Sora and roxas relationship tips

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sora and roxas relationship tips

Relationships: A pretty good piece of advice, Sora acknowledged. He got to Kairi and Riku first, chest heaving and sweat running down his. Follow these two love birds on their relationship together that will lead them to one day The two smile at each other and Sora pushes Roxas down on the bed. Roxas holds Sora's head as Sora puts the tip in his mouth. Axel x Roxas, Riku x Sora, and next is Zexion x Demyx! You were the one saying how our relationship in the bedroom was so boring these days." Axel got Axel's finger tips began flickering with fire and he gritted his teeth.

Perfect size for me to, well you know doctor. No, I wasn't attracted to him by those qualities. I grew to enjoy his lame jokes he thought were so witty and his antics. He also gets this smirk on his face, right before he was about to destroy heartless. I mentioned his eyes already, didn't I? He's stubborn as hell, which for some weird reason I find it a good trait about him. You think you're getting it open because it makes a sound, but you're going in circles.

Then after a lot of effort you get it open and grab one coin. Sadly the world isn't out to please you and suck your cock- well for you'd it be-" Axel stopped and looked at the doctor. You feel you got cheated, since you know there is some damn good treasure in there" Axel said. By Axel describing your sex as a treasure chest, I've concluded Axel highly treasures sex with you.

Also the one coin, I concluded it dealt with not being superfluous to spoil the moment. He wants to take his time so he can cherish the moment, isn't that true Axel?

Roxas looked away from both Axel and the doctor and leaned back in the chair. There are further suggestions that this Keyblade is artificial as well. Could you please give an explanation for the new Keyblade "Way to the Dawn" that Riku obtained and the Keyblade Kairi has as well as what the conditions for using a Keyblade are?

There isn't necessarily one Keyblade for the dark side and one for the light side, just as many as there exist people with qualified hearts. Concerning the conditions to wield one, at this stage, "Those with strong hearts" is the only obvious one. However, less obvious conditions still exist and there are still plans for an opportunity to reveal those. However there is no particular explanation for the Soul Eater's transfer and occurrence, as well as Riku's handing it to Kairi. When there isn't a normal process of acquisition, I think its OK to think there is some deeper meaning there.

sora and roxas relationship tips

In the game of chess you can never let your adversary see your pieces. So if that's the case, at that point in time at Castle Oblivion Sora used a Keyblade while at the same time Roxas would have been using a Keyblade. Was this Sora's Keyblade?

sora and roxas relationship tips

Within the Organization I think we particularly saw Roxas using a Keyblade. And similar to Roxas, Sora served as another Keyblade Master conveniently gathering hearts. So why was the Organization defeated?

The Keyblade that Roxas used and the thing that Sora once lost in Castle Oblivion are the same thing. Furthermore, these two both used the Keyblade at the same time. This is can be explained by the relationship between Roxas and Sora.

Thus, that both can wield two Keyblades in fact has an important meaning. This is also related to Xehanort's memories, but this point can't be touched on just yet. Furthermore, from the time that the two were both using the Keyblade at the same time, the Organization itself was using Sora for their ultimate goal. Soon enough, each of the Organization's expectations differed. By changing Sora and Roxas's movements, eventually they became unable to use Sora for their true meaning.

As a result, Sora became an obstacle to the movements of the Organization itself and he had to be defeated.

But even if Sora were to be defeated, you could say there are other things to think about in making that sacrifice. When the Heartless are defeated, what becomes of the stolen hearts? When Heartless are defeated, essentially the owner's hearts are rejoined with their once extinguished body, whichever world it may be on. As for the whereabouts of hearts in KHII that turn up, this time they remarkably went to the Organization there is a foot note here that says "In Kingdom Hearts II after Heartless were defeated, the many hearts were absorbed by the Kingdom Hearts of "people's hearts".

However, in the rare case that the body changed into a Nobody, when there is no container for the heart it resorts to a state of suspension. In the case of a Nobody being defeated, it's a little more complicated. If the above mentioned hearts are liberated, they return to their original form. However, if the heart is still stolen by the Heartless, the Nobody's body is swallowed by darkness. If somewhere in the world their hearts are taken back, perhaps they might be able to return to their original human form.

sora and roxas relationship tips

If I understand that in becoming a heartless and a nobody, they became 2 different people, would their minds then as well become separate? Also, the original Xehanort should have some memory loss but in the additional scenes this time there seem to be some questionable parts.

Have his memories returned, or perhaps the memory loss itself was a lie? In essence, the two are the same. However, they function under separate minds. Xehanort most certainly got rid of his heart, and at that time it's assumed a Nobody was born. The means of obtaining their goal is different due to the nature of Heartless and Nobodies. I think for both of them the desire "to become a complete existence" is the same. This time the new mysterious keyword "Xehanort's memories" is left behind.

