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Janie and Tea Cake marry and return together to his community in Jacksonville, Tennessee. Tea Cake is welcoming of Janie's involvement in the community as she Janie's relationship with Logan Killicks, and 2.) Janie's eNotes educator Their Eyes Were Watching God Summary · Their Eyes Were Watching God. Tea Cake satisfies Janie's desire for sexual fulfillment and self-expression, allowing her to arrive at the horizon at the Gender Roles and Relations Theme Icon. Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. Meanwhile, Janie is now in a position of power in relation to Tea Cake in her new role as his .

Worried, Janie calls for Dr. Simmons, the local white doctor who is well-respected in the muck. After Tea Cake explains his story, Dr.

Simmons pulls Janie aside and informs her that the dog that bit Tea Cake must have been rabid, as Tea Cake's symptoms align with those of rabies. The doctor tries to comfort Janie, telling her that he will order medicine from Palm Beach, though it may be too late to save Tea Cake's life. Tea Cake's case of rabies is an extension of the force of nature that victimized him and Janie and other humans during the hurricane.

After contracting the disease, Tea Cake loses his physical strength, and, by extension, his sense of command over himself, Janie, and the rest of the world. Tea Cake thought himself more powerful than nature, and he was wrong. Meanwhile, Janie is now in a position of power in relation to Tea Cake in her new role as his caretaker.

Active Themes In the coming days, Janie watches Tea Cake lose his sanity, appearing as though "a great fear had took hold of him.

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Turner's brother when she goes to check whether or not his medicine has arrived. Janie comforts Tea Cake as he cries in her arms like a child. Their dialogue becomes re-infused with affection and Janie, too, feels comforted — until she finds a pistol beneath Tea Cake's pillow.

Just as Jody descended into fear and vicious lashing out as his body deteriorated, so too does Tea Cake.

But Jody's attacks were verbal, they were expressions of political power. Tea Cake's fears are physical Janie cheating on him and so is his potential response—a gun. But note also how he lets Janie care for him in a way that Jody wouldn't.

Their love is still there, it's just been warped by the rabies. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Before going to talk to the doctor again the following morning, Janie cautiously checks Tea Cake's pistol while he is outside using the outhouse, and finds that it is loaded with three bullets. She sets the gun so that it will cycle through three empty chambers before firing any bullets, giving her time to respond if the worst should happen.

Tea Cake returns from the outhouse with a mad look in his eye, and before Janie knows it he's holding the pistol. He pulls the trigger, firing a blank.

Janie pulls a rifle off the wall to try to scare him out of his crazy paranoia, but he fires twice more, and Janie is forced to shoot, killing him, before he shoots her. In Janie's words, "Tea Cake was gone. She had essentially sacrificed herself to their love, which made her happy but did not make her independent.

This moment of showdown with Tea Cake is significant not just because of its action, but because of the choice it forces on her—does she choose herself or Tea Cake? Making Janie happy shows that he loves her because he is not happy unless she is. Joe does not care if Janie is happy or not. He is the one that puts Janie down about her age to make himself feel better about himself. Joe thinks that Janie should be happy because he provides for her and because he puts her on a high chair for the community to see, but these are not the things that Janie needs to be happy.

With Tea Cake his company, affection, and love is all she needs.

Their eyes were watching god

Janie is comfortable enough in her marriage with Tea Cake that she is able to speak what she feels. She does not hold anything back and does not bite her tongue when she has something to say to Tea Cake. She feels free to express her thoughts and concerns. Janie is expressing violent thoughts which show another side of Janie since she is never abusive in her previous marriages. Janie has no problem speaking up to Tea Cake because she is in a relationship where she wants her feelings to be known and addressed.

With Joe, Janie silenced her voice so as not to upset him and for fear that she would be struck. Janie and Tea Cake communicate to each other which make their marriage stand out from her other marriages. When Janie talks, Tea Cake listens. Before this chapter there is concern as to whether Tea Cake really loves Janie or if he is just after her money, but after reading this chapter, it is apparent that the love that they find together is one of a kind.

This is the first time that Janie completely falls in love; she has never felt anything like how she is feeling now about Tea Cake.