Soha ali khan and kunal khemu relationship marketing

A religious dress code?

soha ali khan and kunal khemu relationship marketing

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi's secret marriage came as a shocking Neha Dhupia-Angad Bedi with Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu. And the recent ones to join the list could have been Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu. It's been a while that reports of their troubled marriage. After being in a relationship for about five years, Soha Ali Khan posted about the Financial Express - Business News, Stock Market News posted about the romantic proposal in Paris arranged by her beau Kunal Khemu.

My parents were not happy about my decision to join the film industry. If you knew you wanted to be an actor, would you have done anything differently? Do you think your educational background influences your film choices? I am who I am because of what I studied, the experience I gained and the places I lived in. I may have joined the film industry, but that does not mean my education was a waste. I have acquired a skill set to be able to read huge amounts of material, simplify jargon and pick out the salient points.

And films are my third career, so who is to say what I do next? If a script appeals to your heart, you just want to be a part of it even if you get to be a small part of it. Most modern women aspire to be financially independent, but one needs to be in control as well. You should know where you are investing your money or how much you are spending. I am a control freak and my finances are no exception.

I do seek professional advice; I have my relationship managers and wealth managers, but I am fully involved.

He was in a bathrobe when mom saw him: Soha Ali Khan

I do periodic reviews of my portfolio. I have a diversified portfolio.

soha ali khan and kunal khemu relationship marketing

I invest in equity and debt mutual funds. The other big investment that I have is real estate. I have very little exposure to gold. I know real estate is not liquid and can be tricky since I have burnt my fingers in the past. I have some life insurance policies but they are more of investment products.

What about important facets of money like cash flows and budgeting?

Soha Ali Khan: The wealth manager

Coming from an aristocratic family, one assumes these would be alien concepts. Aristocracy may equal stature or inheritances, which by the way are not liquid. My mother is from a middle-class family and the whole concept of hisaab-kitaab is ingrained in her.

Even to this day, we write down our expenditures and then work backwards. So even as a child I was well aware of budgeting. I have always relied on my career for financial independence and I work in an industry where the payments are irregular and marked by delays and middlemen. So I am very particular about cash flows. I use my credit card like my debit card.

You feel that actors have a short lifespan, which means that professionally one needs to diversify. What are your future plans?

Soha Ali Khan और Kunal Khemu की Romantic Love Story शुरू से लेकर अंत तक - Full Affair Love Story

We are producing a film. As someone who always complains about a dearth of good scripts, I felt I should start producing films. He thinks their completely different backgrounds helped them click. Soha is the first girl Kunal has told his parents about. I would describe it as very easy But in our case, we talk about everything.

She still is my best friend. I feel very comfortable around her. More so for a woman, when she looks at a man. Our relationship is strong because I respect Kunal for various reasons.

It’s a baby girl for Soha Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu

I like that he is capable, I like to be looked after. Whether it is riding a bike or driving a car, being good at your job, being athletic or lifting weights, he holds firmly into the male category and that allows me to be a woman. Who is more dominating? We are both very strong-headed individuals. We have healthy debates about everything. So when you both fight, who makes up? Does it ever get ugly?

He was in a bathrobe when mom saw him: Soha Ali Khan | hollywood | Hindustan Times

I really wonder why no one comes. How do you guys get time together considering you are shooting so often? It is important to make time. But most actors would agree that to be on a film set where you are not working is the most deathly boring thing you can do.

soha ali khan and kunal khemu relationship marketing

You spend a lot of time when you can, you work it out. When you spend time away from a person, you value that person more and come back wanting to spend more time. Kunal, do you pamper her with gifts? There are very few things that she likes. I have been begging her to change her phone. I want someone to give me time and attention, care and concern rather than things.

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Who is more romantic? I think that we are equally romantic. We display it in different ways. We are romantic at heart and thought and not in action. We are too lazy to be romantic! What is the sweetest thing you have done for each other? He would write songs for me and play them on the guitar. He also writes poems.

He is very good at it, he can write them in five minutes. She organises things very well. So, if we plan a holiday, I can trust her to book the right hotel and make sure a car will pick us up. A lot, because they live in Mumbai. Kunal, how well do you get along with Sharmilaji, Saif and Saba? Anybody can get along with him because he is a very entertaining person. I respect Amma Sharmila Tagore a lot. Saba is a very real person.

Have you guys discussed about moving in or marriage? We are really comfortable with where we are.