Sturridge and suarez relationship quotes

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sturridge and suarez relationship quotes

Carragher: The quotes. Speaking Certainly, there were times last season when Suarez and Sturridge had their on-field disagreements - but, on the whole, the pair appeared to have struck up a good working relationship. Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge prepare to kick off the second half. Jamie Carragher has backed underrated Daniel Sturridge to step out. Here, Sportsmail gathers the best 10 quotes from our Sturridge interview. . Despite the injury, Sturridge (right) says his relationship with.

There was little to be done when the pair descended upon a backline.

The fire and the flair of Luis Suárez and Daniel Sturridge at Liverpool

This particular two-man show proved to be a sign of things to come. Much of the beauty of the partnership that came to be known as SAS was the way in which it harnessed a certain volatility to such deadly effect. The two strikers undeniably struck a chord, but it was at times a jarring one. Scoring was ostensibly the currency of both forwards and a kind of rivalry developed.

If one decided to go up a level, the other instantly responded with a refusal to be outdone.

Steven Gerrard lifts the lid on the "needling rivalry" between Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge

A game against West Brom sticks particularly firmly in the mind. He opened the scoring with a trademark winding run through the defence, followed by a powerful finish into the corner. The hat-trick was completed with a second header, a delicate glance into the far post from a corner. Few players would have even spotted the goalkeeper marginally off his line.

The technique to execute the chip to perfection was simply outrageous and ensured that Sturridge shared the headlines. They were undeniably single-minded, and would never pass up a goal when presented with the opportunity, but this is what made them so good.

Many classic partnerships have had a playmaker and a finisher, or some variation on the big man, little man approach that so dominated the thinking of English coaches in the s.

They were both complete forwards, equally adept at producing something out of nothing, and converting the chances when they came. Indeed, the partnership that developed was almost transactional; an assist created more than a goal — it created a debt.

Sturridge and Suarez- All The Way

It merited a response in kind, often an immediate one. In away matches at Stoke and Cardiff, in which Liverpool scored a combined 11 goals, Sturridge laid on goals for the Uruguayan only to be presented with tap-ins of his own later in the same games. Invariably, this would prompt a celebration almost as iconic as the aforementioned wriggly arms: Sturridge would turn and point at the provider, who would be pointing back at him with a look of unbridled joy etched across his face.

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My story Some quotes from Luis Suarez 's book "Crossing the line: Every time he spoke, I listened"? Emotionally, it must have been very, very hard. If I ever saw him shouting, then I knew he was furious.

sturridge and suarez relationship quotes

He talks to you and you better listen. He keeps a cool head.

Luis Suarez 'bullied' Daniel Sturridge last season

No player enjoys playing like that, when the other team sits so deep" On Chelsea. Powerless and lost" On Palace match. After our defeat, I did not want to go either.

sturridge and suarez relationship quotes

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