfully communicating. Matter is the story of a young American Indian married couple. Shukumar is a thirty-five-year-old PhD student, and his wife Shoba is a proofreader. Six months ago while Shukumar was away at a conference in Baltimore Shoba had given Reading Goals - Persephone Books Year-Long and Others. The relationship of the narrator and Mala is at first disintegrating like the ones The story of young Indian couple, Shoba and Shukumar, whose marriage All of them have only one goal and that is to please and show the narrator that she is .

The secrets start out minor: The game continues each night, and they start to be able to talk to each other again. They start to fall in love again and move through the grief.

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They even make love. Then final night comes, and the power company finishes early. They still play the game, because each has saved their bombshell for the final night. Shukumar reveals that he actually made it back from the conference and held the baby after the miscarriage. The ending is left open. As you can see, the structure is quite complicated, but it must be this way for the most emotional resonance.

Each time he thought of that moment, the last moment he saw Shoba pregnant, it was the cab he remembered most, a station wagon, painted red with blue lettering. It was cavernous compared to their own car.

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Although Shukumar was six feet tall, with hands too big ever to rest comfortably in the pockets of his jeans, he felt dwarfed in the back seat. As the cab sped down Beacon street, he imagined a day when he and Shoba might need to buy a station wagon of their own, to cart their children back and forth from music lessons and dentist appointments. First, it meanders like thought. The other thing is that it sticks to one important detail and drills into it: But then it becomes an emotional description.

Subverted by Miranda in "Sexy"; people treat her like this despite her willingness to embrace Indian culture. Sanjeev and Twinkle got married after only four months of knowing each other.

The former is worried that they're not really in love, though the story's final pages heavily imply that Sanjeev does indeed love Twinkle, or at least has the capacity to do so.

Good Adultery, Bad Adultery: Das as an irresponsible, even opportunistic woman.

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Shoba and Shukumar both develop the third kind of guilt complex when they reveal their deepest secrets to one another. The guilt from Shoba's miscarriage severs what little communication they had between them, and they feel guilty about not being able to trust one another.

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Even after mentioning some of their most embarrassing secrets, they finally go against each other's wishes and have to separate their marriage. Also an example of a Perfectly Arranged Marriage. Sanjeev and Twinkle have their issues, but their relationship is ultimately much more loving and stable than most other couples in the book. Ivy League for Everyone: Pretty much every Bengali in the book has gone or is attending some Ivy League.

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Kapasi in "Interpreter of Maladies"; both Mr. Das appear to act like irresponsible children. Subverted by Sanjeev in "This Blessed House". He seems to have a legitimate reason for objecting to his wife's sudden obsession with Christianity, but in reality, the story mentions that might be the one who doesn't understand spirituality. Rape Portrayed as Redemption: Bibi Haldar's cousin treats her with contempt due to her frequent seizures, and most of the townspeople express pity for her without really giving her any work to do because they believe she is invalid.

It is only after that the townspeople discover that she is raped and impregnated that they enable her to provide for herself. The narrator, one of the villagers, says that Bibi was "cured" due to this at the very end.

Sanjeev in "This Blessed House" becomes one when he faces his wife's strange obsession with Christian paraphernalia, despite both of them being Hindus. It's what finally gets him to speak his mind against her, though it doesn't work for very long. In the title story, Mrs. Das pulls this one on Mr.