In the "Secret Ansem Report" that Ansem the Wise wrote and mysteriously left behind, there is a hidden secret that will have a big influence on KH. As for the contents of his memories and the present condition of them, I cannot reveal that just yet. All 13 members were already gathered in KH: Xehanort was about the only one who was able to keep a human form.

He looks just like you. No, they have nothing to do with it. You saw a lot of pods like the one Sora was in but DiZ just transfered Sora and the others along with their pods from Castle Oblivion. In other words, DiZ just copied the pods that were created by the Organization and lined them up in the Mansion.

Please tell us a bit more about the Twilight Town Roxas was in. The pod Sora sleeps in is connected to a computer and in that computer is a data of that world and the XIII Organization hacked into the computer. Is that Keyblade a transfigured version of Soul Eater? I designed it with that image. Since Riku has always been using Soul Eater, he still calls it that even after it changed form. Currently Sora and co. Is the height of these chairs determined by things like their skills and abilities?

The height of the chairs is not fixated — They move. That is to say that the height is up to each person. Chain of Memories, Roxas looks back while Hayner and the rest are walking and eating ice-cream, and without seeming to care, Hayner and the others continue walking.

Then, Roxas seems jealous of how Hayner and the others are enjoying themselves while eating ice-cream, and Axel interprets this as him wanting some ice-cream, so he is obliged to go buy him some.

You can think whatever you want about that. Chain of Memories, could you tell us the meaning of the scene where the King and Riku are walking together and Riku suddenly plops down. Could you tell us at what point Riku covered his eyes? When he departed from the King. Please confirm some things about Castle Oblivion. The Organization then found it and used it for experiments about memories and to look for the Chamber of Awakening, right?

What is the actual case here? In this scene, it ends bringing up more mysteries about Roxas, so for the answer, maybe take care to follow your hunches well.

Is anti-form originated from when Sora got turned into a Heartless? Drives are very strong so anti-form exists as a side-effect of using too much power. System-wise, I wanted to create something strong but troublesome. When Sora lost his memory, so did everyone that had anything to do with him. Stepping back, he asked if she knew whereabouts Roxas was.

That constant, knowing look of hers, would have been disarming on anyone else but those who came into contact, with the girl, would know that her intentions are pure-hearted. Following her direction, he found himself on-top of one of the thankfully flat parts of the roof.

Looking down at the drop, he reminded himself that he could glide and pushed on, across the luminescent green tiles.

The figure ahead may have looked like Ven superficially but Sora wondered how anyone could mistake the two. The light danced amongst the leaves, hitting the beds of flowers below.

It was a beautiful sight but after the experience with the world of sleep Sora understood, that for Roxas, it was also a painful one. What Roxas had endured on account of his very existence…it made his heart miss a beat in response.

sora and roxas relationship tips

Although, they were no longer connected exactly as before, the former Nobody still turned to face him, as if sensing the disturbance. And Sora, well, try as he might, the words for better or worse were lodged in his throat with no chance of coming out.

So, instead of words, words which were traitorous at the best of times, he reached out. It mirrored the gesture that Roxas had undertaken, in order to share his memories, his entire life, with Sora. The intimacy of it, was something Sora was sure would be unachievable, with anyone else. Those memories were something Roxas treasured above all else, his very sense of self.

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Feeling the sensation of warm palms against his own, Sora reflected back to the struggle they had in the World That Never Was.

He hoped that Roxas still felt the same way, now, after everything. He must have been quiet for too long, because a huff — a mix between irritated and amused — jostled him out of thought. Looking up, blue met blue. Without thinking, Sora, seamlessly closed the small gap between them. Tight enough to feel the seperate yet mirrored heartbeat thud beneath the surface. Because suddenly, he found himself being held fast.

His own pose being replicated, as he felt soft spikes nestle into his collarbone. The hands on his back were encircled so tight, that he worried, about getting yet more bruises before the day was out, before brushing the errant notion aside.

This was probably the longest of all the hugs that Sora had ever had. But it was a start. Finally, as the night began to envelop the ground below, and the wind turned chillier than is comfortable, they stood. Before being able to ask where to find the other person he wanted to see, Roxas beat him to the punch. This time, it was someone else — namely Xion - who took the first step, grabbing onto his wrist, only to shuffle him through the numerous shelves, pointing out titles that she found funny or strange.

Roxas had left at the entryway, so they were the only ones there. Small touches against his arm or hair were common as they explored together. The curiosity about new things, be they literature or just having the freedom to dawdle, with no limits on time, was easy to understand, thinking back; on what he knew of the restrictions that the Organisation had placed on her.

But the need for touch…oh. His stomach began to turn. A tool to be used and then tossed aside and forgotten? With that thought in mind, his course of action was decided. So, when Xion unconsciously began to turn to him again, he swept her up in a twirl, cutting through the air.